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Chapter 404: Are You Sure You’re Not Adopted??

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

Failing to kiss me in the end, she playfully stroked my nose a little and said, “Jealous? Relax, that was just a bit of foolishness during my younger days -ended giving birth to a couple more children than I had intended. Compared to the other clan heads, I’m considered one of the more conservative ones.”

This isn’t even an issue about jealousy, I don’t want to have any relationship with you, and can you please not come any closer -it’s disgusting. Also, what do you mean you gave birth to a couple more children than you had intended?

Naturally, I would never say something so rude to a lady, not unless I want a doggy collar on me.

“I really want to keep you for myself, but after giving it some thought, I think it’s better if I don’t… after all, I need to hand you over to our holy mother.” Having given up on teasing me further, she turned to a Seven-star Warrior beside her and said, “bring her to the dungeon near my room. Whatever she wants, give it to her. But do not loosen the spider silk binding her, and do not allow her to leave either.”

“Understood.” The Dark Elven Warrior replied and began leading me away.

“Don’t worry, my dear, we are only going to be away for a short while. I still have some work to do for the ceremony, but it won’t be long. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much.” Having said that, she gave me a flying kiss.

Just like that, I was led out of the throne room. Body still bound up by that spider silk, I couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy as the voice of that clan leader slowly trailed behind me. By now, her words were extremely muddled, but I could still make out her praise of my Devil King Idol’s defenses.

Thankfully, the tunnels leading to the dungeon were a lot less gloomy than my heart. Every few meters or so, there would be those unknown crystals lighting the way with their purple glow. Thanks to that, the trip to the so-called dungeon was a rather uneventful one.

I have to say though, using luminescent crystals instead of lights is really fantasy-esque…

A while later, I was brought to a room with a large comfortable bed inside it. It had only one entrance that was blocked by the Seven-star Warrior who led me here in the first place. Other than that bed, there was just a basic table and a set of chairs. Seeing as there wasn’t much else to do, I plopped myself down on the bed and sulked a little. It was uncomfortable… even the bed’s soft caresses were not enough to overcome the discomfort of being bound up.

Because of how tightly I was bound up, there really wasn’t much else I could move other than my legs and neck. My wings were completely folded into the spider silk and were the very definition of discomfort right now.

I glared at my new jailor for a good few minutes since I had nothing else to do anyway. Finally, I came to the conclusion that she was probably like one of those guards outside the queen’s palace -a block of wood. And that was why I called out to her in the most annoying fashion possible, “I’m thirsty, get me some water.”

The Dark Elven Warrior eyed me for a second then turned away to continue her silent vigil.

Ugh. I rolled my eyes then hopped up to her and stared her right in her fish eyes. “Your clan leader said to fulfill my every request.”


The frosty Elf paused for a second before squatting down and reaching out to grab something behind the walls of the cell. By the time she was done, she had a black cup in her hands.

What the heck? I thought there weren’t any cups nearby, that’s the whole reason why I even asked her for water. I was planning to find a way out while she was gone too… Also, why the heck is the cup outside of the door and not in the room?!

The female warrior walked up to my cell slowly and offered the cup to me, to which I merely shrugged; my arms were still bound up in silk. It was my way of telling her that I had no way to drink from the cup, and hopefully have her loosen my bindings somewhat. Unfortunately, not every creature in a foreign world was that stupid.

The female warrior remained as expressionless as before but she directly pushed the cup up to my face this time. It was only when she banged into my nose that she finally stopped. While she might not have said anything, I knew exactly what she meant… loosening your bindings is impossible, if you want a drink, you know what to do…

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Never eat the scraps of someone else’s meal, and never drink from the leftovers of another’s cup -that was a matter of principle. I turned away to show my displeasure. “Actually, I’m not thirsty anymore. I want to pee instead!”

Seeing as drinking wasn’t an option, I immediately tried another method of distraction. From a quick glance just now, I saw that there was no toilet in this cell. In other words, I had to leave this place in order to relieve myself, and as long as I had even the slightest opportunity… heh heh heh…

The female warrior glared at me silently. A second later, she reached down to that same corner and pulled out a portable toilet!? What the potato… Why is there even a portable toilet there?!

She pushed the toilet up to me and quietly stood there.

“Don’t just stand there and look at me, I can’t pee if there’s so much pressure on me…”

I flashed her a quick puppy-dog eyes. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem all that affected by my cuteness. Instead, she reached out and tried to pull down my pants…

Is she trying to force herself on me? Noooo, I’m still a virgin… I struggled furiously to protect my pants.

“I’ll do it myself… let me do it myself… actually, I don’t need to pee anymore…”

Finally, my chastity was protected… Blast it, can’t you see that I’m trying to get you to open the door! What’s the idea behind pulling down my pants? Let me tell you, I have no interest in women like that!

Since normal methods clearly weren’t going to work on this ice cube, that only left more extraordinary methods -watch this: Karen no Jutsu!

“I want to see your clan leader’s daughter.”

Just when I thought that she would remain silent again, she coldly glared at me before suddenly saying, “which one?”

Which one? So you’re saying your clan leader has a lot of them then? And she said she hadn’t married before… exactly how many times did she give birth outside of wedlock?

Let’s be clear here, I’m not jealous, I’m just questioning my views of this world…

“The one who ran away from home.” I looked her straight in the eyes and continued, “the one who brought back my summoning medium.”


The female warrior fell silent. In all likelihood, her silence was her way of saying that my request had fallen outside of her authority.

“Your clan leader said to fulfill my every request!” Well, even if I know what you’re trying to say, it doesn’t mean I have to show it.

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“Hold on a moment.” The female warrior walked away to the doorway and spoke into the darkness. “The prisoner wishes to speak to Lady Jezsere, please inform the clan leader.”

Having said that, the female warrior returned to my side while the darkness she spoke into showed no signs of movement.

“Hey. You’re sure there was somebody there?”

That question, unfortunately, went unanswered. Following this, no matter what I asked, she refused to speak another word. With my limbs mostly bound and no one to talk to, I could only sit on the bed and sulk.

‘Ferti’nier. Ferti’nier! Get out this instant. I know you’re there, get out here and start talking. Stop trying to treat this as some kind of comedy.’

No matter how much I screamed at her internally, she continued pretending to be absent. Adding on the fact that I was still a captive, I was truly at my limits now.

Thankfully, this mental battle did not continue for long before a newcomer joined me. It was a young Dark Elf with the demeanour of a little bunny who was brought into my cell. Upon doing so, the Dark Elf’s bodyguard left of her own accord.

“Greetings, Lady Jezsere.” My jailor bowed respectfully. “The prisoner wishes to see you.”

“Mhm, thank you for the hard work.” The girl’s voice had a soft quality to it, like morning dew dripping off a blade of grass onto the earth. After exchanging greetings with my jailor, she slowly walked up to me. I could see that she had on a conservative looking black long dress. Her steps were dainty, as one would expect of a lady. Her hair was silvery like that of her other clansmen, but each strand was even silkier than the silk that bound me right now. In fact, her hair was bound around her neck like a scarf right now, similar to how I was bound up, just a lot less tighter. Her eyes shone like precious rubies, and when combined with her cuddly demeanor, only made you want to protect her even more.

Truly, this girl was a beauty to behold, and a rare one at that. Normally, one wouldn’t expect a girl like Jezsere to appear amongst a bunch of Dark Elves… because she was clearly just a fluffy white bunny!

Ah… I just want to cuddle her, kiss her, then lift her high up for the world to admire… that was my impression of her.

Is she even that clan leader’s daughter? How can that disgusting spider give birth to such an adorable specimen of fluffiness. I bet she’s adopted.

Seemingly disconcerted by my intense staring, Jezsere shrunk back into herself. Then with a hint of water in her eyes, gingerly spoke to me like how a small bunny would act in front of the big bad wolf, “Is… is that you, master Mo Ke?”

Well… at least she didn’t beg me not to eat her…

“Mhm. It’s me.” I deliberately stuck out my chin and arrogantly peered down at her. “I heard you were the one who brought back my summoning medium?”

“Yes…” Why does she look like she’s about to cry any moment now? Ahhh… I just want to bully her right now!

“Speak, how did you obtain my medium?”

Even though my heart was already melted by her adorableness, I still had to maintain the haughty appearance of a Fallen Angel.

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“Yyesss…” She hesitated for a second but finally caved in. “It was sister Ancarin who gave it to me… sob… don’t eat me…”

She finally said it… actually, what does that eat even mean? Is it eat? Or is it ‘eat’?

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