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Chapter 403: You Say You Haven’t Married Yet?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

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The spider lady’s dripping-with-sincerity oath finally moved me. With such a vicious oath binding her, she shouldn’t go back on her words, right? Even if she did, the wrath of the Fallen Angels isn’t something she can handle either… although such a thing doesn’t actually exist, but she doesn’t know that!

The main point is that she sees me as the successor of the Devil King of Pride, a crown prince of sorts. No matter what, such a person shouldn’t be sent to his death right away, right? As they say, every enemy is a wall, but every friend is an additional road.

With that in mind, I chose to believe that the Dark Elven clan leader wouldn’t betray me and stepped out of the Devil King Idol, only to be captured…

Truly, I didn’t even have the time to react before she suddenly wrapped her already spun silk around my limbs, leaving the end of that silk resting snugly in her hands… as a side note, that silk came from within her dress…

“You… you said you wouldn’t do anything to me or Lolthe would tear you apart and send your soul down to Hell…” I was incensed right now. But no matter how much I struggled, the spider silk refused to budge and I could only use my words to express my intense displeasure. “Are you not afraid of the Spider Queen’s punishment?”

“Afraid? Of course I am.” The Dark Elven clan leader leaned over all of a sudden, stuck out her tongue then loudly slurped my face ridden with magical tattoos. “Don’t tell me you’re not aware; the Goddess Lolthe is the goddess of lies and betrayal. If I were to obey that oath as you say, I would definitely end up in Hell.”

The goddess of lies and betrayal… well, there’s nothing much to say to that then… I want to cry… Mama, the city is a scary place, I want to go home…

“Can you tell me why exactly you want to capture me?”

Still bound up like a dumpling, my mouth was really all I could use right now. Truth be told however, I wasn’t all that nervous despite being tied up, because I knew she wouldn’t just kill me.

“I bet you still don’t realise how much time and effort I had to expend just to prepare the sacrifices required to summon you.”

“…how do you Elves even have the medium to summon me?”

“Two years ago, my son and my daughter both ran away from home. However, roughly a year ago, the two of them came back by themselves because they managed to procure your medium. At the very beginning, I thought you were just an ordinary Devil, perhaps with a bit of talent thrown into the mix. Yet my daughter who was talented in the arts of the Occultist couldn’t even summon you, and that made me curious. That was when you caught my interest. At the start, it was mostly just for fun but…” As she said that, she abruptly leaned in and licked me once more. “My dear, you’re just so fragrant.”


Sister, can you be any less disgusting… I’m already plenty scared of you right now… Also, can you just get to the point, don’t just end it there! At least consider the feelings of those who were busy listening to your story, you dirty spider!

“Hehehe, my dear, are you angry?” She grinned from ear to ear then tugged on both my cheeks. “You’re just so adorable, I almost cannot bear to kill you.”

Exasperated beyond belief at this point, I rolled my eyes and said, “Can we get on with the story now… about that summoning medium.”

“Hmph, how boring.” She pouted unhappily but still withdrew the hands on my face before continuing with the story. “At first, I was just fooling around when I decided to summon you. I thought some normal offerings should be enough to break down the dimensional barriers and summon you over, but who would have thought that your status was too high for that. Normal offerings wouldn’t do. Then came the Seven-star offerings, Eight-star, and finally Nine-star… When I finally summoned you over, I was really curious as to why a Four-star would even require a Nine-star’s offerings…”

“But, my dear, you actually turned out to be the spawn of the Devil King of Pride! In that case, it doesn’t matter what your strength is. In terms of status alone, you are definitely on the same level as a Nine-star…”

The same status as a Devil Overlord… so I was such a bigshot? But why am I the last person to know of this? Hold on, now’s not the time for this…

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“I initially assumed that you would at least have the power of a Nine-star. That was why I kept this summoning a secret from the other families as I procured the offerings. Who would have thought that all that effort was…”

As she said that, I swore I could hear her teeth gnashing. If I had to make a far-fetched guess, she was probably really mad at me right now. If she had really summoned a Nine-star as she envisioned, she would have gained a substantial boost in power right away. Instead, she got me, a Devil who was as important as a Devil Overlord, but was clearly weak as a potato… that’s a bad deal no matter how one looked at it…

Well, I totally understand how she feels right now, but understanding doesn’t mean accepting, especially not when I’m the victim! So can you just tell me exactly why you summoned me already?!

She probably realised my frustration as well as her anger quickly turned to amusement. She reached out and stroked my face before saying, “Well, it doesn’t matter even if you’re the Devil I summoned, I can still sacrifice you to the Goddess Lolthe. Other than sacrificing a demigod, I really can’t think of any other offering of a higher grade than you. As long as I sacrifice you, her holiness would definitely send down her blessings. At that time… hehehe…”

“So you intend to turn me into an offering?” Like heck I want to be one! I shivered involuntarily at that thought. “Sister, oh my beautiful sister, how about we cut a deal here? You let me go and I give you some benefits in return? How about that?”

I don’t care if I look stupid now, I just don’t want to become an offering!

“Oh my dear, you’re just too cute! I swear I almost can’t bear to sacrifice you.” She gently laughed at that point and pinched my cheeks. “But I can’t let you go either, so giving you to the goddess is still the best choice.”


Ahhhh… it’s not working. She’s just dead set on sacrificing me at this point… Wait, I still have one card left to play. Doesn’t she still think that I’m the successor of the Devil King of Pride? If that’s the case, she wouldn’t kill me so easily, not unless she’s not afraid of his wrath.

“You really think you’ll be fine just by sacrificing me to your goddess? Have you ever considered what my background signifies?” Even though I clearly had no connection to this Devil King, that didn’t stop me from loudly proclaiming as such. “Are you not worried about the wrath of the Fallen Angels?”

“Nope.” She nonchalantly shrugged. “There’s a dimensional barrier between us and them anyway. They can’t come over.”

They can’t come over… fudge, why didn’t I think of that…

She’s right. This dimensional barrier’s biggest function is to prevent creatures from crossing between the worlds. The stronger the creature is, the harder it would be to breach that barrier… fudgecakes…

It was difficult for creatures to breach the dimensional barrier on their own, unless they were insignificant. Summoning was one way to circumvent this restriction. As long as one had the right offering and medium, the summoner could basically pull over anyone. During my first summoning, I was just a weak Imp so I ended up being forcefully brought over. Devils with a high status were an entirely different story. They had the option to reject a summoning, though very few could resist the temptation of a quick holiday in the Western Human Realms. In a sense, it was basically impossible for such creatures to cross the barrier without a summoner, barring those Devils with a strong affinity to dimensional magic… but that’s a whole different ball game.

“As the successor of the Devil King of Pride, you are innately born with a higher status than the other successors. In your blood flows the fabled bloodline of the Primal Devil God… Barring those at the level of a demigod, there is no better offering than you in this world. I’m sure her holiness would love you.”

Essentially, after all that talking, the conclusion was that she wasn’t in the least bit worried about sacrificing me. It wasn’t like that dimensional barrier was coming down anytime soon, after all…

In a sense, the whole reason why she even considered sacrificing me in the first place was because of my noble lineage…

Fudgecakes, I really did a number on myself this time…

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“My dear, you mustn’t blame your big sister for being so heartless. If you must blame someone, blame my daughter and son. If they hadn’t run away from home, and if they hadn’t brought your medium back with them, there would have been no way for me to summon you, am I right?”

What a joke… if there was ever a competition for pushing the blame to others, I wouldn’t mind giving you full marks for that performance just now.

You are clearly the one who wants to turn me into a sacrifice. What does your daughter and son even have to do with this?! Hold on…didn’t this blasted Dark Elf just say that she had never married before, so how does she even have a daughter or son?

“…Didn’t you say that you had never married before? How do you have children then? Don’t tell me you adopted them!?”

“Oh hohoh, has my secret finally been found out?” The Dark Elven clan leader lowered her head and blushed. “But I clearly hid it so well.”

But you’re the one who told me you had children in the first place! Not just once too! Do you think I’m a moron?!

“My dear, are you jealous? Don’t be, I’ll give you a present.” Having said that, she caressed both my cheeks and slowly closed in…

Yet just when that kiss was about to happen, I turned away in the nick of time. Putting aside the matter of whether I was actually such a casual person… my feelings for the Dark Elves as a whole were just… let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if this kiss of hers had a little something added in…

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