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Chapter 405: Is It Really Alright For You to be So Cute?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

(There was a slight clash in the way Jezsere addressed Mo Ke so I changed it to Sir Mo Ke for now.)

Seeing Jezsere on the verge of crying like that, the one most anxious right now somehow turned out to be me.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, I won’t eat you, I promise.” I shrugged my shoulders a couple of times to show that I couldn’t hurt her. “Look, I can’t even move right now. Even if I wanted to eat you, I can’t.”

“So you still want to eat me then…”

Girl, don’t use those puppy dog eyes on me…I swear she’s just so adorable, like a tiny white rabbit…I should keep on bullying her!

However, it would be hard to communicate with her in such a state, so I decided to calm her down in the end. I furiously shook my head and said, “no, no. I never wanted to eat you, I was just joking. That’s right. Just joking… ha ha ha…”

Okay, that wasn’t all that funny. Even though I still don’t know how I startled her, I do know that I’m the one responsible for her tears. Finally, after much placating, she realised that she was safe.

Now that she knew I wasn’t going to eat her, Jezsere gingerly peered up at me, at which point she froze for a second. Just as I was about to ask her why, her face suddenly blushed. Head lowered, both her hands gripped down nervously on her long black robes.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sir Mo Ke… you look really beautiful…”


Sometimes, it’s really hard communicating with someone from a different dimension… let’s just talk about something else for now.

“Alright, can you tell me now how you obtained my summoning medium from Ancarin?”

“Sister Ancarin?” The moment I mentioned her name, Jezsere lifted up her head, eyes practically glowing as she began recounting what happened to Regine and Ancarin.

A year ago, Ancarain actually gave birth to a daughter -thank jeebus the two of them are safe, really…oh wait, I should be thanking Lucifer. Apparently, Elona ended up giving birth to a daughter for Dawson, the bandit. Because of that, she died due to the ensuing complications. It was Moranthal who sent her daughter to Ancarin. What was worth mentioning was that their daughter was born with wolf ears and a tail… so I get to see a wolf loli soon?

I wonder if they’ve already given her a name, maybe I should just call her Holo. As long as the name sounds good, who cares where I stole it from, am I right? But honestly, I was so worried that Ancarin would experience some sort of difficulty with her pregnancy.

As for the reason why Jezsere asked for my medium from Ancarin, she had originally intended to summon me herself to help her. Unfortunately, she failed multiple times. It was because of this that she realised I was beyond her abilities. It was either my power was too strong or my status was too high; with just her abilities alone, such a summoning was impossible.

Finally, with no other option left, she went to her mother for help… in other words, that spider who just scammed me. In actuality, the reason why she even ran away from home in the first place was because she couldn’t contribute to her clan. By offering up my medium, she had essentially helped the clan summon a powerful Devil.

At least that was how she saw me… a powerful Devil.

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At first, her mother wasn’t all that impressed by my medium. She haphazardly scraped together some offerings for me -naturally that failed. After failing twice, she began to have this sneaking suspicion that my power was beyond what she had initially expected. In the end, she spent an Overlord’s worth of offerings to summon me successfully…

Seeing her downcast face, the conclusion I came to was as such, “So you’re saying that you initially wanted to summon me over to boost your standing?”

“That…that…that’s right…” Suddenly confronted by my question like that, she recoiled a little in surprise, her slender body shivering as she kept her head down. She breathed in deep, and after a minute she finally gathered the courage to look me in the eyes. “Sir Mo Ke!”


“Please…please…” Unfortunately, the moment she opened her mouth, she deflated like a leaking balloon.

What’s going on with this girl? Why is she lowering her head again. Just as I was starting to wonder if she had a phobia of men, she suddenly lifted her head and used her ruby eyes to stare at me. She tightly gripped her hands to boost her courage, then with a clap like a prayer, she pleaded, “Sir Mo Ke! Please sign a pact with me…”

“A pact?” I grinned evilly at her. “You mean a master and servant pact?”

She seemed to have been frightened by my evil grin once more. She quickly lowered her head to avoid my gaze. “I… I wouldn’t dare…”

I smiled gently. “An equal pact then?”

The moment I said that, her head jerked upwards with an expectant look. “If…if that’s possible…”

I kept my gentle smile on. “I think we should just sign a master and servant pact.”


“Really.” Under her dazzling gaze, I broke into a beaming grin. “It was all thanks to you that I managed to return to the Western Human Realms. Had it not been for you, I can’t even begin to guess when I can ever return. This place has a deep connection to me, so if it’s possible, I would like to remain here forever. So as an encouragement of sorts, I don’t mind signing a master and servant pact with you.”

Being thanked like that by me, she was both excited and bashful at the same time. Her eyes were filled with gratitude for me but she still kept her head down. “But, but… why would you be willing to enter into a master and servant pact with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? After signing the pact, I’ll be your master, and you’ll be my servant.” I couldn’t help but take a closer look at her face then. That look of complete collapse was truly amusing and made me want to tease her even more. “I get to have a beautiful girl slave for free. What’s not to like?”


“What? You’re not willing?”

Seeing the displeasure on my face, she immediately prostrated herself on the ground with both her hands on her head…

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“Don’t eat me…” She seemed really terrified of me then.


“When did I say that I was going to eat you?”

Hearing me say that, she sneaked a look at me then quickly ducked back down under the cover of her hands. “Big brother said that Devils love to eat little girls…”

She doesn’t even dare to look me in the eyes anymore… how timid can she get.

“I’ll ask you again: when did I ever say that I wanted to eat you?”

“Big brother said that Devils loved to eat little girls… he said it…”

“So it’s your brother who said it, but I never said it, right?”

“Ah… I guess so.” Her slightly defective brain finally seemed to have realised something. Now that she was sure I wouldn’t eat her, she dared lift her head once more. “So Sir Mo Ke doesn’t want to eat Jezsere. Jezsere was so frightened just now.”

Can someone tell me exactly what the heck was that exchange…

Putting aside the topic of eating for now, I continued pressuring her. “So do you want to sign that pact or not?”



Seeing that she was about to reject me, I deliberately raised my voice to scare her once more. Barely a second later, she was back to that hands-over-head posture on the ground.

She’s even faster this time around.

“Since you’re not saying anything, I will take it as an acceptance then.”

Jezsere bit down on her dainty lips but remained silent.

“How about calling me master now?”

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Even though I was still tied up, I could still be considered as a person of authority. When I wanted to be fierce, I still had that air of authority about me. Even then, I did not expect that this adorable little bunny would comply so quickly.

“Mas…master.” She meekly called out.

No way…just like that? Maybe I should call myself Prince Charming from now on. This has to be the first time in my life that I scored a girl so easily…

Not only was I surprised by this turn of events, even that normally silent jailor of mine seemed to have been shocked by what had just happened. This was probably the first time she had ever seen her lady act so subserviently… you have to admit she’s got talent on this front.

While I might have successfully bluffed my way into that, I still had some morals left in me. At the very least, I wasn’t about to actually sign that master and servant pact with Jezsere. That was all just a joke.

The problem was that while I might have seen it as a joke, this dainty little girl actually wasn’t opposed to calling me master. In fact, she seemed to have gotten used to it now.

“Master, will you protect Jezsere from now on?”

“Of course.”

Assuming I’m still alive.

“Then Master, are you a male or a female?”

“A male.”

An instant answer.

“Master is lying. Master is clearly a girl just like Jezsere.”

“But I wasn’t lying.”

I dare you to say that again, watch me eat you up right away. And I mean ‘eat’.

“But Master, if you’re a male, how can you be so beautiful?”

“…is your name Jezsere, or is it a million whys?”

“Jezsere is Jezsere.”

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Ahhh… this girl is just too cute. And ever since we established this master and servant relationship, she seems to have gone on the offensive more.

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