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Chapter 402: A Problem of Identity

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Alright, alright, you’ve made your point already, your anger should have subsided as well.” The spidery clan leader grinned with her eyes as she asked, “So tell your big sister over here, is that big, black and thick fellow over here called a Devil King Idol?”

Big, black and thick…

I’m not even sure what to say to that, but I guess the problem now is how does she know about the Devil King Idol!

Actually, it’s not all that strange that she would know about the Devil King Idol, is it? It does represent the status of a Devil King’s successor, after all. Kind of like a crown prince… Wait, don’t tell me she thinks I’m some spawn of a Devil King… if that’s the case, maybe she’s really sincere about talking.

But can these Dark Elves really be trusted? In a competition of principles, those blasted cats would beat them hands down.

“Relax.” Said the clan leader, having clearly seen through my hesitation even through the Devil King Idol. “I swear in the name of the Goddess Lolthe that I won’t harm you.”

Normally, an oath in the name of one’s god would never be false, but this was Lolthe we were talking about. She was an evil goddess whose impression amongst the outside world varied between cruel, deceptive, treacherous and just plain evil. In other words, her followers couldn’t be much better either. Can a bad person be trusted? Well, I don’t how others feel, but I’m definitely not trusting one.

“I’ve already sworn an oath in the goddess’s name, is that not enough?”

As she said that, she began casting a simple hypnotic spell that would allow her words to affect anyone whose will wasn’t strong enough.

It was a strong spell, that was for sure, but unfortunately for her, I had the blessing of Envy. Thanks to that, I technically had the bloodlines of an Illusion Demon within me. Illusions were practically like breathing to such creatures, and they were certainly a lot stronger in this field than a bunch of Dark Elves.

Even so, the fact that her spell was ineffective did nothing to change my current situation. I couldn’t beat her and neither could I escape… Just hiding out in this golem isn’t going to work in the long term. I need to find some way out of this…

“Don’t worry, since you have a Devil King Idol, that means you’re a spawn of some Devil King. I’m not daring enough to harm such a Devil. So how about you trust your big sister over here, she won’t harm you at all.”

As she said that, her alluring voice almost seemed to carry a fragrant quality to it, though that was clearly impossible. Her words made sense, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to believe her. Even so, what she mentioned wasn’t false -that was just basic common sense in the Three Hells.

The fact that I had the Devil King Idol meant that I was some Devil King’s successor. Seeing as I was a Fallen Angel with purple wings, a member of the royal family, what would that mean in the eyes of outsiders like her?

Clearly, such a Devil was the very child of Abaddon’s King, the Devil King of Pride!

I know I’m not actually the child of the Devil King of Pride, but she doesn’t know that! So what would she be planning by abducting a crown prince-like figure? Hmmm… at the very least, those plans shouldn’t include killing the crown prince.

With that in mind, I suddenly felt that my situation wasn’t as dangerous as I had thought.

“Don’t you know how much your big sister spent just to summon you over. And with your esteemed lineage, I wouldn’t dare do anything to you.”

That does make sense… maybe I should just do as she says… I mean I’ll believe that she means me no harm…

Just as I was wavering between whether or not to believe her, she finally said something that sealed the deal. “I would never dare to harm you. After all, I can’t bear the wrath of a Devil King.”

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That’s right. Even if what she said before that was all lies, that last sentence was definitely true. The Fallen Angels were the strongest clan in the Three Hells, and they themselves saw their clan as being the strongest clan in all the Hells. Being the very incarnation of Pride, they would never suffer the humiliation of having someone seen as their crown prince be insulted by lowly Dark Elves.

Of course, all that was based on the assumption that I was connected to the Fallen Angels -I wasn’t. In fact, even that so-called fiancee of mine, Yi Yi, was pretty much a stranger to me seeing as I only met her once… but they didn’t know that! That bit of information of asymmetry clearly benefited me this time.

“Alright, let’s talk then.” Even though I didn’t think she would try and attack me, I still chose to remain in the Devil King Idol as a precaution. “I’m sure you already know about my background, so if you try anything weird, the consequences will be dire.”

“That’s right. A spawn of the Devil King of Pride, if I’m not mistaken.”

I knew it.

I neither confirmed nor denied that allegation. Instead, I remained silent till she took it as my acceptance.

“We Dark Elves are strong, but even we know that we aren’t a match for the Fallen Angels. As a sign of our sincerity, I’ll offer a concession.” Having said that, she leapt off my Devil King Idol and back onto the ground before promptly undoing her transformation. “Is that better?”

“I want you to swear an oath again. Swear that you won’t attack me and will allow me to leave as I wish.” Even though she had turned back into her humanoid elven form, I didn’t dare to let my guard down. I needed another guarantee in the form of that request. “If you don’t agree to this, I won’t come out of the Devil King Idol. If you go back on your oath, you will suffer the punishment of the Spider Queen Lolthe.”

“Alright, I swear I won’t attack you, else may Lolthe tear me apart and throw my soul into the fires of Hell.”

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