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Chapter 401: How A Dark Elf Reproduces

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

I knew the clan leader of the Dark Elves was strong, but I never expected her to be so strong that she could extinguish my Nether Flames with a flick of her wrist… She had to be at least be an Eight-star, maybe even nine… With that possibility in mind, I had no choice but to pull out my trump card. I gripped down hard on the Gem of Authority in front of my chest -it’s time for the Devil King Idol.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, I summoned the giant construct from the gem, commanding it to punch that Dark Elf at the same time. While she was momentarily distracted by that, I quickly ducked into the pocket dimension of the Devil King Idol.

“You…” The clan leader’s eyes went wide at the sudden turn of events. All she could see right now was a gigantic fist barrelling straight towards her, growing dangerously larger by the second. Faced with such an overwhelming force descending from the heavens, she had no time at all to think of a countermeasure, only to dodge.

A second later, a deafening boom filled the cave system as the Devil King Idol’s fist came crashing down onto an empty throne. The bejewelled seat instantly exploded into a rain of jewels and rocks, bouncing off the surrounding walls from the resulting shockwaves…

A miss, huh… I knew that even a surprise attack wouldn’t be enough to land on a hit on her -this Devil King Idol was just too slow. But that was already enough. That punch was merely to buy me some time.

I hurriedly willed the Devil King Idol to retreat towards the cave exit.

“Stop her!” Yelled a dishevelled clan leader. She might have been able to avoid that punch, but that didn’t mean she had done so easily either. Her focus was still off-kilter from the sudden movement, and her hair was a complete mess of silvery threads. However, that didn’t stop her from commanding the other Dark Elves. “Go, don’t let her escape no matter what!”

This time, it wasn’t just those four elite Dark Elves who acted, even those stock-still guardsmen were all charging towards me with reckless abandon.

The cave itself was massive. For some unknown reason, this entire room alone was hollowed out to over one hundred meters tall. The doorway was in the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of fifty meters. With such a massive allowance, my twenty meters tall Devil King Idol could easily exit without having to carve a new exit for itself.

The massive construct lumbered thunderously towards the exit. The elite Dark Elves and the nearby guardsmen frantically tried to stop its progress but their attacks were simply too weak. Those four I had fought before were only Seven-stars while those guardsmen were even weaker. The stronger ones amongst them were at most Six-star while the weaker ones were as weak as a Three-star. At such a level, no amount of Dark Elves would change this outcome. Soon, the distance of a hundred meters was crossed and the exit was now within arm’s length.

Because their spells and weapons were all useless against the unstoppable Devil King Idol, I saw no need to purposely harm them either. Whenever I could, I avoided confronting them, though there were still some unfortunate souls who ended up being stepped on…

Yet just as I thought that my escape was successful, a figure suddenly stepped in front of the exit.

That figure was the very same Dark Elven clan leader who supposedly had never married another person in her entire life. What was she doing here? I asked myself. However, that question didn’t go unanswered for long. As she quietly stood there, her ruby red eyes suddenly changed to a bloody red.

Are you really planning to block my Devil King Idol with that tiny body of yours?

I naturally had no kind words for this troublesome woman who created this situation I was in right now. If she really didn’t care about her own safety, then I’ll just happily run her over with my Devil King Idol. A stomp or two and even she wouldn’t be in a good shape.

At least, that was what I had originally thought. Just when I was about to lift up my leg and give her a good stomping, I realised that she wasn’t there anymore. Beside that area was a strange figure, one that had a humanoid upper body and an arachnid lower half, complete with eight spidery legs… She actually turned into a half-monster?! Hmm… a monster waifu…

I immediately had the Devil King Idol try and kick her, but the moment I did so, she began crawling her way up its leg like a snake would, finally reaching the upper body of the Devil King Idol. There was still no telling what she intended by doing so, but I wasn’t planning to find out either. I hurriedly willed the Devil King Idol’s arms to swat at the offending spider, but that was easily dodged. In fact, I ended up smacking myself more often than not… I swear, this Devil King Idol is just too clumsy to actually be a threat.

In just a couple seconds of crawling, she had already climbed up to the shoulders of the Devil King Idol. I tried to swat her off again, but it failed once more. By this time, she was already on my back.

She started crawling circles around the Devil King Idol. At the same time as she did that, her rear end would spit out a white thread-like substance the width of a fist. By the time she felt she had accomplished her goal, she leaped off the Devil King Idol and sped off to a nearby stalagmite to tie the thread to it.

She then crawled back up to my right eye and gave me an evil grin. “Now, how about we have a talk?”

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Like heck we would! There’s nothing to talk about now.

I commanded the Devil King Idol to smack her away but she ended up just dodging it anyway, leaving me with a faceful of rocky palm…

While the power of the Devil King Idol wasn’t enough to break through its own defences, the resulting shockwave would still transmit inwards to the pocket dimension I resided in. Because of that, I experienced the equivalent of an earthquake each time I smacked myself…

Having dodged the newest attack from the Devil King Idol, the spidery clan leader returned to the front once more and gave me a bemused look. “Can we talk now?”


Clearly still incensed, I willed the Devil King Idol to attack her once more. Naturally, the result ended up being the same. But that didn’t stop me from trying once more… and once more… and once more… Each time I failed, she would happily crawl up to my side and ask that same question… Fecking potatoes… I swear I haven’t been so humiliated in my entire life… but this really isn’t going anywhere… maybe I should just admit defeat for now and come back later?

The Devil King Idol’s power can easily break apart a mountain and its defenses are basically impenetrable. Since I can’t win, there’s nothing stopping me from running either. With that in mind, I commanded the Devil King Idol to head for the exit, ignoring that spidery clan leader on the right side of my eyes.

“Hahahaha. Trying to leave now? A little too late for that.”

Hmph. I have the Devil King Idol on my side, why would I not be able to leave?

Five seconds later…

Impossible… I can’t move… Rather, it wasn’t that I couldn’t move, it was that the thread which I saw her spewing out not too long ago was restricting my Devil King Idol like a dog collar would on a dog. No matter how much I struggled, the blasted threads refused to budge.

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