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Chapter 358: Devil King Idol

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Mo Na pointed at Jeerah. “Definitely more beautiful than some tramp, right!?”

“That’s right, my baby is the most beautiful of them all!” Really, was there anything else I could do but to agree and nod my head…

“You guys…”

Just as Jeerah was about to defend herself, the Nightmare Steed, Shadowfall, launched a third charge against us. Once more, we ended up in a tangled up mess… that was rather fragrant…

‘Blast it! That’s the third time already… is he about done? Before my pee pee grows back, I definitely don’t need more encounters of the close kind.’

Fuming, I stopped hugging Mo Na and broke free from Jeerah’s embrace. Having straightened myself, I pointed at Shadowfall and yelled, “Attack!”

At the same time that the Fallen Angel Golem stood up, it counter attacked. Unfortunately, the Nightmare Steed was too agile for its attacks. He easily avoided the golem’s swat, and as a taunt of sorts, even gave the golem’s swatting hand a light tap of his hoof.

“Attack! Get him!”

The golem continued flailing about like a headless chicken. However, all its attacks failed to even land a scratch on the nimble Nightmare Steed. Lest one forgot, this same Nightmare Steed had just breathed out a whole field of black flames; even in such a weakened state, my golem still wasn’t able to hit him. It was clear as day how slow the attacks must have been to the Nightmare Steed.

Shadowfall dodged another swat of the golem’s palms, then made a quick turn towards its back and launched a charging attack. His charges up till now had all been at the exact same spot. However, this golem’s defenses were a lot better than my Winged Abyssal Golems’; no matter how many charges he threw, it wouldn’t matter one bit.

On the other hand, this Fallen Angel golem of mine was too slow to even hit that blasted Nightmare Steed. Under such circumstances, both sides were forced to a stalemate that lasted a couple minutes before the other two Nightmare Steeds arrived as well.

Their arrival could only mean one thing: the other Warhorses had successfully retreated. Although their casualty numbers ended up in the hundreds, the fact was that the majority of them had managed to escape from this battle. With their lightning fast speeds, my golems would never be able to catch up to them. That was bearing in mind their decent sprinting speed too. Even if my golems could match them in a straight line dash, the horses could easily make a quick turn and throw off their pursuit.

Naturally, I had no intention of letting them chase after the Warhorses. Instead, I had them protect Sinmosa and her family, and those Devils that Jeerah had brought along… might as well, I guess.

“Strike together!” Warsight neighed loudly before speeding off in a fiery cloud. Because she hadn’t expended her black flames yet, her speed was a lot quicker than Shadowfall’s. In barely a second, she galloped around to the back of my golem and aimed a charging attack at the same spot Shadowfall was attacking.

“Ah…” Mo Na and Jeerah gasped in unison before tumbling into a perfect embrace with each other.

This dimensional space was a strange one. It had the effect of restricting flight, which meant that the two of them had no choice but to be thrown about. More annoyingly, this space had no walls either, so we had nothing to support ourselves with.

“Why won’t you… just stay still!”

I commanded my golem to strike at Warsight but it failed miserably in the end. Furthermore, at the same time that my golem swung at Warsight, Shade, who hadn’t joined in till now, took the opportunity to launch an attack at that very same spot again.

The spot they had all agreed upon was the area where the wings of my golem met -an easily recognisable spot. It was also the most difficult spot to defend. Even a person with a normal level of agility had problems defending his back, let alone my lumbering golem.

‘This isn’t going to work at all. I need to find a way to counter attack. This golem seems a lot tougher than my other golems, but if I were to let them continue attacking like that, I can’t guarantee what will happen…’

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Yet just as I was about to go on a mulling spree, Ferti’nier popped up, same as always, to remind me of her existence. “Oh little brother, there’s no need to worry that some horsies would ever break this golem of yours.”

‘No need to worry? Aren’t all the golems made of the same material?’

“Sigh… should I call you an idiot, or a moron?”

“Did you really think that a material worthy of being crafted into an idol of worship could ever be produced by some lowly Black Blood Ant? Especially not the way they do so…”

I could tell she was rather disgusted by the thought. Still, her meaning was clear: the material used to craft this golem was exceptional!

She then followed up with an explanation about what my golem was. According to her, this Fallen Angel Golem of mine was a Devil King Idol, a special tool that every Devil King who owned a territory would create.

So how was it special? First off, one of the main materials used in their construction was a mineral known as Hellvite. This particular mineral was an extremely rare mineral that was usually used to craft Epic-grade weapons. Just by inserting a piece the size of a pinky finger, one could enhance a freshly forged weapon up to the grade of Epic. Putting it another way, a weapon enhanced with Hellvite would evolve in grade.

Epic-grade weapons tended to have a consciousness of their own. In theory, such a wondrous weapon shouldn’t be craftable by mortal craftsmen. Yet it wasn’t so. If an Epic-grade weapon was simply a weapon that had a consciousness, wasn’t it just a matter of adding in a consciousness then? A material capable of such a feat wasn’t as rare as some would assume. This Hellvite was one of the many such examples.

In my case, the Hellvite was the Gem of Authority hanging on my neck. As for the material used to craft this Devil King Idol, it was one of the secondary minerals that grew with Hellvite, the nigh impregnable Abyssium.

An idol crafted of such a material would be beyond sturdy. Naturally, not something crafted out of ant excrement could ever compare to. Especially not when those ants couldn’t even bite through Abyssium… one could only imagine how strong it must have been.

Given how valuable such a material was, it would make sense for an idol crafted out of it to have some sort of special power. The Devil King Idol was a drivable war vehicle, and its key was the Gem of Authority.

All Abyssal Golems were crafted as replicas of the Devil King Idol. If the idol could be compared to a king, then these replicas were all its soldiers.

As the king of golems, the Devil King Idol not only possessed the strength of an Eight-stars by itself, it functioned as an extension of its owner, meaning it was drivable like a robot or a tank.

Once a person bearing the Gem of Authority enters the dimensional pocket of a Devil King Idol, his psyche would be synced with the idol. Upon receiving approval from the idol, that person would then be the official owner of the Devil King Idol.

The idol’s special ability was to enhance its owner’s ability.

For example, being a Four-star Fallen Angel now, if I were to gain the approval of the Devil King Idol, I would instantly power up to the level of an Eight-stars when I piloted the idol. Whatever techniques I had would be enacted through the idol, and their powers would be raised to Eight-star as well.

Should an Eight-star person sync with the Devil King Idol, this person would gain the powers of a Nine-star, an Overlord’s power. Should that person already be an Overlord, he would temporarily gain the powers of the Demigod tier.

Simply put, the Devil King Idol was a power enhancement vessel, a vessel that had no drawbacks at all.

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Every Devil King that possessed its own territory had a Devil King Idol. Even though piloting this idol would have no noticeable effect for such a powerful being -in fact, it might even slow down the pilot- it was still a necessity for Devil Kings, especially if said Devil King intended to have any offspring that it wanted to groom as a prince of sorts…

Anyone with the Gem of Authority could try and sync with the idol. Thus, for the offsprings of this Devil King, it could be treated as a hereditary national treasure of sorts. A Devil with this gem would essentially be a crown prince. Naturally, this princely authority would only extend within the Devil King’s own territory.

A Devil King Idol was not only able to protect a Devil King’s most favored offspring, it could also function as a powerful tool of war -definitely a must for every Devil kingdom. It served this purpose by being a font through which the power of worship could be gathered. Thus every Devil King Idol differed depending on the type of Original Sin its owner was blessed with.

For example, a Fallen Angel Devil King Idol would take on the form of a Fallen Angel while those of a Lust Demon’s would take on the corresponding form…

So what did Lucifer’s clone intend when he handed me this Devil King Idol? Was he trying to groom me to be a Devil King? Was he acknowledging my legitimacy to rule this region?

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