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Chapter 359: A Smarter Golem

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

‘Hmm. A powerful tool like the Fallen Angel Golem… I wonder what’s even its actual level?”

“Hard to say. Based on its current performance, I would say it’s at the Demigod tier. But a real Demigod tier item should possess intelligence, like that Grimoire of the Dead hiding out in your little daughter’s body. Perhaps that’s because of the Gem of Authority? And as the owner of the gem, you’re… the tool’s spirit.”

‘So what you’re saying is that this Devil King Idol is only complete when we’re combined together?’

“That’s right.” She said in a solemn tone never before heard from her. “But you had better be careful when using that idol, don’t end up stuck in a pit of your own making.”

Curious, I decided to ask her about this proverbial pit, but she didn’t reply at all. ‘Now that’s a rarity, she actually left without making fun of me for once. Well, since she’s gone, I guess it’s my turn now.’

Following Ferti’nier’s instructions, I clasped the Gem of Authority with my right hand and began communicating with it using my soul. Perhaps because I had already been recognised as its master beforehand, it quickly handed over control to me.

“Gem of Authority… synchronization… start.”

I quietly mumbled the words Ferti’nier taught me. The instant I did so, I felt my consciousness linking up with something, and by the time I realised I wasn’t just imagining it, I found that I was now a twenty meter tall giant… Rather, I should say that my consciousness had finished synchronising with the Devil King Idol.

I tried moving my arm a little; the golem’s arm immediately reacted as if it was an extension of myself. My next move was to reach out for the bait that was standing before me: Warsight. However, I ended up being too slow again.

It was at that moment that I felt a rush of wind from behind me. Even without looking, I could tell what was going on: it was either Shadowfall or Shade trying to pull off another sneak attack.

Calmly, I turned around and flapped one of my Abyssium wings just as that unknown assailant struck…


All I heard was a groan before I felt something get slapped away by my wing.

“Shadowfall, that moron, doesn’t he even know how to ambush a person at the right time. Idiot.”

Not at all concerned about Shadowfall being sent flying off into the distance, she continued cursing the poor horse under her breath while she circled me. Her speed was quick, as expected. Once more, I stretched out to swipe at her but failed miserably.

“That golem seems to be acting differently.”

Shade was the first to speak up about the change. Unfortunately for them, this observation was immediately shot down by a blaring taunt from Warsight. “What a joke, are you trying to tell me that a magical construct is capable of thought now?”

“I’m not too sure myself, but I guess that’s what I’m saying… it’s up to you whether or not to believe me.” Clearly incensed by her challenging tone, he couldn’t be bothered to argue with her any further, completely treating her like air.

“If you’re so sure, how about a bet then?” Perhaps because she saw a chance to humiliate him, Warsight pressed him even further.

“What’s the wager then?” While he wasn’t all that interested in the bet, it was her attitude that truly irked him into action.

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“How about we bet whether or not I’m able to strike him? Well?” She asked in her signature taunting tone before giving Shade a look of utmost horsie contempt. “If I manage to land a hit on it, you lose. But if the golem hits me instead, then I lose. So are you in or not?”

“And if both of you hit each other?”

“Then it will be my loss as well.” Warsight harrumphed. “Enough stalling. Do you dare to take up this bet or not?”

“Fine, I’m in. I’ll even help you distract that golem, you just have to find an opportunity to strike. But if you lose, you’d better stop getting in my way.”

“Alright, sounds good.” Warsight grinned a toothy smile. She was relaxed, as if the bet was already a done deal. “If you win, I’ll naturally stay out of your way. But if you lose, you’re banned from ever touching my stuff! If there’s something I want, I don’t even want to see you looking at it!”

“Fine.” He accepted the bet without any other argument. And before Warsight could even reply, he raced off to be the bait for this bet.

“What’s up with you two? This isn’t the time for gambling at all.” Just as the deal was struck, Shadowfall just so happened to land near them, having just been swatted here by the golem’s wing. Still a little groggy, he regained his balance slowly, mouth still dripping blood at the corners. Clearly, that wing swat had left him with internal injuries.

“Hey. You’re the careless one here. Not us. I never forced you to do anything.” Having left those strange words behind, Warsight raced off after Shade. Like a practised fighter, she carefully maintained a fixed striking distance from the golem. Her aim was its back, thus she always maintained a straight line to it .

In the meantime, Shade dutifully acted as the bait, not at all slackening because a bet was involved. In all likelihood, this honesty was something Warsight had expected, given that they were both from the same race; it only stood to reason that she would be familiar with Shade’s personality.

However, that also implied that Shade’s warning was most likely real as well…

Still, the thought of winning this bet was simply too attractive for Warsight. Regardless of what strangeness was happening now, she had to win this bet. Thus, their battle began in earnest. Warsight kept her eyes trained on the Devil King Idol’s every movement in hopes of finding some kind of opening for a charge, one that would also allow her to retreat unscathed.

Having been in control of the golem in question, I naturally heard everything they said, and chuckled to myself. So who should I help?

In the end, I decided to help neither. If Warsight really managed to get a strike in, I’ll just hit back. As for whether or not my counter attack would work, well, that would be up to the heavens.

Warsight had managed to maintain an uncharacteristic level of caution -the bet was probably having an effect on her actions. But my Devil King Idol was no longer the same sitting duck as before. As I piloted the golem, I continued pretending to be a brainless construct, chasing after the bait before me without any hesitation. While pursuing him brainlessly, my next step was to purposely reveal an opening for Warsight.

Such a state continued on for a few minutes. Finally, Warsight’s patience ran out. Taking advantage of the time when I was attacking Shade, she charged right at the very same spot on my back.

The fact that she was still striking at that same spot meant that she probably didn’t know the weak points of my golem. She clearly still had delusions that she would somehow be able to break my golem’s outer shell just by charging at the same spot.

Naturally, I had no intention of telling her how futile this was. Right now, I was like a cat slowly toying with its prey. Should the time come when they realise I was just toying with them, that meant their time was up as well.

I continued pretending to be fully distracted by Shade, allowing my back to be completely exposed in the process.

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As I had expected, she fell for the bait. Her overconfidence led her to believe that she could simply gallop in and clinch a victory just as before. Unfortunately for her, I had no intention of letting her win.

Warsight mustered up the greatest speed she ever achieved and rushed for the golem’s back, viciously kicking it in the process. But I was prepared for her this time. I braced my golem for impact before whipping around to swat her with my wing. However, Warsight wasn’t just all muscle and no brains. She had just seen Shadowfall fall to this exact same trick so she knew not to gloat just because she managed a strike in. In fact, she was even more tense than before she struck. After all, her bet was not just about striking my golem, but also about getting out unscathed. Should she fail in that latter half, she would end up losing.

That was why she was so cautious, and it was this bit of caution that allowed her to react in time and dodge my wings. Yet, that wasn’t the end either. Now that my wing was evaded, I whipped around with my arms to hit her: this was my follow up plan.

Naturally, my arm wasn’t as wide as my wing. With only a slight change in elevation, she managed to avoid both my arms.

Now that both my attacks had failed, she finally let forth a sigh of relief. Based on her previous observations, she came to the conclusion that my golem only attacked with its arms, and perhaps its wing. This led her to believe that there were only two modes of attacks available to me. But…were things ever so simple?

A Devil King Idol had two arms, but didn’t it also have two wings?

The fact that I had whipped around to swing at her also meant that it was about time that my other wing came swinging at her as well. Thus, she managed to avoid my first three attacks but failed to evade the last.

A bang and a groan later, Warsight was sent flying away like a ping pong ball, right into my golem army…

“Warsight!” Seeing their comrade struck so heavily, whether it was Shadowfall or Shade, they were both aghast. Even though Shade’s instincts told him that something was up, he wasn’t sure exactly what.

Well, now they had their answer: the golem had grown smarter.

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