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Chapter 357: Trump Card

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

At the same time that Jeerah asked me that question, I called forth my Fallen Angel Golem, simultaneously teleporting both of us into the golem’s dimensional space.

This one of a kind golem, coming in at over twenty meters tall, shook the earth itself when it made its appearance, like a tiny mountain suddenly dropping down on our battle. With its titanic arrival, the battle had now entered the next phase.

Ferti’nier once told me that this golem had a special dimensional stone that allowed its owner to enter and take shelter within. But because I hadn’t tried this before, my first thought was to grab Jeerah, hoping that our close proximity would mean both of us entered together.

Till now, I was still under the lingering effects of that rough dimensional shift. Bearing with it, I gave my surroundings a quick scan: it was pitch black all over. Strangely, I could still see perfectly well, though I couldn’t verify how large this space was.

“Ugh…” Jeerah rubbed her head lightly while groaning softly from beside me.

‘So both of us made it in then?’

“What’s going on? Where are we? And my head hurts…” Suddenly, her groaning stopped. “Why are we so high up?! WHAT! Those Nightmare Steeds are tiny now!”

This dimensional space was truly a miraculous zone. Even though we were clearly in pitch blackness, with no light being allowed in at all, we could still clearly see what was going on outside. Furthermore, what we saw was clearly from the perspective of the golem, including the field of vision extending right below its feet! It was a sensation akin to standing within a glass dome; one could see through every corner of the dome.

Standing right in front of us were the two Nightmare Steeds, Shade and Warsight; both were eyeing us strangely. To be exact, they were eyeing the Fallen Angel Golem. Behind us was the Nightmare Steed currently chasing Mo Na around with his black flames. Because of how high up I was, his every action was within my sights.

The danger my daughter found herself in right now meant that I had no time to enjoy this sudden increase in strength. Clutching down on the Gem of Authority, I gave out my most urgent command to date, “Save my daughter.”

As expected, the Fallen Angel Golem heard my command and began lumbering towards Shadowfall. Perhaps because it hadn’t moved in centuries, its first step was stiff. The moment it lifted up its leg, it knocked over one of my Winged Abyssal Golems, which only came up to its thighs.

Thankfully, my Winged Abyssal Golems were sturdy, and the Fallen Angel Golem was only trying to walk, not harm it. Then, under my disbelieving eyes, the golem continued onwards, stepping on that golem like it didn’t even exist…

“Spread out! Don’t get in its way!” It was a fact that the shortest distance between two points would be a straight line. That was why I tacitly accepted its actions. That Winged Abyssal Golem’s plight was truly a heart wrenching one, but my Mo Na took priority over all. It was better if all the golems got out of its way instead.

Thankfully, the intelligence of these golems was still something I could depend on. Even though I didn’t specify which golems had to move aside, those that were in its way knew to step away without being told.

With any potential obstacle removed, the Fallen Angel Golem quickened its pace. Its twenty meters tall frame didn’t just mean that it had a mass advantage, it also meant that its strides were large as well.

“Where are we now exactly? What a strange place. It actually moves. And I can even see the outside!”

Ever since we entered the internal space of the Fallen Angel Golem, Jeerah had completely left her panicked state. Without any semblance of propriety that a guest ought to have, she began bombarding me with questions like how a country bumpkin would.

To be honest, her bedazzled expression was rather amusing, but now wasn’t the time for fun.

“Just stay quiet in that corner over there, I’m going to fetch my daughter.”

The Fallen Angel Golem had completely captured the attention of everyone present. Naturally, Shadowfall was included in this as well, seeing as it was him whom the Fallen Angel Golem was currently charging towards. Boom, boom, boom, went the lumbering Fallen Angel Golem, like Atlas himself on a rampage across the lands. Every step it took gave the impression of a mini earthquake happening nearby… such an existence was clearly made for war.

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Perhaps its sheer size was such that even Shadowfall couldn’t ignore it, but the moment the golem was set in action, he abandoned the chase for Mo Na, turning around to face my gigantic golem.

‘Is he planning to face it head on?’

Regardless of what he was planning, his current course of action was exactly what I wanted. What I really wanted now was Mo Na’s safety, then the defeat of these horses.

Shadowfall came galloping towards us at a speed a normal person could never hope to perceive. The Fallen Angel Golem reacted with a swat, but its attack was just shy of being quick enough -like how a fly always seemed to evade a swat at the very last second.

“Ignore him, fetch my daughter first.” Ever since entering this dimensional space, I instinctively learnt the method of controlling this behemoth, as if I had been born with skill. Perhaps entering this dimensional space had caused my hereditary memories to unlock themselves? Either way, now wasn’t the time for such questions.

Just as that command was given, the Fallen Angel Golem abandoned any further attacks against Shadowfall, running straight for Mo Na who was now hiding behind another Winged Abyssal Golem. It bent down right away and extended its right arm forward. From that angle, I could clearly see the look of confusion on Mo Na’s face. The little scamp was probably still in shock right now. After all, while it was obvious that this golem was on our side, I had never mentioned anything about it to her.

“Baby, just hop onto the golem’s palm. Your papa’s here to pick you up!”


Upon hearing my voice from the Fallen Angel Golem’s mouth, my precious daughter flew into the golem’s outstretched arm without any hesitation. Upon confirming her safety, I slowly lifted her up to its chest.


Just as I said that, a black hole-like object appeared in our space, closely followed by the adorable figure of Mo Na tunnelling out of it.

“Mama!” Mo Na nose dived right into my arm. Upon confirming that I was actually standing there and that she was now safe, the little scamp immediately broke down into tears. “Sob, sob, sob… Mama…that big black horsie was so scary… Mo Na was so scared…sob…so scared…”

‘Sigh…my little baby must have really suffered. It’s only at times like this that she ever reverts back to her true age.’

“Don’t cry, baby. Papa will chase away those bad horsies for you.” I hurriedly hugged her back and began comforting her. The faint scent she emanated put my mind at ease tremendously. My daughter was safe, at long last.

I gave her one last hug before proceeding to issue further instructions. Yet before I could give the command, a violent tremor shook the dimensional space. I hugged Mo Na even tighter to stop her from falling down. I could feel that something had struck my back, so I turned around, just in time to see Shadowfall launch a second attack…

This time, the impact was stronger than the first. Thankfully, I had already prepared myself for this. I hurriedly stooped down and covered Mo Na in time to prevent any injuries. It was unfortunate that Jeerah wasn’t included in this plan of mine. She was unceremoniously tossed about when she lost her balance, finally crashing right into me with that deadly figure of hers. Me, Mo Na, and Jeerah all had a grand old time tumbling about on… ahem… When we finally stopped crashing about, I found her hugging my thighs while her jugs were pointing squarely at me in a particularly delicious manner…

“What do you think you’re doing! Don’t hug Mama’s thighs! Get your dirty hands off her right now!” Before I could even say a word, my daughter leaped out of my arms like a startled cat. “You shameless wench, you had better stay away from Mo Na’s mama! Or else Mo Na will ask Mama to chase you away!”

“Hah, you don’t even have any hair down there but you already know to protect your prey.” Realising that she was actually in a compromising position, she couldn’t help but feel a little awkward herself. However, Mo Na’s warning had rubbed her the wrong way. Not only did she not let go, she stuck her chest out even further, then stared at Mo Na as if she was judging Mo Na’s flat chest. “Brat, I think you still need a lot more soul nourishment.”

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“You! Mo Na will grow bigger in the future too!” As she said that, she turned towards me, a little unsure herself. “Mama…do you think Mo Na will grow bigger… she will, right?”

‘I say, can you two be a little serious right now? We’re still in the middle of a battle here!’

Though I thought that, her adorable show of insecurity made me want to ruffle her tiny head instead. As she closed her eyes in bliss, I said, “I’m sure you will. Our Mo Na will definitely grow up to be both cute and beautiful.”

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