Chapter 689: Bloodlines

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Power… I can feel the power coursing through my veins!

I couldn’t help but stand up. The clothes on my back burst open with a loud rip, as two tears on my back started to mysteriously form. From within, a couple of purple-feathered wings started extending outwards…

“Your Highness? Are those wings?” Before I could even figure out what was happening, I heard a startled cry of joy from Lixiang. “Fantastic! His Highness has finally awakened! No. His seal has come undone!”

“Ke? Are you alright, Ke? What are those on your back?”

Just like Lixiang, Bitong had just woken up, only to find a pair of purple wings sprouting out from my back. Unlike Lixiang, her thoughts did not immediately turn to the fantastical – she was more worried about my wellbeing.

“I’m fine. The system just underwent an update. There’s now a new system called the “Bloodlines Enhancement…”

I was just about to explain why I had wings on my back when I was suddenly interrupted by a little girl’s gasping.

“Ah! Big brother, why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

I turned around to find Qiaoqiao standing at the doorway, hands covering her eyes as if she was trying to avoid looking at something.

It’s just Qiaoqiao. But why is she even bothering to cover her eyes with that giant gap between her fingers…

Finally, I realised that my new wings had completely ripped my shirt apart, baring my chest for all to see… assuming that was even an issue for a guy.

I did not immediately try to cover myself, instead opting to pull out another shirt from within my inventory and wear it.

These wings had the useful ability to retract themselves, which I did with a mere thought. Summoning them out was also just as easy – a single thought. However, having to replace a shirt each time I summoned them would be quite inconvenient…

“The Marketplace has an adaptive shirt prepared just for such bloodlines. A single shirt costs only 20 points. Would our valued host be interested in one?”

When did my system become such a salesperson… but if the system is going so far as to recommend it, I can’t really say no, can I? Especially not when the system was so generous as to give me a 10000 points gift. Really, where do you even find a more generous system? To think I even used to call the system a scamming cheapskate… Shameful.

If I can go back in time to see myself, I would give myself a good dressing down for all those hurtful words I used to hurl at the system. My system wasn’t being a cheapskate, she was just saving up for that one big gift! Rather than give me a bunch of trash, she would rather give me quality goods! What a fantastic system!

In the heat of the moment, I tapped on the shirt, purchasing it for 20 points.

In actuality, this shirt was basically the same as every other shirt you could find in the real world. The difference being that it did not snap when my wings extended itself. But if that was the case, I could have just opened up two holes in the back of my shirt, saving me the 20 points… But there’s no way my system would scam me like that, would it? Of course not!

“Since everyone is up, then I will just explain the Bloodlines System right now…”

Shirt worn, I led the girls down to the sofa in the living room before starting.

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A while later, my explanation was done.

Lixiang was naturally the first to react. Leaning over Qiaoqiao, she grabbed my hands and said, “So this one’s sealed up bloodline has already been found by His Highness… There can be no better news than this. As long as this one gathers up enough points, this one can return to being a Primal Angel of the Apocalypse.”

Lixiang… you were never one to begin with! Stop lying to yourself just because the system released this Bloodlines System!

“Big brother, Qiaoqiao wants to be a Blazing Angel!”

“An Elemental Angel sounds good, but so does a Nature Angel…”

With the floodgates now opened on bloodlines, the girls happily listed the bloodlines they were aiming for, the 10000 points price tag not even a consideration for them at all.

“Okay, okay. I know what you’re all trying to tell me.” I sighed as I looked at their intent eyes. “Let’s wash up first, then grab breakfast.”

“Breakfast sounds like a bother, how about we just go straight to hunting.” Lixiang began counting with her fingers. “If we can farm 1000 points in a day, then 10 days should be enough to purchase a bloodline. And if we farm 5000 in a day, then only two days…”

1000 sounds feasible, but 5000… I think someone is still dreaming…

“Yeah… Why do we humans need to eat?”

Seems like Qiaoqiao is on the bandwagon as well…

“Now, now. Meals are still necessary, but we can eat faster.” Bitong suggested, ever the more responsible one in our group. “Ke, how about bringing out the food, I think we still have bread in storage.”

“We do, but they have to be heated up.” I took out the bread in question, but just as I was about to head to the kitchen, I felt a hand grab hold of me.

“No need for that, we can save more time this way.” Bitong extended her Bony Claws of the Nine Yin and immediately ripped the bread into four pieces. “One piece for everyone. Let’s finish up quickly, that way we can go hunting longer.”

Madness… Everyone has gone mad, even sis…

The rest was self-explanatory. Everyone washed up as fast as possible, then shoved down their brick-like bread for breakfast. Then without even bothering to digest the food, they were already dragging me to the exit to start hunting.

Initially, I was planning to spend some time learning about the benefits of my new bloodline, but the girls clearly had plans otherwise.

Before leaving however, Bitong was still cautious enough to have the unmanned exosuits scout out the exit. Thanks to that, we reached the first floor of the hotel without incident. Then, to our great surprise, we found the lobby filled with zombies. These mindless creatures did not possess the intellectual capacity to climb stairs efficiently, so the majority of them ended up just wandering around.

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“Points! Qiaoqiao wants those points!”

Her eyes lit up with a fire I had only seen in a person staring down a field of gold. Hammer in hand, she leapt off the stairs, right into the waiting pile of zombies. With one fell swing, her hammer was stained red with zombie blood.

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