Chapter 688: New Patch

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library


“Big brother~”

In order to ensure that the talismans were put up immediately, I ended up staying up through the night.

At this point, I was so tired that I could only yawn in response before Qiaoqiao came diving into my arms.

“Qiaoqiao…” I caught her reflexively. “You need to brush your teeth first when you wake up… I’m a little tired right now, I’m gonna go take a nap first.”

“Okay. Have a good rest, big brother.” Seeing my haggard face, even Qiaoqiao couldn’t bring herself to disturb me further, thus she obediently ran off to wash her face.

In all honesty, Qiaoqiao was a lot more obedient than she let on. She was just a little naughty at times… But that’s talk for later… sleep… now…

Yet the long-awaited rest never came. Just as I was about to close my eyes, the system’s voice came crashing into my ears.

“DING! System update complete. Magical Girl Harem Grooming System 3.0: Bloodlines War Update complete. Update gift pack has been dispatched, please check your inventory. For further details on the new patch, please approach your neighbourhood system…”

That was quick… it was only 2.0 yesterday too, and now it’s already 3.0!

So… System, what are the new features?

“The Marketplace now has a Bloodlines Conversion feature.”

Bloodlines? Bloodlines… Bloodlines!!

Are you serious?

Is the ‘Bloodlines’ I have in mind the same as the ‘Bloodlines’ the system has in mind?

“Correct, they are the same.”

Oh my god, there are bloodlines now! Crap, I need to have a look for myself.

I opened up the Marketplace interface and found there was now an additional tab known as ‘Bloodlines Enhancement’. Within the tab were a bunch of bloodlines that were all somewhat familiar to any fantasy buff…

Inferior Werewolf Bloodline: Grants the ability to transform into a half-wolf, half-man form during a full moon. Gain increased overall stats and supernatural regeneration ability. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Silver weapons or holy damage.

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Price: 1000 points.

Inferior Vampire Bloodline: Grants the ability to extract energy from blood, recovering oneself in the process. Possesses an extremely long lifespan. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Silver weapons, sunlight, or holy damage.

Price: 1000 points

Inferior Devil Bloodline: The lowest tier bloodline of the Devil race. However, it possesses the highest customizability. By ingesting flesh or souls, one can improve their body. Lower levelled Devils are born with the ability to control fire. By obtaining an Original Sin, they may then evolve into a higher levelled Devil. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Holy damage, Ice element.

Price: 500 points.

Other than those three, there were a bunch of different bloodlines that would normally be associated with creatures of the darkness, such as Dark Elves, superior Devils, etc. There were also Nature Elves, and even Angels…

The further down the list I went, the more I felt like crying… because the most expensive amongst them cost a whopping 10000 points… and that was still its sealed up state…

Primal Angel Bloodline (Unique, sealed): Possesses the two opposing elements of Light and Darkness, the highest tier of the Angel bloodline. Because of its high innate tier, it can only exist in a sealed state in the mortal realms. Can be unsealed with points.

Weakness: none.

Price: 10000 points.

(TL: Different from Origin Angels. At least that was what the raw text indicated.)

Other than the Primal Angel, there were also other unique Angel bloodlines. For example, the four Angels of the Elements, the Elemental Angel of Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. The Angel of Nature, the Nature Angel. The Angel of Justice, the Blazing Angel. The Angel of Vengeance, the Retribution Angel. Then, there was the king of the Fallen Angels, the Purple-winged Fallen Angel…

There were similar unique-sounding bloodlines amongst the Devils as well, such as the various rulers of the Hells, each representing an Original Sin. Unlike the superior Angel bloodlines however, these superior Devil strains could all be obtained through evolution. In light of that, the Angel bloodlines seemed a lot more exclusive and superior. Still, their prices weren’t cheap – they just weren’t as expensive as the unique ones.

Taking into account the immense starting cost of the Angel bloodline, compared to customizability of the inferior Devil bloodline, which was the better choice was still debatable.

My eyes were naturally drawn to the most expensive choice, but if I did not unlock something usable right now, surviving in Southern Plains would be difficult… Kind of like the age-old dilemma of whether to constantly upgrade your equipment in a game, or save up till the maximum level to purchase the best equipment possible. Assuming, of course, you were alive long enough to reach said maximum level.

After all, we weren’t in a game right now.

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Hmm… the more practical choice, or the more expensive choice… Both have their advantages.

Actually, can I have multiple bloodlines? Can I first choose to be a Devil, then add on a superior Angel bloodline? That would be great, if that were the case.

“Matters regarding bloodlines have to be chosen wisely. Once a bloodline has strengthened one’s body, the bloodline cannot be removed. However, our valued host need not worry, because the ever-generous, and ever-beautiful system has prepared a wonderful gift for our valued host.”

Gift? Oh right, the compensation for the update. The latest update did take a lot longer than usual. But since the system calls the gift pack wonderful, it should be a surprise worth waiting for.

With excitement in my heart, and a little bit of nervousness, I gingerly tapped open my inventory, and began searching for the gift pack in question.

The moment I opened the gift pack, my head exploded, there and then!

The Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline! The free gift was the Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline! That one and only Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline!

Someone pinch me, I must be in heaven!

This time, I did not even bother questioning why the system was suddenly so generous. I had already opened up the gift pack and activated the bloodline. I immediately felt a boiling sensation coursing through my blood, as if molten lava had been injected into my veins. However, the pain did not last long, merely seconds before it was all gone. In its place was an immense sense of comfort…

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