Chapter 690: Stock Taking

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Hey!” Yelled Lixiang, anxious from watching Qiaoqiao slaughter the zombies. Finally, she herself charged into the fray, shouting, “Leave some for me!”

So anxious was she that she even forgot to refer to herself as ‘this one’.

However, Bitong was clearly the more efficient of them all, seeing as she had two unmanned exosuits to help her.

Being mere one pointers, these zombies weren’t a threat at all to the entertainment exosuits, thus I was more than comfortable with leaving the girls alone. Besides, I already had my own bloodline activated, thus these one pointers barely registered on my radar. That wasn’t to say I wouldn’t join if a Scorpid of a ghost showed up.

Unfortunately, there were no such enemies present.

While the girls were busy cleaning up the floor, I opened up my own status menu for a quick look.

Name: Mo Ke
Race: Purple-winged Fallen Angel
Gender: Male?
Tier: Four
Skills: Revolution Slice, Flame Whip, Fireball, Firewall, Shadow Demon Guardian, Darkness Whip
Points: 235

After activating my bloodline, my tier went up by one, and I even gained a couple of new skills in the process. From a glance, I could tell these new skills were of the Darkness Element. They sounded quite formidable as well.

I proceeded to open up the description for the Shadow Demon Guardian and the Darkness Whip. The Darkness Whip spell turned out to be the same as the Flame Whip, just of a different element. Its attack power was passable. However, I already had Flame Whip, so it was quite redundant. A test was needed to see which was the better of the two.

The Shadow Demon Guardian, on the other hand, was something to look forward to. It was able to transform my shadow into an independent entity known as the Shadow Demon. This Shadow Demon would then be able to leave my side in order to attack or bind my foes. Furthermore, when it was fully activated, it could automatically protect me from attacks. Simply put, it would attack those who tried to attack me first. Thanks to that, it was nearly impossible to harm me, unless the opponent was able to destroy the Shadow Demon entirely.

Yet being able to destroy my Shadow Demon wasn’t the end of the story either. By expending a large amount of MP, I could revive it once more. Meaning, as long as I had the mana to do so, I could theoretically revive my Shadow Demon endlessly.

Naturally, all that was just theoretical. Seeing as I had to first survive the feedback from having my Shadow Demon destroyed.

Even so, with enough enhancement, this spell would be unmatched. Being an elemental being, the Shadow Demon would be able to attack both corporeal and incorporeal foes easily. In front of its shadow tendrils, those sneaky ghosts were nothing but flies.

Just as I finished reading through my two new skills, the girls happened to finish cleaning up the lobby. After a day of practise, they performed a lot better, both mentally and physically. Still, the ability of humans to adapt to harsh environments never ceased to amaze me. All it took was one day for them to slay zombies without batting an eyelid.

Or maybe it was just the temptation of owning a superior Angel bloodline that was working its magic here…

“9811… 9810… 9809…”

“Stop snatching Qiaoqiao’s monsters! Sister Bitong, too. You’re even making those two exosuits steal Qiaoqiao’s points…”

“What do you mean steal? I won them fair and square.” Now that a superior Angel bloodline was at stake, the gloves were off. No longer was Bitong trying to cater to Qiaoqiao’s whims. Instead, she firmly declared, “I want to become an Elemental Angel, none of you had better try to steal that from me!”

“This one is a Primal Angel!” Seeing Bitong choose something entirely different from herself, Lixiang quietly breathed a sigh of relief to herself. “This one has no quarrel with the mortal girl.”

“Qiaoqiao wants to be a Blazing Angel! Qiaoqiao has also chosen a different Angel, so stop trying to steal Qiaoqiao’s monsters!” Qiaoqiao was equally relieved when the two girls chose a different goal from herself. “Qiaoqiao is definitely going to be the first to reach 10000 points!”

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“Alright, settle down now. 10000 points isn’t something you can get just by saying so. We need to approach this calmly and methodically. Supplies we need still have to be bought.” I drove my own exosuit in between the girls to mediate. “Besides, I just checked those bloodlines out. Superior Angel bloodlines like those are usually in a sealed state. In order to undo the seal, you would need ten times the cost of the previous state… So let’s take things slowly for now.”

I emphasized that last bit. After all, the total amount of points everyone required was quite a sum.

“I did some quick calculations. Southern Plains has a rough population of four million. Not including ourselves, if everyone was to turn into a zombie, we would at least get four million points by wiping them all out…”

“Sis… you can’t just kill off everyone for the sake of points… some of them are actually innocent.”

“This one agrees.” For once, Lixiang seemed to agree with Bitong. “It’s not like anyone else can survive in this city.”

The two of them seemed almost a little psychopathic just then, seeing how they were wishing for more people to die just so they could farm more points. However, they were partially right in that most people would find it difficult to survive.

Lest one forgot, this city was blockaded by countless ghosts. No one could get in or out. During nightfall, these ghosts would also swarm around the city, hunting down any survivors. Given that these ghosts were immune to physical attacks, and could only be harmed by energy attacks, how were normal people even going to defend themselves?

If there was one thing I was absolutely certain about, it was that ordinary civilians wouldn’t possess energy weapons. The power of such weapons were too destructive for the Federation to ever allow civilians to handle.

On the flip side, it meant that anyone who had energy weapons were clearly not ordinary civilians. In light of all that, it was highly unlikely that the number of survivors after last night was more than 400000. Furthermore, that number would mostly be made up of soldiers or policemen. They were the only ones who would possess the weapons required to defend themselves. Everyone else had to depend on sheer luck…

The moment I came to that realization, my head nearly exploded. That was nearly 90% of a city’s population gone in one day! And the Federation forces were still trapped outside of the city… Truly… this would have been a hopeless situation, had it not been for the system’s help. Perhaps I would have already given up by now, or more likely, I would be dead to some ghost…

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