Chapter 686: Way of the Talisman

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Virus Detection Kit’s advantages over its necklace counterpart were that it did not require charging to be used, nor did the kit require conscious activation. As long as a virus carrier was nearby, the sphere would automatically glow as a warning. Not only did it detect zombies, it even gave a warning when ghosts were near.

In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the kit detected undead energy, rather than the virus.

“Big brother, what are those?” Still a little insomniac, Qiaoqiao finally got up from the bed, unable to bear with the boredom. She energetically ran up to the wall, then pointed at one of the Inferno Talismans.

“Those are Inferno Talismans.” I answered with a little resignation – I knew there was no way she would give up until I satisfied her curiosity. “It functions as a Fireball when thrown, and functions as an automatic self-defense tool when placed on yoneself. It self-immolates when it detects any nearby ghosts.”

“Uwah! That’s amazing!” Her eyes lit up like little jewels.

“Is that a talisman I spy?” This time, it was Lixiang’s turn to hop off the bed. Just like Qiaoqiao, she walked up to the curious object then said, “But I thought talismans were the methods of the immortals, why would the system have these? Isn’t it a magical girl system? Has it changed to being a cultivation system?”

“Who knows. Maybe the two aren’t all that different.” I gave a vague answer, seeing as I did not know better myself.

“5 points a piece… I wonder how effective they are, though?” Still on the bed, Bitong took the opportunity to purchase one talisman herself, and started fiddling with it. “Frostbite Talisman. Windslicer Talisman… There are even other elemental variations of that. I think I saw a book called, Essentials of Beginner Talismans. Only 2000 points, not at all expensive if these talismans prove effective. We can try crafting some ourselves.”

“Sis, maybe we should save that for later. Even if we learnt to craft such support tools, they won’t directly improve our fighting strength. Especially not when crafting those talismans would require resources and time, which we might not possess. We should stick to buying them for now. The beginner talismans aren’t even that expensive.”

At 5 points a pop, they actually weren’t expensive at all, seeing as they could ward off harder to detect enemies like those ghosts. Had it not been for Qiaoqiao not being able to sleep, the consequences would have been dire.

“But are they really effective?” Qiaoqiao continued fiddling with the crimson talisman on the wall. There was a palpable sense of excitement in her voice, as if she wanted nothing more than for a ghost to just pop up and trigger that talisman.

And who would have guessed it… a ghost actually appeared soon after she said that.

A ghost was about to fly into the room through one of the glass windows. Yet the moment it came into contact with the talisman-protected window, a bright red light filled the area, and the talisman burnt up in a burst of flames. The poor ghost who had initially planned to ambush us was summarily burnt to nothingness by it. First, its head got burnt, seeing as it was trying to pass through the window head first. A second later, the fire engulfed its entire body.

Just like that, a ghost had been taken care of, and we had even gotten 20 points in the process…

So even talismans I place on the walls can give me points when they kill a monster?

“WOAH! That was amazing! That talisman was amazing!” Qiaoqiao practically yelled. “Qiaoqiao wants to learn that too! Qiaoqiao wants to be a talisman master!”

“That ghost gave me 20 points too.”

“So they can pay for themselves? Seems like the way of the talisman is a worthwhile investment. With how varied these talismans can be, we can easily prepare for any situation by keeping a ready stock.” Having witnessed the power of the talisman herself, Bitong approved greatly of the little girl learning about talismans. “The materials for crafting the talisman should be available on the Marketplace. Their prices are cheaper as well -almost a hundred times cheaper!”

Seems like Sis has been busy flipping through the Marketplace while I wasn’t looking. Honestly speaking, this system never ceases to amaze me with how it’s able to produce all manners of goods. Some would even call it godly.

As Bitong voiced her suggestion, she walked up to the window for a closer look. To her surprise, there were no burn marks at all. “Unbelievable! The window is practically unharmed!”

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“Ke, all we have to do is stick it on a surface? That’s it?” Despite being awed by the powers of the talisman, she did not forget that she had just purchased one such talisman herself.

“That’s right. As long as it doesn’t fall off, it’s fine. But you do need to infuse a little SP into it when you throw it, otherwise it won’t activate its powers. An exception would be if it was stuck onto something evil like those ghosts.” Seeing them so excited, I gave everyone a quick run-through of the talisman. Having done that, I said, “It’s almost midnight now, let’s get some sleep.”

“Okay…” Perhaps all the excitement had finally taken its toll, but the moment I said that, she gave an adorable little yawn. “Qiaoqiao is actually a little sleepy now.”

“Your Highness, you should get some sleep yourself.”

“Mhm. I plan to do so. Don’t worry, I’ll monitor the talismans. Should any of them activate, I will replace the talisman afterwards.”

“In that case, our safety is in your hands, Ke.”

“Leave it to me.”

Just like that, the girls went back to bed. This time, they quickly drifted off to sleep, even the little bundle of energy that was Qiaoqiao.

On my part, I sat up on the mattress for a while longer, watching for any signs of intruders.

Seeing as there were no more threats, I myself got ready to turn in. It was then that the system spoke up.

“Ding! Faith power detected. Valued host, you have just received 10 points.”

Wait… Faith power gives 10 points now? When did I gain so many believers? I thought I needed 10000 believers praying to me a day to receive 1 point?

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