Chapter 687: Another Update

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

When the system went through its first update, it patched in a new feature known as the Worship System. Through this system, I was theoretically able to harness the Faith Power (FP) from my believers and convert them into points.

To be honest, all that talk about faith and FP flew right over me when I first heard it, but having a way to have points fall into your lap was always a good thing.

Assuming, of course, having to crossdress in front of a camera all day and perform silly acts could be considered an easy job… BUT! The important thing was that this system allowed me to farm points.

In the past, this system was mostly useless to me, because the minimum threshold to receive points was to have 10000 believers. That would net me 1 point, anything less would be automatically confiscated by the system.

My believer count in Southern Plains hovered around the 6000s at its peak. Naturally, that was way below the 10000 threshold, so I came to forget about this system entirely. That wasn’t to say that I never tried to raise my believer count. I did my very best to get more people to know me, but I soon found out that the criteria for becoming a believer was a steep one.

What was a believer? Naturally, someone who worshipped you. However, that wasn’t it either. Believers generated Faith Power (FP), meaning they had to have faith in you like they would an actual deity. They had to make a wish of you like they would a deity, and regardless of whether or not this wish was fulfilled, power would be generated in the process.

The power of these wishes would accumulate into FP, but if the person receiving these wishes did not have the ability to accumulate the power of said wishes, then the power would slowly dissipate.

My exposure rate was quite decent in the city, but other than being mistaken for a girl that was beautiful -no idea where they all got that from – there really wasn’t anything special about my videos.

In all likelihood, there weren’t that many who would make a wish to such a personality. Those that would… probably had more shady desires… Not just the ordinary kind as well, else why would they have unknowingly become my believers.

Perverts! That’s right! My believers were basically all perverts! The worst kind of the galaxy! And I wasn’t even a girl either!

Ahem. So how did my believer count suddenly shoot past the 100000 mark? Extraordinary, unthinkable!

“That’s due to the outside world learning of our valued host’s heroic actions within this instanced dungeon, through some means or another. Some of them have begun to treat our valued host as a sort of deity, thus the sudden increase in believer count.”

My heroic actions? So you’re saying I’m being monitored?

I guess taking note of me would be a more accurate description. In all likelihood, this was merely at the level of some random satellite focusing on me when it had the chance, rather than actual concerted surveillance. Even if the network was severed in this city, the high-tech satellites above should still be able to capture me. Or perhaps some sort of unmanned police drone, seeing as their network was still intact.

In short, while it might have looked like we were cut off from the world, everything that was done so far was done under the watchful eyes of the Federation.

Even so, what was the point of all that? The armed personnel in the city couldn’t even handle the situation, and those soldiers outside were all blocked from entering. This city was a wasteland, filled with death and despair. The corpses of millions of humans could easily form a skyscraper of their own. If left to rot, diseases would become an issue as well. Left in such a hostile environment, was there any word other than abandoned that could describe us?

“The situation in Southern Plains has shocked the entire world. Not just Gaia, even the other planets have begun paying attention to this tiny city. Our valued host performed admirably for the first day of the crisis. And while our valued host might not be the strongest human in the city right now, our valued host is definitely the most charismatic. After all, success is thirty percent luck, seventy percent hard work, and ninety percent good looks. Our valued host not only possesses a beauty to match an idol, he is powerful to boot.”

It’s not like the Federation will send an army over just because I’m beautiful… Still, has it only been a day? A day, and the entire city is already in shambles.

At this rate, given how much humans loved to be in control -I would know since I’m a human as well- how long till the Federation uses some sort of weapon of mass destruction to wipe away Southern Plains…

“But as long as our valued host works hard on being an idol, the number of believers who would support you would only increase. And once that reaches a breaking point… Of course, all that is predicated on our valued host maintaining his stunning good looks…”

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Blah blah blah… keep looking beautiful, is what you’re trying to say. As long as I’m beautiful, I can do anything!

The system wasn’t entirely wrong on that front. If a large portion of the Federation citizens were against the idea, the government wouldn’t dare destroy the city either.

“Exactly. As long as our valued host keeps working hard in this instanced dungeon, the believer count would only rise day by day. As a side note, because our valued host has finally crossed the 100000 mark, the system has managed to fulfill one of its hidden criteria for levelling up. The system will now begin its update. During this period, some features might be unavailable. But worry not, the system will do its utmost to implement the 3.0 patch. Until then, please wait patiently for the upcoming level up gift pack…”

Another update? Didn’t you just update during the day?

Bah, the system can do as it pleases. After all, I’m just a disposable host, according to it.

The night ended up being not as peaceful as I would hope. A ghost or two would always pop up sporadically, at which point I would have to top up the talismans they triggered while trying to invade. Thankfully, the power of the talismans, and the sheer numbers I had stuck onto the walls meant that none of them succeeded.

In one night alone, I made an additional 120 points.

Just like that, the next day started without incident.

“Morning, big brother.”

It was now seven in the morning, and it was Qiaoqiao who woke up first.

Like a little bundle of energy, she promptly jumped off the bed, as if she was never asleep to begin with.

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