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Chapter 685: Inferno Talisman

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Upon confirming that the ghosts were dead, I checked the time. It was 21 minutes past 11, a time famous in the past for being an hour of the ghosts.

With that earlier fright, the girls were naturally in no mood to sleep. Thus, I knew it fell on me to quickly shower, then join them in bed… absolutely not by choice, mind you… this was just to comfort them…

When I first made that suggestion, Qiaoqiao excitedly clamored to hug me on the bed. I actually rejected her. After all, I couldn’t just allow anyone to hug me just because they asked. I had standards! Standards that weren’t diminished by the happy tune I hummed while in the bath. Multiple tunes, in fact.

“Big brother~~ Qiaoqiao wants to hug you to sleep.”

Having just finished my shower and climbed onto the bed, Qiaoqiao immediately snaked her way into my arms, tightly hugging me as if she was a boa constrictor. Her distinctive little girl scent immediately wafted into my nose…

Ahem. I’m not into little girls at all! She just happens to be a little girl! And I’m not sick enough to lay my hands on her! Especially not when Bitong is giving me a death glare…

While all that was happening, Lixiang took the opportunity to snake her way onto my thighs… Is this the legendary thigh pillow?!

“Worry not, Your Highness, this is the least this one can do. May Your Highness have a pleasant rest.”

Wait… How am I even supposed to sleep with someone wrapping their arms around me while another uses my thighs as a pillow? And there’s still that death glare too…


“SIS! I’m moving… I’m moving…”

Regardless of what she was going to say next, my body was already moving on its own. Based on previous experiences, she was definitely at her most unstable when she had that murderous glare on her face…

This wasn’t me being a coward. This was about being a gentleman! I was giving way to her!

I broke free from the two girls in barely the time it took to enjoy their scents. With a rough flip, I tumbled onto the ground…

“You guys can sleep on the bed, I’ll just lie on the floor… I’m definitely not climbing onto the bed, so don’t worry!”

“Hmph. Big sister Bitong, you’re the worst! Stop bullying big brother!”

“Your Highness, you’re too lenient with that wench.”

“Quiet! Everyone, get to sleep right this instant. Hasn’t the day been tiring enough as is? We still have tomorrow to worry about!”

Bitong then glared at the other two girls, and without even waiting for them to reply, she stood up and went to another room. A while later, she came back with a mattress, which she carefully laid out on the floor. “Ke, you can sleep here.”


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I walked up to the mattress, and was suddenly struck with a thought: Big Sis honestly isn’t that bad. Even if she gets jealous easily, she still treats me well…

Now only if she could just stop turning into black Bitong.

“Let’s all go to sleep. I will have a talk with the system, perhaps the system might have something to guard against those ghosts.”

Having said all that, the girls naturally had no reason to say no. With everyone in agreement, the room quietened down.

Honestly, this was probably my first time sleeping with all three girls in the room. Their scents intermingled together to form an even more intoxicating result. I was even starting to contemplate a little night action… but given my special situation, that just ended up remaining as mere contemplations.

Besides, Bitong would hack me to pieces if I tried anything. For the sake of my little life, sleeping on the mattress would not be a bad idea… It was cooling and all… Yup… cold like the lie I’m telling myself….

What a coward I am… I’m worse than those useless transmigrators who couldn’t protect their fantasy childhood friends… at least they could get it up.

Given how quick all this was going downhill, I gave my head a good shake before contacting the system. Hopefully, she would have something good and cheap to recommend.

“Even though tools might not be better just because they are more expensive, good and cheap is a myth. Only the most appropriate tool is a good choice.”

The system promptly came out to rain on my parade the moment ‘cheap’ ran through my mind.

But I still want that parade!

“Valued host, your system has come to a basic understanding about what has happened. The warping of the laws of this world has led to the appearance of the supernatural like those ghosts. A problem -but your system has just the right tools to recommend.”

Gaia’s environment had previously meant that all ghosts that appeared were promptly killed. Meaning, since time immemorial, ghosts had never existed, and there naturally weren’t any anti-ghost weapons either.

Those ghosts that appeared in films were just that – works of fiction. But all that changed when the otherworld invaders arrived…

Until that otherworldly visitor was taken care of, the warping of this world wouldn’t stop. Should the two worlds fully merge, that would be a catastrophe, or perhaps a great revival.

Regardless, something big would happen.

“Inferno Talisman, 5 points a talisman. These can be thrown like a weapon, or they can be stuck onto your body like a defensive mechanism.

Thanks to the system’s advice, I quickly found the item in question on the Marketplace.

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The description for this item was simple. When using it as a throwing weapon, infuse a bit of SP into it, and it will transform into a fireball as it hurtled towards the enemy.

In terms of damage, it was equivalent to five Fireballs. Combine five of these together, and they might just take out one of those Scorpid skeletons in an instant.

So the price of a Scorpid skeleton was 25… I mean, the price of killing a Scorpid skeleton was 25…

If I was to stick one of these on the wall, it would help to keep out any intruding ghosts by automatically immolating when a ghost was near. The immolation would last for a minute. During that minute, none of the ghosts would dare approach the area.

As a side note, that single ghost I killed was worth 20 points.

Now that I had confirmed its usage, I promptly bought a bunch, and stuck one on every wall, and on the ceiling as well. That way none of them could surprise us while we were asleep.

Having done that, I took out the Virus Detection Kit and began toying around with it.

In actuality, there was a cheaper version of the kit. It was an amulet that could perform the same functions. However, it required SP to activate, so upon some deliberations, I decided to purchase this sphere for 100 points, even though it was more expensive.

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