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Chapter 58 – The Next Era’s Hero

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 927
Editor(s): Robinxen

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

… what an overwhelming smell of blood.

Even underneath the helmet, Loggins’ nose instantly detected the overpowering odor.

Alarms started to go off then, all around his huge, rock-like frame.

Loggins reached for the hilt of Gate Burner, the massive sword strapped to his back, and took it out with ease.

Contrary to its brash and bold handle, the blade that emerged was shockingly pure and dazzling.

There was even a legend that this almost glass-like sword had slain the Evil Demon King.

To get a better sense of Gate Burner, Loggins swung it about, just like a kid would a stick, before pushing open the massive door in front of him.

The door creaked open, revealing the picture beyond it.

Before Loggins’ eyes was a tranquil dance hall. A cold silence had replaced the usual commotion that usually occupied the dance hall. And in the middle of it, a black girl was embracing a golden girl in a lover’s embrace.

“I’m late…”

Loggins muttered underneath his helmet.

A crazed smile adorned the black girl’s face, while fresh blood drenched the golden girl. The golden girl looked like a puppet with its string cut.

A magnificent sword with a rose-twined design laid lifelessly at her feet.


Loggins gathered all of his strength in his thighs.

The threat is clear. All I have to do is erase it.

The black armor flew.

Countless fractures formed on the stone floor below with each step that Loggins took.

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The world in front of Loggins abruptly moved behind him followed by a violent wind gust. In a heartbeat, he was standing next to the black girl— or, more accurately, the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom.


The fist inside the black gauntlet tightened instantly, and the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s head was literally blown off.

It burst like a water balloon, showering the surrounding area in a dark liquid.

Loggins kicked the headless body away before gently picking up the golden girl…… Seletina, who was lying motionless.

She’s still breathing.

“She’s still alive.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Loggins took out a Potion and carefully placed it against Seletina’s lips.

As the liquid traveled down Seletina’s throat, her body glowed faintly, just like a firefly.

Soon, Seletina’s external wounds healed completely and her deathly pale complexion regained color.

Eventually, Seletina drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

“Thankfully, I arrived on time…”

Loggins muttered, letting out a long sigh.

“To think that we live in a time where a young girl like this must pick up a sword is indeed unsettling…”

Loggins said, crushing the empty bottle between his fingers. His clenched fist trembled.

“Sir Or. The Hero’s responsibility you left with me is still rather hefty. I’m pathetic.”

As he placed Seletina down on the carpeted floor, Loggins uttered.

He then turned his attention back to the squirming black monstrosity that had once again assumed the shape of a girl.

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Loggins tightened his grip on Gate Burner.

His tree-like frame clad in full-body jet-black armor, ornamented with the jade cloak, which, along with the stunning, huge sword in his hand, all gave Loggins a heroic look.

His equipment, which he’d crafted himself from the finest materials in the realm, gave him the appearance of a lifelike replica of the depiction of Orthus in the heroic tales.

Loggins ran, flinging his cape behind him. He ran, and ran, and ran. Crossing the entire dance hall. In a heartbeat, the jet-black armor arrived before the black girl.

Loggins raised the Gate Burner above his head…… and swung down.

An explosion was brought on by the simple swinging motion.

The sound created as the giant sword swung down was akin to a dragon’s roar.
The wind and the sky were torn open, and the surplus power alone gouged out the cobblestone floors and walls.

To Loggins, this swing was no sure-kill move.

It was more like a basic swing, similar to those Seletina or Melia would perform.

But even so, it carried with itself unfathomable power.

Power befitting the realm of heroes.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom tried to stop the attack with its blade-like right arm, but it was blown away.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s face contorted with pain.
It felt the pain.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s eyes widened as it noticed smoke rising from the spot where its right arm had formerly been and that it was incapable of regenerating or liquefying.

Loggins then hoisted Gate Burner once more with calmness and grace.

The legendary sacred sword, said to be capable of vanquishing all evil, gleamed brilliantly.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom trembled before its gleam.
Only Higher Rank Demons could experience emotions, and the emotion that the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom was experiencing right now, was none other than fear.

“Isn’t it scary?”

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Loggins asked whilst flashing the Gate Burner’s blade in front of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s eyes.

“I feel you. You see, I’m much more terrified of Demons than you might think,” Loggins said, slightly lowering his body, “and the only people in this kingdom who fear you more than I do are the innocent citizens. I have no choice but to get rid of you as you were born in this territory populated by humans.”

Gate Burner began to flicker like a firefly.

“Don’t hate me for this.”

The sword flew down, aiming at the neck of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom with a clear intent to kill.


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