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Chapter 57 – Loved One

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 643
Editor(s): Robinxen

As the heat wave touched her skin, Seletina finally let go of her treasured sword. She collapsed to the floor, trembling, and completely drained. Let alone strength, she lacked the necessary blood. Blood continues to gush and spew out of the gouged-out flesh on her left hand.

Seletina broke down in pain and uncontrollably threw up. Seletina only prayed, her head deprived of blood or oxygen.

Please burn out.

She’d reached the limit. The anger and excitement that had roused her had run out. She didn’t have an ounce of strength left in her.

Seletina was able to lift her head and look into the smoldering inferno while coughing. A shadow of darkness drifted in the air amid the flame-red light. The shadow groaned and made noises. Until gradually it started to change, becoming liquid.

“Damn it…”

Seletina couldn’t help but swear. The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom was still alive.

Seletina stood up. She whipped her shivering body and bit down hard. She got up, hands on her knees, shaking off her hazy vision.

But then, her lifeless body started to sag to one side. With shaky steps, Seletina somehow maintained her balance and barely escaped falling.

She was in a grave situation. Anybody who saw her now could make the same claim.

The Demon, though, wouldn’t wait.

The blazing flames and the wreckage of the chandelier vanished in an instant.


The wreckage of the chandelier flew out, striking against the glass windows of the hall, giving birth to thunderous echoes. Seletina’s senses were briefly overwhelmed by a burnt odor and the oppressive heat of the disappearing flames.

In the middle of the dance hall, it suddenly rose up from the soot. Its name, the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom. The dark deformity assumed a new form and walked up to Seletina.

Seletina’s eyes widened in horror as she noticed the Demon’s new appearance and shadow.


A jet-black ball gown dress. Jet-black eyes, and jet-black skin. A face so stunning that it’d send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Despite the absence of any white in that silhouette, Seletina was certain that it belonged to The Witch of Black and White.

Seletina’s fist shook. All-consuming rage could be seen in her eyes.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom was the name of the Demon who stood in front of her. Its abilities were transformation and regeneration. Its weaknesses, magic and fire.

With its eight eyes, it was rumored to be able to peer into a person’s heart and transform into the image of the person whom its target most dearly treasured and loved. All to arouse their emotions.

“Or… thus…” The black witch smiled.

She uttered Seletina’s real name in a tone-deaf voice that sounded like a broken gramophone.

The action shook Seletina to her core. Her rage burst forth one more time.

“Don’t you dare…”

Seletina couldn’t tolerate a lowly Demon to utter that name while assuming that silhouette.

Her anger erupted uncontrollably.

Seletina snatched Elyutinias, which was lying at her feet, disregarding her fatigue and physical constraints.

“…utter that name!”

Seletina ran. Her steps lacked any strength whatsoever. That she was still able to run was a miracle in and of itself.

And yet, Seletina ran.

The thing driving her was a brutal, icy, and ruthless desire to kill. But what good was something like that on the battlefield?

The black witch smiled.

In anticipation of Seletina rushing over, she raised her hands and spread them wide, waiting to embrace Seletina.

Elyutinias gleamed with a dull light. It managed to land on the black witch’s shoulder in an unsteady trajectory, but it ended up passing through her liquefied body without any force.

The black witch smiled and softly embraced Seletina, who couldn’t halt the momentum of her body.

A spray of blood splashed across the dance hall the next moment.


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