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Chapter 59 – Kiss

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 927
Editor(s): Robinxen

“That’s enough.”


The dancing hall was simultaneously overwhelmed with a girl’s voice and the sound of clapping.

The instant the clapping sound was heard, the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s body transformed into mist, just as the Gate Burner in Loggins’ hands sank into the flesh.

The mist then began moving across the sky as if it had a will of its own.

Loggins followed the mist with his gaze and spotted a black-and-white girl standing nearby grinning.

A jet-black ball gown dress. Jet-black hair. Skin, as white as snow. And in the center of that monochrome image, a set of crimson eyes.

The monochrome girl raised her twig-like arm, and the black mist gathered on her palm.

The mist gathered and condensed on the girl’s palm in an ordered manner, becoming a small dice-size cube that sank into her palm.

After feeling the cube with her left hand, the girl grinned contentedly and waved her right arm.

Then a jewelry box made entirely of white appeared out of thin air. The girl opened it, carefully inserted the cube inside, and then closed the box.

After that, the box vanished with another wave of her right arm.

“Who are you?” Loggins asked while still keeping his grip on Gate Burner.
“Who am I? Hmm…”

The monochrome girl placed her slender finger over her lips as though she were thinking.

And then showed a smile that had a tinge of mischief, fitting for a girl her age.

“A maiden in love. Or something like that.” she said.

Shivers ran down Loggins’ spine the moment he saw her beaming face.

This… This thing is not human… It’s not something you can call a human. It’s something mysterious that has only adopted a human look and is speaking the human language.

Loggins tightened his grip on Gate Burner.

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“I’m afraid I don’t know any maidens who can control demons,” he said.
“Oh my. Didn’t you know? A maiden in love is invincible.”
“I apologize. I was unaware of that.”

The next moment, Gate Burner burst forth mercilessly.

It was swung sideways under the full power of Loggins’ log-like arms.

The blow that could easily slice off a dragon’s head sought to tear the girl in half.

But all it managed to cut was the sky.


Loggins felt no resistance. The girl had vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Savage men aren’t popular with the ladies. Isn’t that right, Seletina?”

The sound came from well behind Loggins. The girl had moved to the center of the dance hall in the blink of an eye.

She tenderly lifted Seletina, who remained unconscious, and gazed upon her face.

“Get away from her!”
“Why should two people in love be forced to separate? You have no tact.”
“How dare you speak of love?!”
“You say some strange things, you know.”
“You’re no human.” Loggins said.

The monochrome girl unexpectedly stopped moving.

“Hmm. You’re quite the interesting one.”

She said without averting her intense gaze from Seletina’s face for even a split second.

Her voice sounded cold and harsh.

“I should expect nothing less from Orthus’ successor, yet,” she continued, “You will never be him.” She spoke, her fierce crimson glare chilling Loggins to the core.

Loggins did not move. He was paralyzed and helpless, like a frog staring at a snake.

The girl smiled, once again turning to look at Seletina. Her gaze was hot enough to scorch Seletina’s skin.

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She ran her delicate fingers over Seletina’s lovely curves and caressed her delicate, lovely lips.

What am I doing?
Loggins couldn’t move. He couldn’t even speak. He was left with nothing to do but stare at the girl.


As soon as the girl touched Seletina’s lips, she started shaking with excitement.

Her face rose into a smile and a pink hue could be seen permeating through her white skin.

“Seletina, you still love me, don’t you?” the girl said, slowly edging her lips closer to Seletina’s. However, just as their lips were about to touch, the girl wavered.


The girl suddenly changed her target to Seletina’s nape of the neck.

She crawled her lips down and latched onto Seletina’s nape.

The girl savored the kiss for a very long time. Eventually, as if bidding her beloved farewell, she withdrew her lips from Seletina’s neck.

A passionate breath escaped the girl’s mouth, and a clear line of saliva stretched between her mouth and Seletina’s neck.

“I’ll settle with this for now. After all, I’d prefer it more if you initiated the first kiss.”

The girl smiled. She truly looked just like a maiden in love.

The girl eventually let go of Seletina, gently placing her on top of the carpet.


The girl… Dicentra stood up.

“If I remember, this kingdom knows me as The Witch of Black and White.”

Loggins’ throat instantly dried up.

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The Witch of Black and White? Isn’t she just a legend? But…,

Loggins glared at Dicentra.
Her presence, her peculiarity and this unfathomable power… Everything about her suggests she isn’t lying.

“Don’t be afraid. I only take action to get what I want. So… Yes, this seems good,” Dicentra said, her crimson eyes narrowing, “Please do your best and protect the peace, next era’s Hero. Until we meet again.” saying that Dicentra pinched at her skirt and bowed, implying her leave.

Then, in the span of a blink, she vanished without a trace.

“Just what the hell happened?”

Finally freed, Loggins mumbled, his voice resonating throughout the dance hall.




  1. Robinxen: I forgot exactly, but didn’t the previous chapter have the same number of words as this one? What a coincidence.
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