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Chapter 56 – Dance of Death

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1413 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Elyutinias whirled to the right and left in the sky like a conductor’s baton. The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom took the strikes square on, its eight eyes fixed on Seletina as black drops spilled everywhere.

“Damn it!”

Seletina couldn’t help but swear. She swung her sword stubbornly, concentrating solely on the Defiler. However, this was a meaningless effort.

Using the sole of her shoe, Seletina kicked the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom in the gut, putting some space between them. The enormous serpent of fatigue was slowly but surely enveloping Seletina’s legs, waist, and arms. Seletina’s breathing was labored, and she felt as though lead weighed her limbs.

As Seletina repressed her raging lungs and pounding heart, she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom was waiting. Its eight eyes twitched, eager for Seletina to be swollen by the snake and have her wings torn off.

However, at that moment, Seletina recalled her past life’s experience with the Defiler1.

In the days of Orthus, she had successfully repelled the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom with the aid of her sword and an old friend, the mage Imitia Belbed, who had burned the Demon to a crisp in order to vanquish it.

…fire… Fire?!

A light bulb went off in Seletina’s head.

Even so, there isn’t a mage around right now. But wait… I don’t need a mage to defeat the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, I need fire.

Seletina’s eyes focused on the thin, jet-black menace.

“There’s merit in trying.”

Seletina said, following which she sharply closed her mouth.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom contorted itself into the shape of a spring, and bounced straight at Seletina.


It’s fast.

Before Seletina had realized what was going on, the Demon was already in front of her.

A blade passed at breakneck speed just above Seletina’s eyelashes.

Seletina had little choice but to dodge, however the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom seized the opportunity and slammed into her, knocking her through a glass window at the back.

The enormous glass pane broke and with a loud bang, Seletina’s body slammed against the corridor’s floor.


Seletina’s face twisted in agony as a great deal of air left her lungs and her back throbbed with pain.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom swiftly mounted her, its eight eyes wiggling within breathing distance of Seletina.

Two black blades shot down the following second.


The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s right arm, followed by its left, morphed into the shape of a spear and pierced Seletina’s head with the bullet-like speed.

Or, at least, they should have. Seletina slightly moved her head and successfully dodged the assault.

The cobblestone floor was easily pierced by the spear arms of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, leaving enormous holes and spider-web fissures.

What power!

Seletina, who was still mounted, chose to let go of her treasured sword, Elyutinias.

At this distance, a sword would just be an inconvenience.

Afterward, Seletina flailed until she managed to grab a nearby piece of glass. She rose her upper body like a spring and plunged the glass shard into the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s eye.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s flesh was easily pierced by the glass piece in Seletina’s lovely white hand.

Although it was unclear if the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom felt pain or not, its body somewhat stiffened.

Seletina did not miss that chance.

She yelled and slid into the narrow gap that had just opened between herself and the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, thus succeeding in escaping from her mounted position.

But, as she was doing this, the pieces of broken glass that were lying on the ground tore her dress, wounding her back in various places.

“This is way better than being dead.” Seletina said, couldn’t have cared less.

She then retrieved Elyutinias deftly and put some distance between the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom and herself.

Her back was covered in wounds. Also, from holding the glass shard, her dominant hand was also covered in blood. Her limbs were trembling from exhaustion and her lungs were screaming in pain.

Seletina was a complete mess. Everyone who witnessed her at this moment could attest to this.

Yet, Seletina couldn’t allow herself to lose. The fire in her eyes continued to burn as a result of this. Her deep blue eyes radiated an esteemed and strong presence.

She had no intention of losing.

Don’t falter! Move forward!

“COME!” Seletina howled.

As though in response, the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom sprang up and launched forward.

The following moment, Seletina’s elegant swordplay, which could be considered a performance in and of itself, clashed with the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s blade, which was driven only by destructive impulses.

Seletina howled. She howled, screamed and yelled. Encouraging and energizing herself.

She sensed both her physical and emotional strength diminishing with each slash, as if they were being chopped away.

Seletina had long since crossed her breaking point. Her hold on her sword was unsteady, and her lungs were gasping. It wouldn’t be surprising if her body suddenly broke apart.

Gritting her teeth, Seletina kept on pressing.

I am Orthus. The legendary knight that swore to defend this kingdom. So I will do just that. All that I can see I will protect!

Seletina’s sword did not stop. Never did its tip slow down or sway. There was no stopping it.

The beautiful sword in the hero’s hand danced in the sky. The stage again shifted from the corridor to the dance hall.

With great care, Seletina lured her prey to the intended position secretly with graceful steps. Ensuring that it would not notice.

The only dancers in the center of the deserted dance hall were a stunning girl and a black monster.

Nobody was watching, and no music was playing. Only the clashing of swords and the girl’s frantic breathing could be heard.

It was a play of death that would bring down its curtain at any moment.

The end was nigh.

Suddenly, Seletina kicked up a tiny liquor bottle. The label displayed a whiskey brand that was quite pricey in the kingdom.
Most likely, one of the guests who’d been evacuated dropped it.

Seletina threw her sword at the flying bottle, shattering it.

The bottle’s contents burst open, spraying the alcohol and glass fragments all over the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom.

“Please die already.”

As she hurled her blade into the air, Seletina said meekly.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s eight eyes lit up in surprise at the sudden move.

Seletina was left wide open.

In an instant, the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom morphed its right arm in a spear, which it thrust towards Seletina.

Seletina reached out with her left hand and took the blow.


The spear pierced Seletina’s snow-white palm with ease.

Seletina cried in pain as it was happening, which amused the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom.

Seeing that Seletina smiled, “you let your guard down, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲…”


The sound of shattering metal was heard above them.

Quickly, all eight of the eyes of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom gazed up, but it was too late.

There was no more exquisite dancing hall in the entire Kingdom of Elugor than this one in terms of ceiling decorations.

Right after, a gigantic chandelier crashed to the ground, crushing the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s dark body with a sound so loud it could rupture one’s eardrums.

As far as Seletina was aware, this was the largest chandelier in the kingdom of Elugor, and as it fell on top of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, its massive weight flattened the Demon to the ground.

Seletina had flung her sword precisely to drop this.

Then suddenly, the alcohol on the body of the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom was ignited by the chandelier’s candles, setting it on fire and erupting into a massive fire pillar.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom screamed.

It was a repulsive shriek, akin to chalk scraping on a blackboard.

Under the enormous chandelier, it writhed and shrieked in a manner reminiscent of a condemned man being consumed by the flames of hell.

Finally, as fresh blood dripped from her left hand,

Seletina dropped to her knees as she took in the scene happening in front of her.



  1. Robinxen: Please author, learn how to call things by something other than their name!!!!
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