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Chapter 55 – Empowering Rage

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 754
Editor(s): Robinxen

Anyone who witnessed Seletina’s sword would think it was moving faster than sound and even leaving light behind in its wake. As she rushed at the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, Seletina’s body changed into an arrow.

Elyutinias, her treasured sword, appeared to be crying in her hands. Its silvery trails became tears, and the high-pitched sound of air splitting sounds a lot like weeping.

Someone had once said that a sword was a reflection of its wielder. Seletina was currently crying. Her tears spilled out in the middle of the fierce sword fight, defying gravity and scattering in the air like diamond dust.

Yet, despite this, her heart was frighteningly calm. It was as still and unmoving as the shores on a small lake, where neither the wind nor the waves could be found.

Seletina’s chest was filled with a calm, serene, yet burning rage. This rage was not aimed at the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom. Rather, Seletina herself was the target of it.

Mother, Melia was smiling. She also said that she loves me. I… Just what am I doing?1!

The rage ate away at Seletina’s heart like poison.

Why did I become a knight? Why did I pick up a sword and train myself? I know that the world is helpless. Even so, didn’t I swear that I would try and protect at least that which was before my eyes?

Seletina couldn’t help but curse her own helplessness. She was frustrated. She was hurt.

Her sword continued to accelerate. The swordplay displayed no longer belonged to the 14-year-old girl. Her worn-out body had been overtaken by the rage, which was pushing her beyond her limits.

Eventually that rampaging rage even made its way and began eating away at Seletina’s reasoning. Her body overtook her mind, and over time, her reasoning began to fade away.

She transformed into a savage beast. Seletina’s swordplay became even more exquisite, awakening her heavenly swordsmanship.

Her treasured sword Elyutinias cut sideways.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom attempted to strike with its left hand’s blade after stopping the strike with its right arm, but Seletina quickly prepared a counterattack, effectively stopping its assault.

Seletina had already swung her sword at the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom three to four times before it could even begin to prepare for its second strike.

It was a kind of heavenly technique that struck first by predicting the opponent’s actions. Seletina’s swordplay was so quick that even an Upper Rank Demon couldn’t keep up.

Seletina mercilessly assaulted the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom without wiping away her tears. The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom suddenly thrust its right arm forward, splitting the air.
Seletina, though, avoided the blow with a slight movement of her head. A red line emerged on her cheek, followed by a splash of red drops in the air. Yet, Seletina couldn’t care less.

Her body slid along the Defiler’s2 right arm and she found herself right next to it. Seletina’s cold, deep blue eyes glared straight at the eight-eyed Demon.

The next moment, a silver flash burst forth. The Defiler was sliced into two, then four, then eight pieces in the blink of an eye.

However, as the Defiler’s eight pieces of flesh fell to the floor, they began to change shape. The flesh chunk lying on the ground soon changed into liquid. They formed a puddle of black liquid and from there it emerged again.

Its eight eyes darted around, as if to convey that it was perfectly fine.

Seletina unconsciously clicked her tongue. A bead of sweat brushed past her cheek.

Although being overcome by rage wasn’t all that bad, it did signal that she had surpassed her breaking point. It wouldn’t be surprising if her time limit ran out at any moment.

Seletina turned to face the fallen Melia. Melia lay motionless in a puddle of her own blood. She was unconscious, breathing feebly, and could die at any moment.

Seletina repressed her emotions. Impatience led to carelessness. And carelessness was one’s greatest enemy on the battlefield.


Seletina exhaled. She took no deep breaths. She didn’t have time for that. She collected strength in her legs and launched herself like an arrow.

“I‘ll slay you!”

While Seletina’s eyes seemed as cold as ice as she gazed at the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom, a fire that could melt even gold was hiding within them.



  1. TL/N: (The first I in this phrase is using the personal pronouns watashi, while the second I is using the personal pronoun ore, showing that Seletina’s mind is shifting into that of Orthus’)
  2. Robinxen: The author kept using the full name constantly and holy hell was horrible to read in English so I’ve decided to ditch the full title.
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