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Chapter 54 – Waking of the Kingdom’s Strongest

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 774
Editor(s): Robinxen

Please! Wake up!

Eleanor’s thoughts prompted her to take drastic actions. The only image in her mind was that of the dame swearing her vow.

I want to protect her.

Were the feelings occupying Eleanor’s heart. Eleanor’s extreme action, which she wouldn’t typically have done, stunned the onlookers.

The sensation of the knife sliding into flesh caused Eleanor’s body temperature to drastically drop.

“Eleanor! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Gadius exclaimed, forcefully pulling away Eleanor’s hand. As she noticed her father’s piercing stare, Eleanor’s complexion became even paler.

“A Potion cannot ensure that it will cure all external wounds! The hero of the next era will be this man! Even if it weren’t the case, you still shouldn’t willfully bring injury to others!”
“F-Father…! I-I just wanted to help Lady Seletina…”
“Listen to me, Eleanor. You’re a good kid. Yet it’s excessive to stab the kingdom’s strongest…”

Suddenly metal slid across the ground, making a loud noise. At Eleanor’s feet was the blood-stained knife. When Eleanor turned to look up, she noticed a hunk of jet-black armor reflecting the light from the lanterns.

“… Good morning.”

The man was so tall that even Gadius had to look up.

Then, with a worried expression, he swung his jade-colored cloak back and looked to examine his bleeding left hand. The man’s name was Loggins Bell Actoria. He was the Commander of the Royal Knights and had succeeded Orthus as the strongest man in the Kingdom of Elugor.

Loggins bowed stiffly.

“Your Majesty. Princess Eleanor appears to have won this gamble. The Princess’ insights and adaptable ideas contributed in awakening me. Thank you, Princess Eleanor, for enabling me to take up my sword.”
“Loggins, I’m so glad you’re up! How do you feel?!” Gadius exclaimed.
“My left hand… is somewhat hurting.”

Slightly chuckling from beneath his jet-black helmet, Loggins said.

“Of course it is! Eleanor! Quick, the Potion!”

Eleanor quickly handed the small bottle to Loggins. Loggins gave a polite nod and poured the contents of the bottle onto the top of his injured hand.

As soon as the liquid touched his hand, it released a light, and Loggins’ puncture wound began to heal rapidly.


Loggins carefully closed and opened his hand several times to make sure everything was in order before giving a satisfied nod and re-putting his gauntlet on.

“Loggins, is everything alright?”
“Yes. Everything is perfect. I haven’t used a potion in quite some time. One can probably never get used to this unusual sensation. So?”

Loggins asked, sending a sharp gaze at Eleanor. Eleanor straightened her back as soon as her eyes met his and said,

“Commander of the Royal Knights, Loggins, I am aware that you have just woken up, but I must ask you to do something right away.”
“Whatever it may be, Princess.”
“The royal castle is currently in peril due to the knights’ inability and the appearance of an Upper Rank Demon. Furthermore, my friend and her mother are battling that Demon as we speak.”
“I am aware, I heard all of it in my dreams…”
“In this case, I command you to slay that Upper Rank Demon and rescue my friend and her mother. Can you do that?”
“Your wish is my command.”

Without giving it a second thought, the burly man stood up.
Loggins’ figure exuded the demeanor of a true hero. His silhouette, clad in full jet-black armor and waving the jade cloak, resembled that of the great knights in the heroic tales.

“I apologize for wounding your hand.” Eleanor said.
“No, no. I’m to blame, Princess, for letting my guard down and being put unconscious by a mage. And I doubt that I would have awoken if it weren’t for the pain. I can only thank you. Besides,” he added, “If I were to sleep while the kingdom was in danger, Sir Or would probably scold me.”
“Sir Or?” Eleanor asked.
“My master, Sir Orthus. He was a genuine Hero, not a pretender like myself1.”

Loggins said as he took up his sword.

Eleanor’s eyes widened in awe as she saw Loggins lifting the enormous sword known as Gate Burner, which was as tall as or even taller than the mountain-like Loggins himself, on his back in such a light manner that it appeared to be made of paper.

“I’ll be going.” Loggins said.
“Good luck.”
“We’re counting on you, Loggins.” Gadius said.

Loggins’s cloak fluttered.

Everyone there had the same thought as they stared at the back of the strongest man in the kingdom and Commander of the Royal Knights.

If it’s him, then he’ll certainly get us through this.



  1. Robinxen: Everyone knows everyone.
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