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Chapter 53 – Waking

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1192
Editor(s): Robinxen

Melia’s greatsword buried itself into the Defiler of Pride and Wisdom’s body, or that’s what she thought.


The Defiler’s body suddenly changed. It transformed from a solid into a liquid. Melia’s hands holding the greatsword, did not feel the sensation of flesh being cut. Changing its body into a liquid state allowed the demon to escape Melia’s sure-kill strike.

With no way to withstand the weight of the greatsword, Melia’s body leaned heavily. Reddish-black blood spurted from the hole in her right shoulder, and Melia’s visage darkened.

The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom did not miss that change. Its eight eyes were beaming with joy.

Melia crashed brutally to the ground after becoming unable to maintain herself, dragged by the force of her swing. Her right shoulder hit the ground with a sound akin to a tomato being squashed, covering the nearby floor in red. Anyone could see that the wound was fatal.

The greatsword easily slipped out of Melia’s hand.

In contrast, The Defiler of Pride and Wisdom observed everything with an interest akin to that of a child examining an ant’s nest.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! How could you leave Seletina? How could you forsake your master and flee with your tail between your legs?!” Elias, the second prince of the Kingdom of Elugor, yelled while firmly clutching Caper’s collar.

“Because those were my master’s orders! I could care less that you’re a prince. You have no say in this.” Caper replied, his blood getting to his head.

“What did you just say?!” Elias exclaimed.

Caper shook Elias’ hand violently and scowled at him. They were in the soldier quarters, which were located in a far-off area of the royal castle.

While intending to have soldiers defend them, the nobility who had been able to flee were briefly sheltered here. Sadly, they’d soon discovered that something or someone had rendered all of the soldiers asleep. Nothing could jolt them out of what appeared to be a deep slumber.

And, strangely enough, all the troops who had been sent to the royal castle at the outset could be found sleeping in these quarters. No one knew who could have done it, or with what purpose.

Unquestionably, it was a terrorist act, yet this case, along with the Demons’ emergence, was utterly veiled in mystery. Without a Great Spell, it would be impossible to commit such an act.

The Witch of Black and White…

King Gadius thought of a name but immediately rejected the notion. That was because The Witch of Black and White had long since passed away.

It’s pointless to ponder about irrelevant topics; instead, I should focus on the situation at hand.

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Gadius straightened himself.

Elias’ case must be addressed first.

Caper and Elias were still yelling at one another.

“Which other servant runs away when told to do so?! That sword of yours must be just for show!”
“It’s not like I ran cause I wanted to! There was nothing I could do! I would’ve just been a bother!”
“Seletina is a lady! Why not at least act as a meat shield to protect a helpless lady?”
“Lady Seletina is strong! I’d just be a hindrance!”
“You weakling! Don’t lie!”
“I’m not lying!”
“Like hell you’re not!”
“You wanna go, huh?!”

A dog and a monkey. They resembled a powder keg about to explode as they gripped each other by the collars and collided forehead to forehead. No one could stop them now.


Elias and Caper’s hands unconsciously stopped moving as the voice, which even cut through their snarling, was heard. They turned to see Eleanor, the first princess of the Kingdom of Elugor, standing there with her hands on her hips and her chest puffed up.

With powerful strides, Eleanor, who looked just like a little demon, gripped Caper and Elias by the necks and pulled them away.

“Just how long will you keep this up?! You’re like ravaged beasts snarling at each other without a shred of grace! I can’t bear watching you!”

Even Caper and Elias, albeit unwillingly, eventually calmed after seeing her actions.

“Sir Caper!”
“H-How can I help you, Princess?”
“What were Lady Seletina’s exact words?”
“S-She told me to evacuate and call the knights.”
“Was that all?!”
“Y-Yes. That was all.” Caper said.

Following which Eleanor turned to glare at Elias.

“Brother Elias.”
“W-What is it?”
“Lady Seletina has requested back-up!”
“I know…”
“Don’t ‘I know’ me! Do something about it!”
“Even if you say that, all of the knights are asleep. I can’t do anything…” Elias said.

Hearing Elias say that Eleanor turned to look at her father, Gadius.

“None of the knights in the castle can awaken. I’ve already dispatched our swiftest horses to the town to recruit adventurers.” Gadius said.
“How long will that take?” Eleanor asked.
“I don’t know. I’d say about 30 minutes…”
“Lady Seletina can’t possibly last that long!” Eleanor shouted.

No matter how strong Seletina was, she was no match for an Upper Rank Demon. What they needed was a Hero-level Knight. Or someone of equivalent strength.

Eleanor looked at the corner where the incapacitated knights were lying. Among them was a knight in jet-black full-body armor, exuding an extraordinary aura even when sleeping.

“Is he asleep too?”
“As much as it pains me to admit it, yes. If he was awake, things would’ve been way different…”
“So even the kingdom’s strongest has fallen from grace.” Eleanor sighed.
“Your Majesty… Is there really nothing we can do?”

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A quiet voice echoed. The voice belonged to Balged, who was pleading to Gadius with tears streaming down his cheeks. His face was a mess, with tears and snot streaming from it, despite the fact that his body was the size of a bear.

“Is there really… no way… to help my wife and daughter… I… I cannot bear losing them in this manner…”

All those present reacted with sorrow to Balged’s appeal. Even Yennis, who was standing behind his father, was weeping.

Everyone present thought that they wanted to help them in some way.

Is there really nothing we can do?

Eleanor thought, her mouth closed shut.

“Does anyone have a Potion?!”

Eleanor suddenly shouted.

“I have one right here… What are you planning, Eleanor?”

Gadius asked, as he took out a Potion and handed it to Eleanor. Eleanor moved in a certain direction while firmly grasping the Potion. She was heading towards the kingdom’s strongest, the jet-black knight.

Gadius sighed softly as he observed his daughter.

“We’ve already tried Potions. As you can see, he’s still asleep.”
“Is there really no way for him to wake up?”
“None. Shaking him, yelling at him, punching him, none of them worked.”
“I see. Then I guess I don’t have a choice.”
“What? Eleanor, what do you think you’re doing?” Gadius asked.

Eleanor could be seen taking the knight’s gauntlet off carefully. In her hand she held the Potion and one more thing.

“Eleanor, that is going overboard!”
“If you don’t want to die, then wake up already!”

Without giving it a second thought, Eleanor pierced the knight’s left hand with a knife1.



  1. Robinxen: I have changed my opinion on Eleanor, she knows how to get things done.
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