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Chapter 49 – Egg

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 677
Editor(s): Robinxen

A wind of gold rushed through. When the wind blew, a head flew. The wind of gold did not stop. It wouldn’t stop till every last Demon was slain.

Seven, eight, nine.

After each head, the wind whispered carelessly. The voice lacked passion. But there was a dark, sinister undertone about it.

The royal castle’s corridors began to overflow with the corpses of the demon children.

The culprit behind the wind, Seletina, withdrew a finger-sized bottle of medicine from her pocket and gulped it down as she ran.

The unusual flavor permeated her entire mouth and all the way down to her stomach.

A Potion.

A miracle drug that was supposed to cure any wound, provided it could be treated.

Seletina had just consumed one without thinking twice in order to relieve her exhaustion, despite the fact that even low-quality Potions were reputed to cost at least 100 gold coins.

Like a firefly’s glow, Seletina’s stamina was fleeting.

Then suddenly, her legs —which had been as heavy as lead— became lighter than cotton, and her ragged breathing subsided.

Seletina ran, throwing away the empty potion.

There was still a sense of worry inside of her.

For a while now, all I have seen are weaklings.

Seletina bit on her lower lip.

Indeed, there are a lot of them, and they are annoying, but The Witch of Black and White couldn’t have prepared only these small fries. The witch definitely has another card up her sleeve.

Seletina ran.

Her deep blue eyes tinged with worry and anxiety.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

When Seletina arrived at the dance hall, she was once more greeted by the dreadful spectacle that was playing out in front of her.

Thanks to Melia, Caper, and everyone else who could fight, the number of demon children had visibly decreased, but sadly the threat still lurked.

From the side, it was clear that Melia and Caper were bearing the brunt of the job.

They were ripping the demon children away from the people, and slaying them one after the other.

Balged and Yennis must be with His Majesty and the princes.

Seletina gripped the hilt of her sword tightly.

I can’t let myself be outdone by Sir Caper and Mother.

Later, as Seletina was preparing to kill a nearby demon child, she spotted something hovering in the air and abruptly withdrew her hand.

“What the…”

Seletina’s worry had been right on the mark. The moment Seletina saw the thing in the air she felt an overwhelming amount of despair. Her strong mental fortitude crumbled, and her blood ran cold.

It was an egg. Blacker than black and darker than darkness. The jet-black egg hovering in the air was no taller than Seletina herself. Seletina had seen this egg before. She knew what it was, and was going to be born out of it.

While everyone was preoccupied with the demon children in the vicinity, no one else noticed the egg.

“Everyone! Quick! Run away! Run away before it hatches! Quickly!”

Seletina suddenly found herself shouting. However, her voice reached no one. Everyone’s main concern at the moment was simply staying alive.

Demons were classified into Ranks. There were three ranks of demons: Upper Rank, Middle Rank, and Lower Rank. Moreover, each rank contained five additional grades.

For example, the winged Demon Seletina had encountered before arriving in the royal capital would be classified as Middle Rank Grade 2.

Each of the demon children currently rampaging the royal castle would be classified as Lower Rank Grade 3.

During her time as Orthus, Seletina had seen that egg. She had also faced the threat that had emerged from that egg. Which is why she’d yelled for everyone to run away. Which is also why she’d felt despair.

Seletina traced her memories. If her memories were true, the Demon that would emerge from that egg would be,

“Upper Rank Grade 3.”

It was a foe that, with her present body, she could never hope to overcome.


A crack traveled through the surface of the jet-black egg.


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