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Chapter 50 – Hatching

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The pitch-black egg split into pieces as the crack ran through it. The sight resembled the breaking of a glass panel. A dark, viscous substance started to drip to the ground.

“What’s that?!”

Still swinging their swords, Caper and Melia looked in the direction of the sound. The black substance on the ground was crawling about like a worm. Slowly, as if kneaded by an invisible hand, it began to take shape.

The dark substance soon began to resemble a poorly developed fetus that appeared to be made of clay. Its surface was shiny and smooth, and it was curved like a piece of art.

Its eyes suddenly opened, displaying vivid, blood-colored pupils. A scream then followed.

The jet-black, deformed fetus gave out its birth cry as it slightly floated above the ground. The birth cry evolved into a wave of darkness that shook the area and overwhelmed people’s ears.

Nobody was exempt from it, not even the Demon Children.

When they heard the fetus’s cries, each of the brats cried in turn and dropped to the ground. However, their cries did not appear to be ones of pain. Rather, they were the fervent cries of worshipers who were rejoicing in the birth of their new god.

The fetus cried ceaselessly.

At the brazen cry, everyone —humans and demons alike— fell to their knees.

The birth cry of the fetus soon became unbearable for the Demon Children. Their heads began popping like popcorn, one after the other. Their flesh erupted as though in a chain reaction, and a vile odor permeated the hall.

“What in the world is that?”

Someone muttered.

A dark mist formed from the corpses of the Demon Children. The dark mist gradually drifted towards the direction of the fetus as if it had a mind of its own. It eventually developed into a cocoon that encased the fetus.

The fetus was carefully wrapped and kept in the cocoon. Then, as if time had frozen, silence engulfed the hall. The fetus slept while encased in the black cocoon.

Seletina gulped.

The cocoon is moving. It’s about to come out.

The cocoon eventually started to come apart. It melted apart just like a thread of silk.
It revealed itself as the cocoon melted.

“So you finally show yourself…”

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Seletina bit on her lower lip.

It wasn’t a fetus that came out of the cocoon. It was a terrifyingly gorgeous, pitch-black creature. It was about Seletina’s height and had feminine, flowing curves. It had eight eyes on its face, all of which wriggled, looking around.

The area was overwhelmed by an eerie, twisted atmosphere.


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