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Chapter 48 – A Dame’s Vow

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Robinxen

A pleasant aroma drifted through the air.

Eleanor’s heart was strangely comforted by the gentle hand that was placed on her shoulder.

“Lady Seletina?”
“Relax. Hide behind me.”

Eleanor was crying. Like raindrops, her tears streamed down endlessly. Eleanor’s heart warmed at Seletina’s dreamlike attentiveness.

Seletina exhaled softly while wiping the sweat streaming down her cheek.

“MOTHER!” she yelled, cutting through the commotion with her clear voice.
“Seletina! We’re all right here! His Majesty and the princes are safe too! You take the princess and run!”

Melia’s voice could eventually be made out from among the commotion.

“Thank god,” Seletina sighed, “His Majesty is safe… Mother is always so reliable,” she muttered.

Within Seretina’s chest, feelings of slight relief and by no means a small amount of anxiety intermingled.

Seletina adjusted her sword grip slightly.

She gripped it softly so as not to exert unnecessary strength.

I will protect them in this life.

Her deep blue eyes burned with the flames of determination.

Suddenly, Eleanor’s fingers gently gripped the hem of Seletina’s dress.

Her nervous hands trembled slightly.

“Lady Seletina, I’m…”
“Princess Eleanor, I will safely guide you to the exit. Do not worry, although I might not look the part I’m quite confident in my swordsmanship.” Seletina smiled.
“B-But my legs won’t move…”
“If you’re afraid, focus only on my feet. If your legs won’t move, then we’ll go with small steps. Think of it as being on a boat. No matter what, I will not let those things get near you, Princess Eleanor.”
“Let’s go.”

Eleanor was fully aware that they had no time to spare. When Seletina prompted her, she nodded repeatedly. Eleanor’s anxiety began to ease as she spoke with Seletina.

Just what is this sense of security? Lady Seletina is not too far apart from my age and she’s a girl as well, but… Could my knight in shining armor be… No, no, no!

Eleanor shook her head and slapped her cheeks. Eleanor was fully aware that now was not the time for daydreaming. Even when she brushed the thoughts off, her heart beat fast, unable to contain its excitement.

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“Do your best, Eleanor. You’ll get through this.”

Eleanor said to herself, following after Seletina. She moved through the hellish environment with shaky feet, one step after another. Eleanor followed behind Seletina, her gaze fixed on her lovely legs.

As Seletina swung her blade, one could hear the sounds of wind splitting, flesh tearing, Seletina’s labored breathing, the demon children’s screams, and blood splattering on the ground.

Eleanor closed her ears.

I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.

She chanted three times.

Lady Seletina will protect me. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. So long as he is guarding a princess, a knight is unbeatable. That’s how it goes in every story.

With her hands over her ears, Eleanor prayed.

Mother, please protect me and Lady Seletina.

The princess and her knight slowly made their way through hell.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“Princess Eleanor, are you all right?”

Seletina’s bell-like voice filled the air. Hearing it, Eleanor was brought back to her senses.

This… We’re in the royal gardens?

They had somehow managed to escape from the dance hall.

Eleanor’s nose was overwhelmed by the floral scent.

Just when did we get here…

The unbelievable experience Eleanor was having left her in absolute disbelief.

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Along with her heightened level of distress, she felt as if her brain was lacking oxygen.

Just how much time has passed since then?

Shaking her head, Eleanor turned to look at Seletina. As soon as she did, she froze when she discovered Seletina’s disastrous condition.

“Lady Seletina?! W-What happened? Are you alright?!”

Seletina was fully covered in reddish-black blood from head to toe. Making it appear as if she’d taken a bath in it.

Being covered in blood and sweat and breathing deeply made it easy to imagine just how exhausted she probably was.

“Oh, this… Most of it is not mine.”
“Most of it… That means you’re hurt! We can’t ignore this! We must have you treated immediately!”
“They’re just scratches. Nothing a bit of spit can’t fix.”
“Spit… That aside, your face is pale and you’re sweating buckets! We must get you to a doctor as soon as possible!”

Eleanor exclaimed, but Seletina only shook her hand and smiled.

“Thank you for your concern.”

She said with a smile that made Eleanor’s heart skip a beat.

Seletina then put her hands on Eleanor’s shoulders and spoke softly to her as if she were her child.

“Listen to me, Princess Eleanor. If you go straight down this path, through the garden, you’ll find yourself outside of the castle. Please evacuate, Princess Eleanor. From here on out you’ll be safe.”
“What about you, Lady Seletina? You’re coming with me, correct?”
“I’m going back.”
“Going back? But you’ll die! You’re already at your limit!”

Eleanor shouted while holding Seletina’s hands. Hands that were trembling and cold. Devoid of any blood, Seletina’s lips were purple. Even Eleanor could see that Seletina’s breathing was abnormal.

“I’m going to be alright, Princess Eleanor.”
“No! No! Lady Seletina, you should come with me!” Eleanor exclaimed, tears beginning to fall down. “I can no longer do this! I can’t bear the thought of Demons taking more of my precious things. Lady Seletina, please, run away with me!”

Memories of the past filled Eleanor’s mind.

The memory of how her mother —the queen of the Kingdom of Elugor— had been killed by the Demons.

Eleanor did not want any more of her precious things to be taken from her.

Seletina smiled as she looked at the Princess like that.

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“Princess Eleanor, thank you for seeing me as someone precious to you.”

Seletina said. She then slowly started ripping the crimson dress just around her knee.

Seletina lowered one knee to the ground and looked up at Eleanor while holding her sword close to her chest in her right hand.

For a knight in the Kingdom of Elugor, this was the greatest level of courtesy.

“Will you heed my dream?”
“Your dream, Lady Seletina?”

Eleanor asked as a tear streamed down her cheek.

“I want to become a knight. To become a knight and the sword of this kingdom, is my dream. Even if this body is to be ripped apart, my soul will become the shield that will protect this kingdom.”
“Why would you go that far…”
“Because that is my dream.”

Eleanor couldn’t clearly see Seletina’s expression. And yet, Seletina’s tone and her gesture were proof of her resolve. Eleanor wiped her tears and exhaled.

“You’ll go no matter what, right?”
“I will.”
“In that case, Lady Seletina. No, Dame Seletina. Swear to me. Swear that you will come back alive, no matter what. I don’t need your ghost. Do you swear?”
“I do. I swear on my sword that I will come back to you, Princess Eleanor.” Seletina said, looking straight into Eleanor’s jade-green eyes.

I will definitely come back. I cannot go back on my knight’s vow.

“Then go.”

Seletina stood and turned around, going back the way she’d just come from. Her steps were heavy and her battered back no longer looked as reliable. But despite this, Seletina pushed forward.

All in an effort to save even one more life.

“Waiting for her prince’s return is one of a princess’ other responsibilities1.” Eleanor muttered, her voice fading in the garden. “No matter what, come back alive.”



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