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Chapter 33 – Motherly Affection

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 969
Editor(s): Robinxen

Up… up… up…

Slowly, consciousness made its way up from the bottom of a murky sea, where none of the sun’s rays could reach, to the top where the sun shined.

The first thing that escape the murky sea was a sensation.

The soul took its rightful place in the body and the various sensations woke up.

A warm sensation spread across the entire body as the heart awoke and quickly began pumping blood. As he slightly moved his fingers Caper felt the nostalgic sensation of his body reacting to his will.

Following that, he slowly opened his eyes.

The thing reflected in Caper’s almond-coloured eyes was an otherworldly beauty.

The young girl’s deep blue eyes trembled with worry as they saw Caper waking up.

A goddess.

Was the thought that dominated Caper’s mind. He believed a goddess had come to escort him from this world following his death.

Reaching for the goddess’ cheek, Caper yielded to the wonderful feeling.

His rugged fingers gently caressed the goddess’ cheek. Her skin, which was softer than silk, had a foam-like softness to it. Furthermore, he noticed a pleasant aroma.

Aahh… A goddess’ beauty is truly unmatched.

Caper thought as he enjoyed the sensation.


The goddess’ tone resonated like a bell, and her brows dipped slightly, suggesting her discomfort.


Caper’s brain suddenly sprang into action. He was familiar with this voice.

This is not a goddess.

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Finally, Caper’s consciousness became completely awake.

“Whoaaa! Lady Seletina, I apologize!”

Caper said, immediately pulling away his hand.

I messed up.

Caper thought as he felt the blood rushing straight up to his head.

Seeing him behave that way Seletina chuckled as though she hadn’t taken any offense.

“You don’t need to be so shocked. I won’t eat you.”
“E-Eat me…?!”
“I’m joking, joking. That aside. How are you feeling?”

Oh, yea!

Finally realizing that he ought to have been fatally injured, Caper got out of the cozy bed. He twisted his torso and spun his arms in circles a couple of times to check his condition, but he found no abnormalities.

It was as if the fight with the Demon had been a dream. His body was completely healthy.

“I feel completely fine… Just what happened…”
“We gave you a Potion. I’m glad that you’ve been completely healed.”
“A Potion?! You used such a precious item on me?!”
“Of course. After all, you saved my life.”

Seletina said with a warm smile. On the other hand, Caper felt completely overwhelmed by this act of kindness.

A single Potion cost a whole fortune. Even a noble would have trouble getting one, much less a commoner like Caper.

How kind is the Lady to use such a priceless gift on me, a lowly soldier, as opposed to using it on herself?!

Caper pondered while feeling complete admiration.

“Me aside, how are your injuries, Lady Seletina?”
“I was unharmed thanks to your protection.”

Seletina said proudly.

“Thank god…”
“Caper,” Seletina said, looking straight at him.
“Y-Yes?!” Caper answered, straightening his back.

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Despite the fact that Caper had previously seen Seletina, he had never gazed at her squarely like this.

The idea that Seletina’s exquisite face was plastered against his caused Caper to blush and feel incredibly embarrassed.

“Thank you for protecting me.”

Seletina said, bowing her head.

“P-Please don’t, Lady Seletina. A person like you shouldn’t bow your head to someone like me…!”

Caper exclaimed frantically, attempting to stop her, but Seletina’s head remained frozen. It was not every day that a commoner could see the back of a noble’s head.

Nevertheless, Seletina went on,

“I am still alive because of your bravery. You are a brave warrior, and I must express my gratitude and respect to you. Rather, I wish to express it. So, thank you, truly.”

It was then that Caper realized why so many of his seniors were not afraid of the Demon and why they did not run away but instead stood their ground to protect the Aldelight family.

It was because this family had to be protected.

Caper had thought that all of the nobles were the same. Pathetic creatures who would look down and snatch money from the poor, while flaunting their shallowness.

However, he now understood that this was not the case for all.

The Aldelight Family… Seletina ul Gold Aldelight was different.

I swear. I will offer my sword and my heart to Lady Seletina. I will offer everything I have to this merciful young girl who recognized me, despite my shameful actions.

As he observed Seletina’s lowered head, Caper thought while tears welling up in his eyes. The tears eventually broke through and began to flow. These were tears of joy, at being recognized by a noble individual. Of the relief at having made it back alive, and of finally being free from his inferiority complex.

Caper’s emotions took on the shape of tears as they fell down.

When Seletina saw Caper like that her eyes began to wander and her hands began to fiddle.

Her deep blue eyes shook with turmoil.

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Seletina made up her mind and held Caper’s head, pressing it against her chest with her slender, white hands.

Caper initially trembled from shock before resting his head against Seletina’s chest. A sweet aroma and a gentle warmth enveloped him.

Seletina clumsily caressed Caper’s rough hair, implying that she must have not done this before.

“It must have been scary, right? It must have been hard for you… Thank you, truly.”

Seletina’s soft voice echoed as she gently wrapped Caper in her embrace.

The two of them resembled a mother and her child or maybe an older sister and her brother.

The tale of how Caper would recall this scene and turn bright red from this day on is a story for another day1.



  1. Robinxen: I feel the embarrassment from here.
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