Chapter 32 – Courage

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1166
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seletina howled. As beads of sweat streamed down her face, her swings became more sophisticated.

Faster, faster, and faster.

Her blond hair became a golden vortex, and her scarlet dress was whirling like a whirlwind. She hacked at the countless tentacles and served as a shield for the soldiers. Seletina didn’t stop no matter what.

Truly a one-woman army.

Unbelievably fierceness was displayed by this young girl who one wouldn’t even think would be able to wield a sword. It didn’t take long for the flame of resolve to kindle within the soldiers’ eyes.

They forgot their fear as they gripped their swords and hacked at the Demon’s body. Armed with a limitless amount of confidence, the soldiers’ fighting spirit was stoked by Seletina’s efforts and their assurance that the menace would be vanquished.

Next came a one-sided battle.

The soldiers’ sword, stained with black blood, rained down endlessly. The scene was ruled by the sound of flesh being cut, the repulsive screams of the demon, and the high-pitched wind noises from Seletina’s sword.

The soldiers’ hearts began to be overcome by their urge to win and the certainty of victory. But… this led to carelessness. A faint wave of comfort swept across them. Which is why they did not notice.

They had missed the fact that Seletina, having reached the limit of her stamina, had collapsed. However, the Demon’s hideous, pupil-less eyes did not miss it. The atmosphere trembled as the Demon shrieked, and numerous tentacles emerged from wounds on its body.

The bundled-up soldiers met the tentacles head-on and were blown away. The Demon then focused on the spot where a tiny gap had appeared. As its bloodlust surged, the surrounding temperature fell.

“NO! Lady Seletina!”

The first to notice this change was none other than the Captain. However, Seletina, who was hunched over and gripping her chest, could not move. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were hazy, indicating that she was most likely unconscious.

The Demon shot forth like an arrow. It struggled to move because it had lost three of its four arms and seven of its eight legs. But despite this, the Demon used its remaining arm and leg to creep towards Seletina.


The Captain roared.

The Demon finally appeared before Seletina, covered in wounds and blood. The Demon raised its blood-stained hand and let out a roar akin to a woman’s weep.

We won’t make it…

Was the thought that ran through the Captain’s mind.

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Caper roared crazily as he positioned himself between the Demon and Seletina. His sword, which had hindered him from running, had long since been thrown away. Caper crossed his arms. His only objective was to serve as Seletina’s meat shield.

A tremendous force fell and slammed down on Caper’s body. Caper felt the impact travel through his arms, shoulder, and even up to his brain. Yet, despite this, he held on. He stood his ground and became Seletina’s shield.

Irritated, the Demon proceeded to hammer down on Caper.

Due to the countless wounds the Demon had sustained, the force of its blows had diminished, nevertheless, they were still formidable. Thankfully, Caper, the most physically robust member of the squad, was the one to greet them.


Caper roared. The wish to protect Seletina had, by this point, enveloped Caper’s whole being. He would let no harm fall on the young girl struggling behind him.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Caper and Seletina had no special connection. They were merely a noble lady and a hired soldier. Nothing else. Caper had no additional feelings about their relationship. However, the events today left him feeling different. Caper was overcome by feelings that he couldn’t describe.

With her extraordinary talents, the young lady had saved Caper when he was overcome with panic and wallowing in his own feces1. Caper could not accept that.

When Caper saw what Seletina had done, only feelings of humiliation and jealousy raced through his mind. He envied Seletina for her status and power while also feeling sorry for himself for his helplessness.

Not fair. If I had that sort of skill, I’d be able to hold my own. If I had that sort of skill, I wouldn’t be this pitiful.

Flames of jealousy burned through Caper’s heart. Unsightly feelings consumed his body. But the moment he saw Seletina kneel down, Caper realized something crucial.

He thought to himself, If I had that kind of skill would I really be able to go against that demon? The answer to that question of his was, no. It wasn’t a matter of being strong or weak. To stand before such a demon was an extraordinary feat in itself.

And regardless of how strong Seletina was, a single blow from the demon would send her twig-like body into neverland. There was no way Seletina herself was not aware, or not afraid of that.

Yet, she’d come. She could have stayed inside the carriage and fled the battlefield, leaving the soldiers to fend for themselves. If she’d done that, she would have gone towards a world without the demon.

Caper thought to himself.

If I had her skill would I be able to stand against that demon? No, I definitely wouldn’t.

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The moment he realized that Caper ran.

Lady Seletina does not deserve to die here. If someone has to die, let it be a scumbag like me. It wouldn’t be bad to give my cheap life for someone like her.

Caper threw his sword away and began running.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Caper lost all feeling in his arms. His arms sagged, unable to lift themselves again. Regardless, Caper stood. His will was stronger than steel. Caper kept taking the blows while using his body as a shield.

Around the time he took the fifth blow. Caper felt death creeping up on him. With only one more blow, his life would be lost. The moment he realized his own death Caper laughed.

I managed to hold on.

He grinned as he caught a glimpse of the soldiers who had previously been blown away coming towards Seletina. Even if he were to fall, Caper knew that they would still protect her.

Caper felt relief as he looked at the Demon’s raised fist.

I leave the rest to you.

And so he closed his eyes.

A silvery light slipped past Caper. A strike more powerful than Seletina’s severed the Demon’s fist along with its entire arm in what felt like a sudden gust of wind. Caper lost all strength when he saw the person before him.

The silvery hue in Caper’s eyes was none other than Melia the Gale.

“Lady Melia…”
“Thank you for protecting my daughter. I’m glad we hired you.”

Caper collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness.

The Demon was then dealt another blow by Melia, which ultimately resulted in its demise.


  1. Robinxen: Wow he went that far.

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