Chapter 34 – Soldier Talk

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1004
Editor(s): Robinxen

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“Damn, this is way too extravagant for us.”

A young soldier said as he slowly removed his light armor.

Before him lay a soft and warm crimson carpet, a large, bouncy bed, and a small but intricately made chandelier that was clearly the work of a skilled craftsman.

Anywhere the boy turned, he only saw extraordinary things. And, despite being a three-person room, it was rather spacious. Looking a little restless, the young man plopped down on a nearby chair.

“It’s a present from Lord Balged, so let’s make the most of it.”

The Captain’s low voice entered the young soldier’s ears. The Captain then sat down on the couch, taking off his armor and heaving a long sigh. His face clearly showed his fatigue.

“To think that they would spoil a soldier in such a fashion. I never thought we’d get to stay in the same inn as the Duke. Are the Aldelights benevolent gods or something?” the young soldier asked.
“I can’t blame you for not knowing; you’re new, just like Caper after all. The Aldelight family, you see, pays rather handsomely for the respective work. You could call them the model employer.”

A senior soldier with a face that resembled an eggplant replied to the young soldier. Like the Captain, he emanated the aura of a battle-hardened veteran.

“Hmm. They must be quite rich.”
“More like they know how to properly use their money and are loyal. You won the lottery by being hired here, brat.”
“The Duchess and the Young Lady are quite the beauties as well.” the young soldier added, his cheeks blushing.

The images of Melia and Seletina filled his mind. There were very few women who could compete with the two of them, regardless of how big the kingdom was.

That was especially the case for Seletina.

She wasn’t quite ripe yet1, but when she was, the young man was positive that no one would be able to match her beauty.

“Hey, brat. You should know what’ll happen to you if you fawn over Lady Melia or Lady Seletina2, don’t you?” the Captain remarked with a wicked grin.
“I-I-I-I’m not fawning over them!”

The young soldiers denied frantically. The Captain, in turn, nodded content with the boy’s reaction.

“Of course, you wouldn’t. If you were serious about going after either one you would’ve become the victim of the finest inn murder mystery in all of the capital.”
“Haha, Captain, go easy on the youngster. Like you weren’t head over heels Lady Melia back in the day.”
“Hey! Shut it!”

The Captain growled, glaring at the senior soldier, who in turn simply smiled.

“By the way, being seniors and all, I wanted to ask you two a question. What the heck is up with Lady Melia and Lady Seletina’s strength? I freaking knocked my socks off.”
“Don’t you know about Melia the Gale?”
“Melia the Gale?”

The young soldier asked, appearing confused.

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The Captain and the senior soldier exchanged looks before sighing.

“What? What’s up with that reaction?” the young soldier asked.
“If you want to live long in this world you’d better learn a bit more about it…”
“I-I get it. So, what’s the deal with this Melia the Gale?”
“Melia the Gale is the name of a legendary mercenary.”
“Huh? A Mercenary? The Duchess? What?”
“Just how oblivious are you? Sir Balged and Lady Melia’s marriage was one that shook the whole kingdom.”
“Whhaaa… I had no clue…”
“Captain, I truly am sad. Just how did such a nincompoop land a job for the Aldelights.”
“Don’t ask me. I’m as amazed as you are. To think that we’re working with such a moron.”

Both the Captain and the senior soldier sighed while making a mockery of the young soldier.

“You see, Lady Melia was once a legendary mercenary and the Captain and I became one of her henchmen after falling head over heels for her. The majority of the squad’s senior soldiers were formerly Lady Melia’s men.”
“He’s right. Still, brat, you should’ve seen Lady Melia in her prime. She’s beautiful now, but back then she was not only beautiful but god damn strong as well. And although she became a noble, she did not forget about her duty to her buddies. And so, after becoming a noble she generously hired us and formed this squad.”

The young soldier listened while the Captain and senior soldier sang Melia’s praises, proving just how long they had known her.

Nonetheless, he maintained a stupid expression, as if unable to comprehend all of the information.

“Then does that mean that Lady Seletina inherited Lady Melia’s talent with the sword?”
“That’s right. But… The thing is, in my opinion, Lady Seletina’s talent with the sword far surpasses that of Lady Melia.”

The Captain said as he remembered the skilful mastery over the sword that Seletina had shown a few hours earlier.

He’d seen her and Melia practice on numerous occasions, but he’d never once seen Seletina get serious.

“To be honest, I was astonished by Lady Seletina’s natural talent with the sword. She may even be the one to inherit it.”
“Inherit? Inherit what?”
“The title of Hero3.”

As those words left the Captain’s mouth the young soldier froze.

The Hero. Does that tiny frame of hers really possess the strength to compete with that of the legendary Hero Orthus?

The young soldier felt an unfathomable excitement rise within him.

“We’ve been hired by some amazing people, haven’t we?!” he exclaimed.
“You’ve just now realized that?!”
“This one really is a moron…”

The three of them then discussed Seletina and Caper’s conditions, their fallen brothers, and a few business prospects before crawling into their comfortable beds.

Morning came early for soldiers, so staying up late was not a good idea.

In addition, the Spring’s opening, which had been postponed, would take place tomorrow. Thus, they had to be in prime conditions.

After slipping into bed, it didn’t take the three men long to nod off.

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  1. Robinxen: Oh my words that phrasing is awful.
  2. Robinxen: Jail hopefully!
  3. Robinxen: Interesting.

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