Episode 87 Classmate, Clarifon Saeri Tuley

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Author: Kataoka Naotaro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Ankydon English Source: Re:Library

A little side story. Felt like writing about Peris, so here it is. Since it’s not integral to the rest of the story, I’ll understand if you choose to skip it. 1

My name is Clarifon Saeri Tuley. The eldest son of the Viscount house of Clarifon. I’ve enrolled in the Royal Academy this spring at 16 years old.

I’m interested in a certain girl. My classmate, Peris-chan.

I’ve seen her for the first time during the entrance exam. Coincidentally, our seats were right next to each other and her violet hair was rather eye-catching. But it was her beautiful visage that stole my soul and lifted me straight to the clouds. I’ve barely managed to pass the written exam one way or another because of that.

During the magic test, my eyes were glued to her. Though the same could be said about the teachers.

The test was all about showing the magic you are best at. Some people learn magic from childhood and can use 2, sometimes 3 different kinds of magic. I can use both, wind and water magic myself. So before the test even begun, a teacher called out to us.

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「Those, who can use only one kind of magic, come to me. Those, who use two, to Sario-sensei. Three – to Shuse-sensei」

Everyone split into their respective groups. Since I can use two, I was about to make my way to Sario-sensei when I saw Peris-chan hesitating. I’ve gathered my courage and decided to talk to her.

「I-Is something wrong?」

「Emm……where should I go if I can use four?」


I’ve embarrassed myself in front of a girl. But it was natural. A real surprise.

When I told the teacher about it, there were really suspicious. After a lengthy discussion, they decided to bring Peris-chan alone to a different location.

And so the practical test began. Those, who can use multiple types of magic, were required to use their strongest spell at maximum power first. At this point, their magical power usually became exhausted, so they were allowed to rest and consume the recovery medicine.

After releasing my favorite LV2 water spell 「Water Bullet」, I took a break to recover my MP. At that time, my eyes happened to see something unbelievable.

A huge fire pillar rose from the place where Peris-chan was. It should be a LV3 fire spell 「Burst」. For a 16-year-old to be able to use LV3 magic is unbelievable. I’ve almost dropped my MP recovery medicine.

The examiners were frozen. Not minding their state in the slightest, Peris-chan said.

「Emm……can I move onto the next spell?」

「Eh? What about the recovery medicine?」

「I think it’s alright」

Having said that, she unleashed one spell after another. All of them above LV2! She even outclassed my 「Water Bullet」in both speed and power. She’s probably LV3. The examiners had a hard time remaining calm. Nothing unexpected here. A 16-year-old firing LV3 magic. I still find it hard to believe.

She was immediately surrounded by the teachers and led away. She must have many move skills than I do. However, there is one thing I know for sure. She’s definitely passed the test. I do not doubt that. 2

Honestly, I wasn’t confident I could enroll in the royal academy. However, if I fail to do so, I won’t have many opportunities to meet her in the future. In case I fail, I’ll have to return to the Clarifon territory. I’ll only be able to visit the capital during the monthly social events. However, our territory is rather far from the capital. At most, I’ll be able to come one every 2 to 3 months. As such, the opportunities to meet her will be almost nonexistent.

For the first time in my life, I went to the church of my own will. Usually, I come here because of necessity, but not this time. I’ve prayed to Crimiana-sama to pass the test with all my heart.

Perhaps the prayer worked, I’ve successfully enrolled in the royal academy. I was so happy I cried.

Right after I enrolled, I’ve immediately discovered Peris-chan. That hair color. Easily recognizable. Even without taking her beauty into account…..

As a special case, it was decided she’d study with us, the nobles. The male classmates feigned calm, but it was clear as the day they were conscious of her.

Surprisingly, she was a part of a newly emerged Marquis Versam house. Speaking of Versam family, it’s the family of the prime minister of the hostile Juka Kingdom. He moved to the empire after the kingdom was destroyed by the Great Demon King. Despite the fact that the head of the house was adopted, he obtained the title of honorary marquis and Princess Ricolette’s hand in marriage thus successfully entering the royal circle.

As a matter of course, for us nobles, she’s a prime marriage target. Marrying her will allow one to forge a relationship with the Versam House. And through it, with the royal family.

However, Peris-chan became rather estranged in the class. Mostly because her behavior differed from the other nobles.

For example, the meal. More often than not, the students tend to it in the academy’s salon. The entry is restricted to nobles only as it serves as a place to make connections with other houses.

However, Peris-chan didn’t eat there. She preferred the lawn outside on the library. More importantly, she cooked her meals herself. Meals are something usually prepared by the servants or slaves. Some female students even reprimanded her for that. Yet she said that in the Versam House, every woman cooks, even Princess Ricolette.

It only made me more interested in Peris-chan.

One day, she remained alone in the class as she was frantically writing something down. I swallowed my nervousness and came up to talk to her.

「E-Excuse me, are you not going home?」

「Eh? Ah, sorry….」

「Ah, it seems I’m disturbing you」

「No no, I’ve been busy trying to come up with a dinner menu and stayed too late」

「Dinner menu……like what?」

「I’ve been thinking of gratin. But I’m not quite satisfied with the sauce….. 」

「Sauce, is it?」

「Cooking is interesting. One pinch of salt can sometimes change the taste completely」

「You’re amazing」

「No such thing~. Rinos-san cooks much better than me」

「Eh? Honorary Marquis Versam can cook meals?」

「Sometimes. But it’s so delicious」

「Mm…..I want to try it once」

「How about I bring something with me next time?」

「Eh!? Are you serious?」

「I don’t mind」

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「Ah, my name is Clarifon Saeri Tuley」

「I’m Peris. You were the one to help me during the exam, am I correct?」

「You remember me?」

「Of course」

In that way, we became friends (?). She even agreed to make something for me. This must be Crimiana-sama’s divine blessing. I should visit the church the first moment I can.

I’m looking forward to my life from now on.

Peris POV: Let’s give him the leftovers from my lunch♪


  1. Author’s note
  2. She’a a protagonist now
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