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Chapter 551 – Vera’s Body’s Secret~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

With joyful squishing sounds, the three little brats happily devoured their meal. This time, the food they enjoyed was sourced from a five-star hotel.

After departing from New Oriental Hospital, she traveled down the highway and passed the Rosen Hotel, where she noticed the lit-up presidential suite occupied by Nangong and Sachiel and decided to sneak in.

As expected, Sachiel, Nangong, Yunuen, and Pixie were still awake, engaged in lively conversation in the living room. All were shocked and pleasantly surprised to see Yaeger. Nangong, Sachiel, and Yunuen felt as if they were celebrating the New Year, nearly leaping up in excitement.

While happy, Pixie was somewhat puzzled. Despite her Grandmaster status, Pixie hadn’t sensed Yaeger’s entry, possibly due to her deep involvement in the conversation or perhaps because Yaeger’s stealth skills were exceptionally formidable.

Pixie briefly considered that Yaeger might be stronger than her but quickly dismissed the thought. After all, Yaeger had only recently ascended to the Grandmaster Realm; surpassing an established Grandmaster seemed unthinkable.

Such a scenario would defy the conventional wisdom of martial arts—it was simply inconceivable.

The group continued their conversation cheerfully. During the conversation, Nangong stepped out for a moment. By the time Yaeger realized what Nangong had planned, it was already too late.

The wealthy heiress had roused all the hotel staff at midnight to prepare a lavish feast for them. Most of the rare ingredients used were originally reserved for someone else’s wedding the following day.

The feast included an array of luxurious items such as premium abalone, Cathay silk prawn, blue lobster, wild snapper, and A5 beef… The cost of such a feast was astonishing.

However, for the affluent young lady Nangong, such expenses were trivial. Since she compensated the staff with quintuple their usual wages, none raised objections to working through the night.

While dining and conversing, she discovered that Yaeger had three maids at home, prompting her to order the staff to prepare an additional feast for takeaway.

“Eat slowly, no one will steal it from you,” Yaeger said with exasperation, watching the three gobble up everything as if they hadn’t eaten in ages.

Upon hearing this, they immediately calmed down and began to mimic eating in a more refined manner.

Yaeger nodded gently and regarded Vera 18 with the keen interest one might show a fine piece of art. Noticing Yaeger’s gaze, Vera 18 looked over, then hesitantly offered the green lobster she had been eating to Yaeger.

“Master… You can have a bite…” Vera 18 thought, ‘Just one bite,’ though she kept the latter to herself.

Seeing her reluctance, Yaeger was puzzled. “I don’t need to eat your food.”

Relieved by Yaeger’s response, Vera 18 resumed happily devouring her lobster.

Yaeger continued to watch her, lost in thought as Vera 18 ate the lobster. ‘Vera’s doppelgängers are truly remarkable. I believed I had killed number eighteen, yet she survived.’

In truth, Yaeger hadn’t resurrected Vera 18 but had instead reformed her, revitalizing her with fresh life energy.

‘Her vulnerability isn’t in her head; it’s actually her heart, where her life energy is stored.’ When Yaeger had decapitated her, it had merely released her life energy. After reshaping her body, recharging her was straightforward. ‘I doubt even Vera herself is aware of this secret.’

According to Vera 17, a doppelgänger retains the memories of its original up to the moment of its creation. Since Number 17 believed Number 18 had been killed and sought revenge, it indicated that the original host was unaware of this secret.

“Interesting, the secret of Vera’s body is quite fascinating,” she murmured to herself.

Despite her whisper, everyone heard her. Little Blue remained indifferent, while Vera 17 and 18 trembled, the lobster suddenly less appetizing.

“Take your time to eat; I’m going out for a walk,” Yaeger said with a glance at them before rising and stepping outside.

As she exited the main hall, the three resumed their voracious eating, anxious to consume their full share.

Outside the city, stars shimmered brightly in the sky while thin rays of light began to crest the horizon. Daylight was imminent, heralding the start of a new day.

“Although it’s only been a few days, it feels like much longer,” Yaeger murmured, clenching her fist lightly as she gazed at the horizon.

Since her rebirth, she had been constantly on the move, her schedule packed with endless tasks.

“I’m doing all this to become strong. Once I reach the pinnacle, no one will be able to hurt me again.” After speaking, she stood motionless, remaining so until the first rays of sunlight bathed her face in light.

“Break time is over; time to get back to work,” she declared. For her, playing the game was paramount.

Indeed, the more powerful she became in the game, the stronger she would become in reality. This was her most effective strategy for gaining strength and swiftly reaching the pinnacle.

In the game, a white light flashed in Layna’s guest room, and a dazzling figure materialized: it was Yaeger.

There was still some time before the auction house officially opened for business. She had logged on this early because she was concerned that someone might cause trouble.

She was particularly wary of the Grand Duke, who had previously contested the Imperial Auction House with her. It was uncertain what they might attempt this time.

At that moment, the Imperial Auction House, with its simple yet elegant decor, was bustling with people absorbed in their tasks. The official opening was imminent, filling the entire place with an air of nervousness and anxiety.

Kastina arrived at the auction house early. Heeding Yaeger’s advice, Kastina remained hidden in the office, discreetly issuing orders to her subordinates.

“I hope everything goes smoothly today,” Kastina mumbled, resting her chin on one hand.

Unlike other princes and princesses, Kastina had no faction of her own; her only recourse in trouble was to throw a tantrum. With the Emperor absent, continuing her tantrums wouldn’t earn her any respect—everyone respected the Emperor, not her.

“I’m sure it’s going to go well because I’m here,” said a voice as the door suddenly swung open, and a figure clad in black robes and a white mask entered.

Kastina tensed up instantly, her right hand swiftly moving to the sword resting on the table. Recognizing the voice, she paused, stunned, then exclaimed in exasperation, “Lowly slave, you scared the hell out of me!”

“Wow, I only altered my voice slightly, and you still recognized me,” Yaeger said in surprise as she removed her mask.

“Your voice is so distinctive; how could I not recognize it?” Kastina replied with a hint of pride.

“Is that so? Perhaps I should disguise it more thoroughly,” Yaeger remarked indifferently as she approached.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t be coming?” Kastina asked with a smile.

Before Yaeger’s arrival, Kastina had been nervous, tense, and filled with trepidation. However, Yaeger’s presence immediately brought a sense of relaxation to Kastina. Unbeknownst to herself, Kastina had come to view Yaeger as her pillar of support over time.

With Yaeger around, everything seemed manageable.


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