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Chapter 549 – Extremely Pleasant Revenge~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2251 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1159 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

‘Surgery successful? Half a girl?’ Max was bewildered by Yaeger’s words, completely clueless about their meaning.

‘Strange. My body feels odd, especially my chest.’

“I…” As soon as she spoke, Max sensed something was amiss. Her voice had changed; it was entirely unlike her usual tone!

“What’s happened to my voice?”

He… no, she let out a scream. Her voice was high-pitched, lacking any trace of its former depth.

Touching her throat, Max felt an instant shiver down her spine — her Adam’s apple was missing!

Sitting up abruptly, Max felt unfamiliar weight on his chest. Glancing down, he was stunned! “What in the world are these?”

He examined his hands, now smooth and delicate like white jade, distinctly feminine.

“The ancestors said women hold up half the sky. You, with traits of both, could hold up the entire sky,” Yaeger said with feigned seriousness, stifling her laughter.

Max was dumbfounded by her words. Feeling reassured for a moment when he felt his groin, he quickly realized — not quite!

“What have you done to me?” she roared at Yaeger, her earlier reverence completely evaporated.

Understandably, any ordinary man transformed into an intersex individual would find the experience profoundly distressing.

“Hehehe, you asked for transformation, and I merely granted your wish,” Yaeger chuckled, covering her mouth.

Summoning her aura, Yaeger fetched a mirror from the patient’s ward and set it before Max.

“Look, aren’t you beautiful?”

Upon closer inspection, Max saw what many would consider a pretty girl in the mirror — it was him!

“No, this can’t be. I can’t be a girl. This has to be a dream, it just has to!” She slapped the mirror away, and immediate pain shot through her palm — unmistakably real.

Max was momentarily dazed, then suddenly clutched her head and screamed, “Ahhhhhhh!”

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Yaeger laughed heartily from the other side. The thrill of revenge filled her heart with exhilarating joy.

Against this gangster who had nearly destroyed her life beyond repair, Yaeger felt no mercy; she harbored no reservations about her revenge.

Had Max succeeded in capturing and kidnapping Yaeger back then, she might have been subjected to severe physical and mental trauma by now—or worse, she might have already been tortured to death by those wealthy women.

‘An eye for an eye, blood for blood!’ Yaeger’s expression turned stern as she withdrew her smile and fixed a hard gaze on Max.

“Once I pierce this needle in you, you will become the perfect toy,” Yaeger declared as a green needle materialized in her hand.

At that moment, Max turned with bloodshot eyes and roared furiously, “Turn me back now, or I’ll kill you!”

By now, she had lost all sense of reason and disregarded the formidable presence before her, charging mindlessly.

“Naughty,” Yaeger chuckled, then flicked the green needle toward Max. It landed on her forehead and dissolved like snow in spring, seamlessly merging with her brain.

“Ahhhhh!” Excruciating pain overwhelmed her, as if her brain had exploded, making her scream hysterically.

Yaeger swiftly dodged to the side, causing her to pounce onto the ground and writhe in agony.

“Three, two, one, done,” Yaeger announced, snapping her fingers.

By the next morning, Max’s head was miraculously pain-free, yet an eerie sensation lingered in her mind, refusing to dissipate.

“There’s a phrase I’m quite fond of: ‘The wicked will be punished by more wickedness,'” Yaeger remarked just as Max stood.

“Yes, you’re right, master,” she nodded in agreement, then thought, ‘What… What did I just say?’

Max had never intended to say that; the words had just spilled out unexpectedly. Strange. It was profoundly unsettling.

Max felt a wave of disgust and an urge to scream, but she soon realized she couldn’t control her own body, as if it no longer belonged to her.

“All right, a lot of customers are waiting for you. Let’s go,” Yaeger said, smiling.

Upon hearing this, a sense of dread surged through her mind. ‘Customers? What in the world does that mean?’

As she pondered this, a tentacle wrapped around her. Suddenly, the previously closed window flung open, and Yaeger jumped out, taking her along.

Simultaneously, the door to the room burst open as several strong men barged in. Upon seeing the empty bed and the open window, they stood dumbfounded.

The night shift nurses had told them that the door had been jammed. After confirming this, they had forced their way in. However, upon entry, they encountered an unbelievable scene—the severely injured patient who had been bedridden and practically immobile was gone!

“The ghost, the female ghost must have taken him!” the petite nurse exclaimed as she squeezed past the security guards.

She had entered alongside the security guards, who were shocked by her exclamation.

Initially, when she claimed to have seen a white-clad female ghost, they had laughed it off. But now, with the sudden disappearance of a critically ill patient, they began to consider the possibility.

“Could someone have come in through the window and…” a security guard began to ask, but he was cut off before he could finish.

“Idiot, this is the fifth floor!” another snapped. Without specialized equipment, it was impossible to transport a patient from this height, let alone ascend. Just then, as a gust of cold wind swept through the window, chills raced up their spines.

“Ahhhhh!” The petite nurse screamed at just the right moment, startling everyone and nearly making them jump out of their skins.

As one location grew more terrifying, another turned decidedly steamy.

“Pretty boy, do you want a shot~” An alluring voice floated through the air near a small forest beside the New Oriental Private Hospital.

The speaker, Max, could easily be rated a solid seven out of ten.

Facing her were two passersby, both in their mid-twenties, exuding a distinctly masculine aura.

‘Shut up. No!’ Externally, Max appeared relaxed, yet inside, she was screaming hysterically.

It was as though she were possessed by some malevolent force, having lost all control over her body while being painfully aware of it.

“Here? How much does it cost?”
“You’re not carrying any diseases, right?”

The two energetic young men couldn’t resist the allure of such beauty, their voices flustered as they inquired.

“It’s free. I’m particularly fond of charitable acts. As the saying goes, ‘Buddha is merciful to all.’ Today, I offer my body to bring you enlightenment~”

Max then led them deeper into the forest. Her strength was such that they couldn’t—or perhaps didn’t want to—resist.

‘Stop it. No. Help!’ Max cried internally, but her fate was already sealed.

Rustling sounds echoed throughout the small forest.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s a ladyboy!” one young man exclaimed in shock.
“My God~ A ladyboy~” the other responded with glee. “That’s exactly what I like!”

‘No, help me! Ahhhhhh!’ Max wanted to scream, but her face bore a seductive smile, as if she were eagerly anticipating the next moments.

In the secluded forest, strange noises persisted for a long time.


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