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Chapter 548 – You’re Awake~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2154 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

As she spoke, Max envisioned a radiant halo glowing around her. It was as if he could hear the chorus of “Hallelujah” echoing in the background. Although he had never been a believer, in his current state of desperation, her divine appearance and the imagined holy words felt like a lifeline.

He resolved never to let go—clinging to this newfound hope regardless of the outcome.

“Can I… trust you?” he asked tentatively.

“Absolutely. I’ve never lied to anyone in my life,” Yaeger replied, her smile reassuring.

Overwhelmed by her dazzling, saintly smile, Max completely lost his composure, forgetting even his own name. Subconsciously, he nodded in agreement. Poor Max had been in a daze ever since regaining consciousness, unaware of the danger posed by the dazzling beauty before him.

Had he known even the slightest detail about her, he wouldn’t have trusted her so blindly. Regardless of his agreement, his fate would be the same.

“Hehehe, you’re so kind. A great blessing awaits you,” Yaeger chuckled, raising her right hand and conjuring a green needle between her thumb and index finger.

The needle emitted a faint green glow, casting an air of mystery.

At this sight, Max’s eyes widened in shock. He was certain his gaze had never left her hand, yet the green needle appeared as if from nowhere. Moreover, upon seeing the green needle, he felt as though it was his salvation.

“It will be a little painful. You’ll need to bear it,” Yaeger said, her smile fading to a solemn expression.

This being her first experiment on an ordinary human, she approached it with utmost seriousness. However, Max misunderstood her intentions, interpreting her seriousness as dutifulness, which moved him deeply.

Suddenly, Yaeger plunged the green needle through his patient gown and into his body. Given that he was not a delicate subject, she didn’t concern herself with pinpoint accuracy.

Green needles rained down, soon enveloping his body. Before long, Max felt an incredible warmth and comfort enveloping him.

‘It’s working. It’s incredibly effective. I can feel my body healing rapidly. My God, this must be an angel sent by God to save me!’ Max, previously a skeptic of the supernatural, found himself starting to believe.

If not a miracle, how else could his severe injuries, inflicted by Yaeger, heal so swiftly? Under current medical standards, such injuries would take several years to heal. This realization reignited the hatred simmering in Max’s heart.

‘Yaeger, just you wait! I’ll settle the score with you soon enough!’

He was overcome with the urge to immediately kidnap that damned handsome man, disfigure his face, and sell him into a brothel to endure daily torment.

Unfortunately, full recovery would take some time, leaving Max with nothing but fantasies of revenge. The more he dwelled on his plans, the more his excitement grew!

Yaeger was blissfully unaware of his thoughts, though she likely would have dismissed them with a laugh. The reason was simple: someone like him would never get the opportunity in his lifetime.

Time slowly ticked away.

Yaeger’s experiment reached a critical juncture. Compared to Transcendents and other lifeforms, humans had much simpler biological structures, making them easier to experiment on. It was akin to doing revision homework before an exam.

Half an hour later, the experimentation concluded. Yaeger confirmed her expectations; the results were uneventful. Yet, this was precisely what she had aimed for.

‘I must make time to check on Little Fairy and Rakshasa soon.’

Indeed, Yaeger had utilized Max as a test subject to validate her own theories. She wasn’t prepared to treat Little Fairy and Rakshasa haphazardly and risk unintended consequences.

After all, this wasn’t a game; there were no second chances. When she treated Aurora and Allie, any mishaps could have been rectified by drawing prizes. There had been no cause for concern.

But in reality, there were no prizes to draw.

“I’m all good!” Suddenly, an ecstatic shout from Max interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, you’re cured, but I can enhance you further,” Yaeger said, smiling in a disarmingly gentle manner.

“Really, really?” Max exclaimed, a mix of surprise and hope in his voice.

In fact, once he calmed down, he recognized that he was no match for Yaeger. That damned handsome man was skilled in martial arts!

“Can you truly make me stronger and better?” His eyes sparkled with anticipation.

He imagined becoming stronger instantly. Believing her to be an angel sent by God, he was confident she could make it happen.

“Of course,” she affirmed.

‘Look, I knew it!’ Max thought, nearly leaping up in excitement.

“I can make you very strong,” Yaeger said, her smile seemingly harmless. Yet, upon closer inspection, a hint of severity could be seen in her eyes.

“Stronger than Yaeger?” Max, unfamiliar with true strength, remembered the deep impression Yaeger had made on him. To him, that level of strength was sufficient.

“No problem at all. Although I’m not sure how strong that Yaeger is, I can make you the strongest person in the world,” Yaeger stated indifferently, as if the mention of Yaeger meant nothing to her. “With that power, you could annihilate his entire family.”

“Ahhhhhhhh! Can I really become the strongest in the world? Is this just a dream?” Max pinched his face hard. “Ouch! It’s not a dream. I… I can actually become the strongest!”

“Lord Angel, please accept my worship!” Thinking this, Max excitedly knelt on the bed.

‘Hehehe, interesting. This guy is truly fascinating,’ Yaeger thought, maintaining her composure while inwardly amused.

“Never mind. Fate brought us together. Lie down, and I shall bestow upon you a great blessing,” Yaeger declared. As she spoke, her aura swept through the room like a hurricane, causing a whirlwind of chaos.

Max trembled with ecstasy, feeling as though he was already surveying the world from above.

At the pinnacle of existence, he viewed all other humans as mere ants; the world was his for the taking. With a satisfied smile, he closed his eyes and lay down obediently.

Simultaneously, Yaeger conjured several green needles and swiftly inserted them into his body. Soon, Max was covered in green needles, resembling a human porcupine.

Moments later, a transformative scene unfolded. Max’s hair grew rapidly, becoming lustrous and dazzling. His skin turned smoother and more delicate, his Adam’s apple diminished, and his skeletal structure contracted. Excess body hair fell away swiftly. Over time, Max underwent a complete metamorphosis. Within ten minutes, the man known as Max had vanished, replaced by a beautiful woman, albeit one carrying a stick. Yaeger stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Yes, transforming someone so unfortunate-looking into a solid seven out of ten truly showcases my incredible skills.”

At that moment, Max’s long eyelashes began to flutter before her eyes slowly opened.

“You’re awake. The transformation was successful; you’re now, let’s say, halfway to being a girl.”

The first thing she saw was Yaeger, squinting her eyes and sporting a massive grin, just before she heard those cutting words.


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