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Chapter 547 – Why Did It Turn Out This Way…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The moon hung high in the sky, surrounded by twinkling stars. Beneath the beautiful night sky, a solitary figure dashed through the concrete jungle.

In Roc City stood the New Oriental Hospital, a private healthcare facility. Within the country, private hospitals ranged from excellent to fraudulent, yet all were universally pricey.

The former sought your money, while the latter seemed to hasten your demise. Unfortunately, New Oriental Hospital was the latter.

“Sister Chen, I heard our hospital is built on a mass grave. Could something sinister appear at night?”

In the corridor, a petite and unassuming young nurse clutched documents as she spoke uneasily. It was her first night shift, and she was newly hired.

“How can you be afraid of those nonexistent things nowadays? You’re adorably naive,” the older nurse chuckled.

“No… No, it’s just that I’ve been watching horror movies recently and they spooked me a bit!” the petite nurse admitted, her face flushed.

“Hehe, I used to be scared of such things too when I was younger. But you’ll get used to it after a few more night shifts,” The older nurse patted her on the shoulder.

“I… I understand,” the petite nurse nodded, clutching the documents closer to her chest.

“Night shifts are tough,” the older nurse said helplessly, gazing forward.

Under the harsh white light, wrinkles were visible beneath her heavily made-up face.

“It’s fine. I just need to make a lot of money!” the petite nurse declared, holding the medical documents in one hand and clenching her fist tightly with the other, her resolve evident.

The hospital offered exceptional benefits, including significant bonuses for night shifts.
With several years of hard work, one could live comfortably in Roc City.

The older nurse shook her head slightly, sighing internally, ‘The young spend time making money, and the old spend money for more time. Such is the sad cycle for ordinary folks.’

“By the way, Sister Chen, the gangster in the ICU can’t afford his bills anymore,” the petite nurse blurted out suddenly.

“Have you informed his family to continue the payments?” the older nurse asked, swiftly changing her tone.

“I did, but his family refused to acknowledge him as their son,” the petite nurse explained.

Hearing that, the older nurse blinked and responded calmly, “In that case, inform the security guards tomorrow morning. They’ll handle it and send him to jail.”

“Isn’t that too harsh?” the petite nurse asked, her voice tinged with concern.

“This is a private hospital, not a charity,” the older nurse stated firmly, placing a hand on the petite nurse’s shoulder. “We need to make a profit to pay our wages. Besides, if his own family has disowned him, why should we extend our sympathy to someone considered the dregs of society?”

“In New Oriental Hospital, if you don’t have money, you’re not considered a person. Understand?” the older nurse said sharply.

The petite nurse was left dumbfounded by the harsh reality. ‘If they’re not considered people, what are they then, ghosts?’ she thought.

Just then, a cold gust swept through, making them shiver. Almost instantly, they caught sight of a white figure darting past.

“Ghost!” she screamed involuntarily.

The white figure vanished as quickly as it had appeared, almost as if it had been an illusion.

“Chen… Sister Chen!” the petite nurse stammered, turning around while trembling. “Just now…”

She halted abruptly as she noticed the older nurse standing still, her expression as calm as ever.

‘As expected of Sister Chen, her courage is unwavering! She seems utterly unfazed by such things, truly dependable!’ she admired silently.

Reassured by this thought, the petite nurse began to relax. But just as she was starting to feel better, she witnessed a collapse. To her shock, the older nurse, whom she had considered bold and dependable, had fainted on her feet!

The petite nurse’s cries for help quickly attracted a team of security guards, their footsteps echoing rapidly down the corridor.

Simultaneously, the white figure silently entered a patient’s ward—it was Yaeger, clad in a white dress.

In the ward, there was a single bed occupied by an emaciated young man with blonde hair. Yaeger recognized him instantly. He was Max, lieutenant to Young Master Wenzel, and the one responsible for driving Yaeger to desperation back at the illegal internet café. Indeed, had it not been for him, Yaeger would not have been pushed to such extremes.

Max lay staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression. He was aware that the hospital would evict him the following morning. The hospital had close ties with the Small Sword Group, and as a member, he expected favorable treatment.

However, upon awakening from a lengthy coma, Max received shocking news: The Small Sword Group of Roc City had been annihilated, and Young Master Wenzel was dead!

Before he could inform Wenzel that Yaeger was skilled in martial arts, his beloved boss and friend had already met a tragic end. The gangster who relayed this news to Max detailed recent events before leaving for a job at a construction site, handing Max fifty yuan as he departed.

Only tonight did Max understand the reason for the money: by tomorrow, he would be cast out into the streets.

‘Our Small Sword Group was once powerful and respected. But now…’ He sighed softly.

Desperation set in for Max, with only a few hours until dawn and his impending demise.

‘Without these life-support machines, I’m doomed… How did everything come to this? I’d only just found my true calling and a leader I could truly rely on, both of which brought me immense joy. I was supposed to experience the pinnacle of satisfaction in life. So why has it come to this?’ These thoughts drove him to shed tears of despair.

Soon after, the image of an incredibly handsome man flashed in his mind. Who else could it be but Yaeger? Indeed, it was this enviously handsome man who had upended his life!

“Yaeger, I will kill your entire family!” he vowed. Despite his crippled state, he managed to utter these venomous words with his strained vocal cords.

“It seems you really despise that person named Yaeger,” came a beautiful voice suddenly within the ward.

“Who’s there?” Max cried out in fright, his voice rising hysterically.

From that moment on, unfortunately, his cries were confined to the room; they would travel no further.

“I’m here to rescue you,” announced a white figure, materializing seemingly out of nowhere.

Illuminated by the light seeping through the window, Max could now see the owner of the voice—a dazzlingly beautiful woman.

“You… How did you get in here?” Max asked, his shock mingling with fear. He hadn’t heard the door open, nor had there been any sound of footsteps.

‘A ghost… Could this be a female ghost?’ Max wondered silently.

Despite his basic education, Max, a seasoned gangster, was not one to believe in ghosts. Yet, the girl’s eerie entrance, silent and seemingly floating, raised suspicious and unnerving thoughts.

“Stay back!” he exclaimed, growing more fearful the more he pondered her silent approach.

Despite his protests, Yaeger continued to float towards his bed, a kind smile gracing her features.

“Lost lamb, you are pitiful, desperate, and lost. But fear not, for I am here,” Yaeger said soothingly.


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