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Chapter 540 – Irene, What Are You Doing, Irene!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2027 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1162 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Night fell under a star-filled sky. The luxury Beast Carriage sped down the road, its wheels crushing the yellow, withered leaves beneath, yet unable to dispel the night’s pervasive solitude.

“It’s so boring.” murmured the petite Saintess from within the carriage.

Seated opposite her was a young girl of stunning beauty.

“Bored? Then sleep,” Yaeger suggested, her tone dripping with lethargy.

At that moment, Yaeger was merely resting her eyes.

“How can I possibly sleep now? And even if I could, I wouldn’t,” declared Irene. If she went to sleep now, she would most likely be energetic for the rest of the night.

“Count sheep then. Just don’t disturb me,” Yaeger retorted.

“What’s the point in counting sheep if it’s just like sleeping?” Irene queried, her arms crossed in frustration. She was genuinely bored.

Previously, her sole activity had been recharging the Holy Spirit Shard. However, after Yaeger had depleted just 30% of its power, Irene quickly replenished it to full. Now, she found herself overwhelmingly bored.

“Come here,” Yaeger beckoned, opening her eyes.
“Why?” Irene approached, her curiosity piqued.
“Just lie down and rest,” Yaeger suggested, patting her thighs nonchalantly.

Irene hesitated, then, feeling elated, promptly laid down.

‘Wow~ This is so comfy, feels amazing~’

Yaeger sighed and rolled her eyes, then closed them once more. Silence enveloped the carriage as it continued its rapid journey.

Just outside Jade City. The cloaked figure had lingered here for hours. He had anticipated the target’s return by sundown. Yet, he remained until the moon soared high in the night sky.

By now, the main road was devoid of traffic, utterly deserted and profoundly silent.

“I’ve waited so long, I nearly dozed off,” the figure in black murmured to himself. His voice carried a tone of authority and composure.

Since the evening, he had stood his ground, only occasionally sidestepping the path of a few large Beast Carriages. Most would grow impatient and frustrated after such a lengthy wait. Yet, he exhibited no hint of irritation whatsoever.

The man in black, a professional assassin, exhibited unparalleled dedication to his craft.

“Though the initial employer is no more, another has taken their place. Such widespread disdain for the Black-hearted Princess. Yet, employer or not, our [Shadow Wolf] would still pursue her.” Gazing forward, the man in black muttered to himself.

Time trudged on and elapsed indeterminably. At last, the prolonged wait concluded. The luxurious Beast Carriage cut through the night, speeding along.

“Have they arrived?” Upon spotting the Beast Carriage, the man in black’s eyes widened. According to the information he received, Black-hearted Princess and a young girl left while riding this exact carriage.

“Impeccable timing.” With a stretch of his arms, twin flashes of light sprang from his sleeves, swiftly felling two trees beside the road.

The severed trunks tumbled, coincidentally barricading the main thoroughfare. As a response, the carriage driver quickly stopped, causing the carriage itself to rumble.

“What’s going on?” Yaeger, opening her eyes, inquired.
“Not sure.” Irene, opening her eyes as well, replied with calm.

She then sat up while feeling slight regret.

“Princess, the path ahead is obstructed,” the driver reported, opening the carriage’s small internal window.

“We should step out and investigate,” Yaeger suggested, looking at Irene.

It was painfully easy to realize that anyone who blocked the road at this time was definitely hostile.

“Agreed,” Irene nodded in assent.

Promptly disembarking, they proceeded to the Beast Carriage’s forefront. Nearby, two trees had toppled from opposite directions, both jujube. Standing squarely in the middle was the man in black, radiating a menacing aura.

Clapping vigorously, he exclaimed cheerfully, “A warm welcome back, dearest Princess. Consider me the harbinger leading you to the netherworld. I am the Yellow Heavenly Wolf, one of the seven [Prismatic Wolves]!”

In response, Yaeger instinctively narrowed her eyes. She had long sensed an oddity among the hitmen of [Shadow Wolf]. Strangely for an assassin, he made himself known openly, even introducing himself as though desiring widespread recognition.

This image starkly contrasted with Yaeger’s concept of a quintessential assassin.

‘The White Wolf, who once attempted my life in the cave, now that’s the archetype of an assassin.’ Recalling the White Wolf’s unintended gift of a skill book brought a smirk to Yaeger’s face.

Perhaps this was yet another unwitting benefactor here to bestow gifts upon her!

“Not only have you come to meet your end, but you’ve also come bearing equipment and abilities. [Shadow Wolf] is indeed generous and welcoming,” she mused. Joy clearly resonated in her voice.

Upon closer inspection, Yaeger’s smile widened. Her adversary was merely a Level 40 weakling!

“Is he your foe?” Irene inquired suddenly.

“Indeed, mortal enemies.” Given the Mountain Lord of [Shadow Wolf]’s deep-seated loathing for Yaeger, ‘mortal enemy’ was an apt description.

“Well, I shall eliminate him then,” declared Irene, conjuring a formidable holy warhammer amid a dazzling golden radiance.

“You…” Yaeger’s pupils constricted, about to interject, but Irene had already hurled the fearsome light hammer.

Meanwhile, Yellow Heavenly Wolf, brandishing his weapon confidently, noticed the hurtling warhammer. His face contorted in alarm, sensing imminent peril. The hammer’s light concealed overwhelming power, which he sensed too late.

Death was imminent! Failure to evade meant certain obliteration! Desperation to evade surged within him, yet the hammer’s surprising velocity left no room for escape.

With a resounding bang, the hammer struck his head, exploding it like a watermelon dropped from a height, scattering remnants far and wide. Then, with a wet splat, his body collapsed, petrifying slowly in the moonlit night.

A deathly silence enveloped the scene. The driver’s jaw almost dropped in shock, his heart racing. Meanwhile, Yaeger shuddered, a wave of nausea overtaking her.

“Why the surprise? I’m rather precise, wouldn’t you say?” Irene, hands on hips and head held high, proclaimed with pride.

Her expression at that moment was practically a beacon for admiration, as if declaring, “Lavish me with your praise!”

Confronted with a face that seemed to invite a slap, Yaeger hastily curbed the impulse of her right hand, her whole body quaking with the effort.

‘No, no, restraint is key. Slapping is not the answer. Breathe, Yaeger, breathe. Perhaps it’s all in good faith. Yes, she aimed to assist, not to aggravate. Surely, there’s no malice behind it!’

With a deep sigh, Yaeger managed to compose herself, offering a smile.

“Yes. That was a wonderful fight. Thank you!”

It remained uncertain if her inner self was wailing in dissent as she uttered those words.

“Hehe, it was nothing!” Irene beamed, oblivious to the turmoil she’d caused.

Clearly unaware, Irene failed to realize her well-meaning actions had, in fact, exacerbated the situation.

Internally, Yaeger mourned, ‘My precious skill book, my coveted equipment, gone!’

For some, laughter comes so easily it turns to tears. But Yaeger, she wept on the inside.

As the driver cleaned up the aftermath and prepared to depart, another system alert chimed through.



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