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Chapter 541 – Ding! This Heartwarming Pot Is For You~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2100 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1147 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

‘Odd, I didn’t take action, yet a system notification? Could it be I’ve earned a reward regardless of Irene slaying the Yellow Wolf?’

Within the carriage, Yaeger’s expression shifted, tinged with a hint of anticipation.

Suddenly, another notification sounded.

Favorability from the Mountain Lord of [Shadow Wolf] has decreased by 30,000 points. You are now declared mortal enemies.

Upon hearing this, her eyelids twitched involuntarily.

Instead of a reward, she found herself unwittingly scapegoated.

‘It wasn’t me!’

Alas, despite her internal protests, she was forced to shoulder the blame.

On the outskirts of Jade City, within a modest dwelling in the commoners’ district. Scattered across the floor were fragments of shattered yellow jade. The Mountain Lord, swathed in darkness, stared intently ahead, his bloodshot eyes as if piercing through the walls and beyond Jade City.

“Black-hearted Princess, I will repay this tenfold!” he hissed venomously through clenched teeth.

Shortly after, blood began seeping from his hands. His sharp claws had inadvertently dug into his palms, drawing fresh blood. Numb to the pain, he was consumed by a deep-seated resentment and anger that seemed on the brink of eruption.

In the real world, inside the Glory Entertainment Center’s crystal karaoke bar.

The karaoke bar, opulent and ornately decorated, hosted a handsome young man in his twenties dressed in a black suit. He was Stanley Lin, the second young master of the Lin Family, one of the Four Major Families.

He was alone in the bar. He had reserved the entire bar for a solitary drinking session. Traumatized by an incident involving a giant elephant under Maria’s skirt at the Sheepdog Bar, he had lately avoided going outdoors.

“This vintage soda is truly smooth and aromatic, with such great texture.” Stanley sipped the glistening red liquid from his cup, closing his eyes to savor the pleasant sensation akin to drinking fine wine.

It was as if he were transported back to a European wine cellar in 1982, savoring the unique, historical flavors of the era. Forty years on, he still relished the unique, matured flavor.

Indeed, a pretentious person always finds something to reminisce about.

The phone rang, piercing the silence. Stanley set down his wineglass and picked up his Type 59 special edition smartphone, seeing the familiar name ‘Taurus Zhang’ displayed on the screen.

He answered the phone to a slightly joyous voice.

“Young Master Lin, where are you?”
“Young Master Zhang, are you seeking me out?”
“Yes, I have something to discuss with you.”
“Are you in Roc City?”
“Yes, I’ve just arrived at the Lin residence, but your uncle mentioned you were out.”
“I’m at the crystal karaoke bar in the Glory Entertainment Center. Come join me; it’s been a while since we last drank together.”

The call was brief, ending after just a few exchanges.

“Strange, why is Taurus visiting the Lin Family personally? Is there something important… No, if it were truly urgent, he wouldn’t come to see me directly.” Stanley shook his wineglass, his confusion evident.

Twenty minutes later, Taurus arrived at the karaoke bar. After brief small talk, they quickly got to the point.

“Young Master Lin, are you familiar with [Princess]?”

Upon hearing this, Stanley was initially confused but then realized, ‘He’s hinting for me to bring some girls over!’

“Please wait, Young Master Zhang. I’ll summon the finest princesses we have.” With that, Stanley stood to summon some of the entertainment center’s escorts.

Taurus quickly intervened, “Not those princesses. I’m referring to this [Princess]!” He pulled out his phone and quickly displayed a picture of the Black-hearted Princess from his gallery.

“Hiss!” Stanley leaned over, then exhaled sharply. It was his first time seeing such beauty; she appeared less human, more angelic. She was far superior to that Maria!

‘I’m in love! I’m truly in love!’

Taurus was visibly disappointed by Stanley’s reaction. ‘This kid is unaware of the most infamous player in the world.’ However, upon reflection, he realized this was to be expected.

Stanley was an avid fan of hip-hop, basketball, and new-age media, with little interest in video games. It was akin to speaking with someone indifferent to entertainment; they couldn’t grasp the extent of a celebrity’s fame.

In truth, Stanley had heard of [Princess] before but never paid much attention. Had he known [Princess] was a legendary figure in the game, he would’ve dived headfirst into gaming to pursue her.

“Young Master Zhang, do you know her?” Stanley asked quickly, swallowing nervously.
“Of course, we play the same game, and she’s currently the top player in the world,” Taurus laughed.

The glow in his eyes was unmistakable; he was clearly smitten.

“Then…” Stanley was about to speak, but Taurus interrupted, “I even know where she is.”

“Really?” Stanley exclaimed excitedly.

Undoubtedly, [Princess] was the woman he loved most, surpassing even Sachiel! Still, Sachiel remained his top choice for marriage. However, with [Princess], he sought only entertainment. Merely the thought of pressing such a beautiful woman to the ground thrilled him!

“Of course, it’s true. I have extensive information on her,” Taurus said calmly, taking a sip of his vintage soda.

“Young Master Zhang, my best friend!” Stanley exclaimed, jumping up to sit beside him and placing a hand on his shoulder. “Give me her information. We can negotiate a price.”

Taurus shook his head.

“Young Master Zhang, we’ve been friends for over a decade. You can’t do this to me.” Stanley, thinking he was being baited intentionally, immediately felt dissatisfied.

“That’s not what I mean. I can give you all her information, but you must inform me once you find her. She’s in Roc City.”

Stanley was stunned by his statement. He immediately grasped his purpose for coming here. [Princess] was right here! Moreover, seeking help from the Lin Family on this matter wasn’t convenient. He was the best candidate to handle it!

“Sure, no problem! We can have fun together by then!” Stanley agreed quickly, obviously intending more than mere fun.

The two quickly came to an agreement and enjoyed their drinks.

In the game, Yaeger was unaware that Taurus and Stanley were scheming together. Even if she knew, it wouldn’t bother her. They were mere ants to her; she would simply squish them should they dare to approach.

Disembarking from the luxurious Beast Carriage, the Cathedral of Light was directly ahead. Yaeger and Irene moved to the back, where Yaeger hugged Irene and used [Double Jump].

“It feels like I’m having an affair,” Yaeger whispered before leaving.

“An… Affair!” Irene’s face turned red instantly as exciting scenarios began to unfold in her mind.

Yaeger ignored this and quickly exited the Cathedral. At that time, the streets were mostly deserted with little to no traffic. Walking along the commercial street, Yaeger heard a pleasant voice the moment she entered Layna’s shop.

“You finally came back!”


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