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Chapter 539 – I Can Play With These Legs For A Whole Year!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2056 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1149 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Ding! A Level 50 Veteran Elite Magic Beast has been vanquished. You’ve obtained an Epic Random Equipment Crate, 10 units of [Devil Spider Silk], a single [Devil Spider Core], and 10,000 Gold.

Ding! Defeating an enemy twenty levels higher has granted you additional rewards: An augmentation of five Basic Attributes points, the Title of [Transcender], and an extra 10,000 gold coins.

Ding! Irene’s Favorability towards you has increased by 2,000 points.

The system announcement briefly took Yaeger aback, soon followed by a smile. “An addition of five Basic Attribute points and an Epic Equipment Crate? Jackpot!!”

Without hesitation, she opened the panel and allocated all five points directly to her Agility.

“The Devil Spider Silk and Devil Spider Core should fetch a handsome price. Hehe, this is a good haul.” Having reviewed her spoils, Yaeger cast a somewhat perplexed glance at Irene.

Gaining Favorability from this peculiar Saintess seemed almost too easy. What could be the underlying reason? This piqued Yaeger’s curiosity.

“What’s on your mind?” Irene approached at that moment.

“It’s nothing,” Yaeger replied with a slight head shake. “Are you feeling fatigued? Let me rejuvenate you with some life energy.”

“I… I’m not fatigued… Oh, who am I kidding? I’m utterly spent!” Irene swiftly corrected herself, her cheeks tinting with a blush. The thought of reliving the delightful sensation experienced earlier in the carriage thrilled her. It was simply magnificent~

Yaeger selected a spot relatively free of debris, spread a picnic cloth from her storage ring on the ground, and then gestured towards her thighs.

“Come on, lie down here.”

At those words, Irene nearly melted at the sight of those impeccably smooth thighs.

Could this really be alright?
Was she truly allowed to recline upon them?
Was any action permissible?
Such inquiries resonated deep within her soul.

“Time is of the essence, come on, let’s do it,” Yaeger urged, waving her hand nonchalantly.

‘Do… Do it?’ Suddenly, her mind was flooded with vivid images of fervent encounters.

“Quickly now, we’re racing against the sunset,” Yaeger impelled.

“Then… I shall take you up on that offer!” Regaining her composure, Irene hesitantly reclined.

‘Incredibly smooth, undeniably soft, remarkably delicate, and marvelously elastic! These legs could captivate me for an entire year!’ Previously indifferent to the allure of legs, she was utterly enchanted from the moment of contact. ‘Ah, I’m looking forward to the intense battle that’s about to happen~’

Unlike any confrontation before, this upcoming engagement was beyond words. Naturally, this battle was purely a figment of Irene’s imagination. Reality remained unaffected.

Yaeger delicately placed her left hand, enveloped in green flames, on Irene’s abdomen, steadily infusing her with life energy that suffused her being. Before long, the cave echoed with a chorus of moans and groans.

After ten minutes, the once-weary Irene felt utterly rejuvenated and vibrant, as though her very essence had been restored. In reality, she was imbued with life essence from Yaeger. Given the latter’s creation of this concentrated life energy, it was fitting to term it life essence.

‘Ah, my being is suffused with her essence. I can’t leave her anymore~’

Currently, Irene lingered in a state of semi-conscious bliss.

Observing this, Yaeger was befuddled. ‘Odd. She seemed immensely pleased, yet the Favorability remained unchanged. Could my assumption have been misguided?’

“No matter, we can ponder over this later.” Gently tapping Irene’s cheek, she urged, “Wake up, the sun is setting.”

The brief discomfort brought Irene back to awareness. The ethereal bliss faded, leaving only embarrassment in its wake.

‘Oh dear, I hope I haven’t uttered anything peculiar in my daze, have I?’

“Come on, time to rise.” Yaeger lightly pinched her flushed cheek.

“Yes, yes!” Irene rose promptly, albeit with a tinge of regret.

Given the choice, she yearned to linger on those impeccable thighs indefinitely. Were she to dictate the duration, a span of 10,000 years would scarcely suffice.

Following a brief rest, they ventured further into the depths.

Having defeated the area’s lesser bosses, the human-faced spider and the swollen-head spider, they encountered no further threats. Hence, their journey was uneventful, allowing them to collect the final reinforcing material swiftly.

“Ah, there’s nothing like fresh air!” Irene exclaimed, taking deep, satisfying breaths.

Inside the cave, the odor had been overwhelmingly foul. Without Yaeger to cleanse the air, Irene might well have succumbed to unconsciousness.

“We should head back,” Yaeger suggested, gazing at the landscape bathed in the setting sun’s golden hue.

“Sure!” Irene replied, stretching contentedly with a smile.

Her spirits were exceptionally high, marking the first instance of such happiness in ages. Initially, Irene had felt somewhat aggrieved at being coerced into leaving by Yaeger. Yet, as the day progressed, she was filled with an inexplicable delight.

They made quick progress and shortly arrived back at the station. Dubbed a station, it was merely a signpost, lacking even a protective roof. Given the area’s peril and sparse human activity, constructing a full station would have been an unnecessary expenditure.

Presently, a luxurious Beast Carriage awaited them beside the station. Clad in armor, the carriage driver watched the sunset with growing anxiety. Given the option, he would have preferred to depart immediately.

The wilderness became markedly perilous and unsafe under the cloak of night. Regrettably, his temporary charge was the Black-hearted Princess, who had commandeered the carriage for the day at a significant cost.

Departing without notice would mean forgoing peace in the vast expanse of Jade City. The mere idea of facing punitive measures from that daunting figure prompted the driver to instinctively shield his head, trembling with fear.

Just then, the sound of footsteps broke the silence. Upon seeing the newcomers, his frantic heart calmed. Should he be familiar with Earth’s viral lingo, he might have exclaimed, “Ain’t no way, boy!”

Indeed, the arrivals were none other than Yaeger and Irene.

“Well done, you haven’t let me down.” Nearing the Beast Carriage’s rear, she addressed the driver, who respectfully stood by the opened door.

She subsequently offered him a small pouch of gold coins. Initially hesitant and frightened, the driver noted her apparent displeasure and quickly accepted the pouch with profound thanks.

“You’re quite unpopular, aren’t you?” Irene remarked with a smile.
“Mind your own,” Yaeger retorted, boarding the carriage ahead.
“Well, I’m rather curious~” Irene giggled, trailing behind.

With the door closed, the driver resumed his position upfront. The luxurious carriage made rapid progress toward Jade City, arriving in under a minute.

At the same time, a figure materialized on the main thoroughfare leading to Jade City. A towering figure, shrouded in black robes, stood there. Positioned at the road’s center, hands clasped behind him, he awaited his prey in silent vigil.

Upon closer inspection, his ears bore an uncanny resemblance to those of a wolf!


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