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Chapter 538 – It Does Not Seem That Bad To Be Treated Like A Tool!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1177 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The enormous spider, distinguished by its swollen head, charged forward with the momentum of a speeding truck, conjuring a luminous orb within its maw.

Moments later, it parted its lips, unleashing a devastating beam of white light. As the pillar of light swiftly expanded in size, Yaeger, composed, stomped her left foot on the ground and vanished.

The spider’s eight eyes narrowed grimly as it abruptly halted, plunging its forelimbs into the earth, then spun, slashing the beam of light horizontally across the landscape. Bathed in the white radiance, a beautiful figure emerged—it was Yaeger, who had narrowly evaded the attack.

“Such a nuisance,” she whispered to herself before darting off, disappearing once more.

The beam missed its mark, and though the spider hastily raised its head, it was already too late. Yaeger materialized from the air above, swiftly closing the distance with her sword raised high.

In an instant, green blood was splattered across the terrain. Emitting a strange screech, a grievous wound was rent across the spider’s body. Not stopping there, Yaeger furiously stamped on the ground and unleashed a frenzy of slashes, inflicting numerous wounds on its limbs and causing blood to spray in all directions.

The intense pain from its limbs overpowered its senses, eliciting shrill screeches, and soon after, its colossal frame crumpled.

Seizing the opportunity, Yaeger exclaimed, “Multi Slash!” and with a flicker of her blade, unleashed torrents of sword energy upon its vulnerable form.

She invoked, “[Thousand Waves].”
Following that, “[Greatwave].”

Before the creature could emit a cry, it was inundated by successive waves of increasingly potent attacks. Beyond that, following her barrage, Yaeger swiftly changed weapons. Summoning [Berserk Thunder], she executed [Multi Shot].

In an instant, the area transformed into a tempestuous sea of lightning, radiating perilous energy. Ultimately, it morphed into a tumultuous purple electric storm, lifting the spider off the ground.

Once her flash cooldown expired, Yaeger rearmed and teleported mid-air, her nine tails forcefully colliding with the creature’s body. Concurrently, she gripped her weapon with both hands, channeling energy into the blade until it began to shimmer luminously.

As the tempest of electricity neared its end, she unleashed her weapon’s full might with a vigorous swing. A radiant burst of light momentarily blinded everything in its vicinity! It appeared as though the very fabric of space had been cleaved.

The behemoth spider, bearing the brunt, was left with a gaping fissure nearly cleaving its waist in twain.

Green ichor splashed upwards, even staining the cavern’s ceiling. Such was the ferocity of the assault that it critically wounded the Level 50 colossal spider. The display of power was truly formidable!

With the sword energy fading, Yaeger pressed on with her assault. Her fox tail encircled the spider’s plummeting form, yanking hard to propel Yaeger to greater heights. She executed a swift spin, driving her svelte legs forcefully into the spider’s massive frame.

The impact resonated with a muffled bang. Shockwaves emanated from the giant spider’s form, radiating outward. Subsequently, it crashed into the earth with the force of a cannonball.

Meanwhile, Irene, not far off, reveled in the battle. The sheer dominance over her adversary brought her immense pleasure. The daily frustrations began to ebb away with each scream of agony from her foe.

“Hahahaha! Scream, scream! Continue screaming! Your cries are music to my ears!”

With a vicious laugh, she bombarded the human-faced giant spider with swords and warhammers conjured from light. A profound sense of relief washed over her, bringing an intense catharsis and elation.

In that instant, Irene felt unparalleled euphoria.

A sudden boom reverberated, shaking the entire cave with its loud report. Irene halted and turned to see the other spider fracture the ground, with half of its body now embedded within.

The strikingly dazzling beauty landed gracefully and swiftly retrieved a bottle of blue liquid, consuming it hastily.

“So, this is the true might of the Black-hearted Princess, the Empire’s scourge… Far stronger than anticipated.” Irene regarded Yaeger with a touch of astonishment.

Despite knowing of her formidable strength, witnessing it firsthand still took Irene by surprise. Had Irene been exposed to the full extent of Yaeger’s might, reserved for the direst situations, she would have been utterly astounded, eyes bulging and jaw unhinged in disbelief.

“I must conclude this battle swiftly. Being outpaced by her would be thoroughly humiliating!” Determined, Irene’s expression hardened as she summoned a colossal golden spear into existence, radiating divine energy.

At the same time, Yaeger retrieved the Holy Spirit Shard and employed its power decisively. A sacred aura from both warriors enveloped the cavern, bathing everything in a golden glow.

“Begone!” Irene advanced with her left foot, gesturing forcefully with a diminutive hand. Instantaneously, the airborne golden spear hurtled toward the spider, breaking the sound barrier upon impact.

Invoking “[Pierce The Heavens],” Yaeger channeled thirty percent of the shard’s holy power into her blade, then directed a mighty swing at the ensnared spider. At that instant, time itself appeared to stand still. The entire vicinity was transformed into a gleaming sea of gold.

Irene, having just launched her attack, felt her heart skip a beat in response to the overwhelming power unleashed.

‘Bad Princess, mean Princess! I hate you so much!’

She was acutely aware of the source of this formidable energy. Irene realized that following this battle’s conclusion, she would once again serve as a source of power.

Time resumed its course. The luminous spear pierced through the spider, leaving a vast void in its abdomen. The creature’s eight dark eyes slowly dimmed, its colossal form twitched faintly before succumbing to death.

Irene completely overpowered the Level 65 human-faced spider, leading to its demise. Its end was both pitiful and devoid of meaning. Had it known the lunacy of its adversary, it would have never ventured forth, under any circumstance.

Alas, regret was futile. Perhaps fortune would favor it in another life.

With her foe vanquished, Irene’s gaze swiftly shifted to Yaeger. The sight was nothing short of mesmerizing. The brilliance of the golden light forced her to shield her eyes with her hands. Yet, the intense glow faded as swiftly as it had appeared, vanishing into the ether.

With her hands lowered, Irene’s gaze shifted to Yaeger, who was calmly sheathing her sword, the formidable spider that had been entrenched in the earth was nowhere in sight.

It was unequivocally deceased, to the extent that not even a remnant remained.

“Princess, I’m done!” Irene expressed, her tone lacking any real surprise.

Rather, her attention was drawn to reporting her own status…

‘Hold on, she’s not actually my superior!’

“Really? Thank you for your hard work. I’ve also just concluded,” Yaeger acknowledged with a smile.

The sight of that radiant smile rendered Irene motionless, overwhelmed by a warmth that seemed to liquefy her very being. The phrase “Thank you for your hard work” reverberated within her, imbuing her with a profound sense of satisfaction.

‘Ah, this sensation… it’s inexplicably delightful!’

As Yaeger noted Irene’s immobility and was poised to speak, a sudden system notification interrupted.


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