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Chapter 537 – I Hate Fighting The Most

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

Irene, drawn by the sound, observed a cavernous entrance enveloped in darkness, stretching 8 meters in height and 10 meters across.

With a focused sense, her face grew serious. Presently, the swift movement of two colossal entities within confirmed their approach towards them!

The sight of a veritable mountain of spider carcasses at her feet instantly enlightened Yaeger to the cause. The toll of her onslaught was immense!

“It’s coming,” Irene announced, her voice tinged with anxiety, her fist clenched.

No sooner had she spoken than a gargantuan silhouette burst forth. Upon closer inspection, Yaeger discerned a patterned spider, its size comparable to that of a cement mixer.

Its limbs were as robust as concrete columns, with eight abyssal eyes set upon its sleek visage, atop which sat a human face.

“A Level 65 Master Elite!” Yaeger exclaimed, slightly taken aback by the data revealed about the spider.

Confronting an elite Magic Beast of this resilience, endowed with myriad resistances, posed a formidable challenge to Adventurers, even those above Level 70.

“Irene, this one’s yours,” Yaeger declared, confident that with a Level 90 Saintess at her side, the challenge was surmountable.

“As I’ve said, I am not a warrior,” Irene protested, her voice laden with grief.

The notion of being treated akin to livestock, despite her stature as a fragile and noble Saintess, was preposterous!

“Modesty is unnecessary. Warriors of your level pale in comparison,” Yaeger remarked nonchalantly, her gaze fixed forward.

“You’ve misunderstood!” Irene retorted, her lips forming a pout.

Then, the second colossal figure emerged from the cave.

Relative to the first, this spider was smaller and sported a noticeable bump atop its head.

A wave of familiarity washed over Yaeger upon its sight. A moment’s thought brought recognition – it was a spider from her past encounters.

“Ah, the very same spider from before. Indeed, a small world,” Yaeger mused with a chuckle.

Indeed, this creature was the Level 50 elite Magic Beast encountered during her previous training session with Yunuen and Kastina.

“Screech!” Upon sighting Yaeger, the beast released an eerie cry, with a menacing aura rapidly emanating from its form, marking the reunion of mortal adversaries.

It was evident that the creature retained a vivid memory of Yaeger.

“Shouldn’t we consider retreating first?” Irene suggested abruptly.

“For what reason?” Yaeger inquired, turning her gaze towards Irene.

“Look, they are massive. Entering a narrower cave would prevent them from following,” Irene explained.

Yaeger acknowledged with a nod. “A valid observation, yet I reject your proposal.”

“Why refuse?” Irene questioned, clearly displeased.

Irene found combat overly burdensome and exhausting, an activity she genuinely detested.

“There’s unfinished business between me and that large spider,” Yaeger remarked nonchalantly, gesturing towards the Level 50 arachnid.

“The grudge is between you two; how am I involved?” Irene contested.

“Indeed, you are involved. Without your intervention against the larger one, how can I engage this one?” Yaeger argued.

“Your logic is impeccable… hardly!” Irene retorted sarcastically.

“Let’s frame it as a favor, shall we? We are friends, after all,” Yaeger proposed.

“Wow~ You are so sly. If you put it this way, how could I possibly refuse?” Irene murmured.

Amid their conversation, a shrill “Screech!” announced the swift approach of the gargantuan spiders.

“You take the left, and I’ll handle the right. Agreed?” Yaeger proposed swiftly.

“It’ll do.” With that, Irene conjured a holy warhammer, hurling it at the approaching Level 65 Master Elite beast.

The collision resulted in a thunderous bang, forcefully repelling the creature. Meanwhile, Yaeger made her move to the right.

The Level 50 Elite pursued her, driven by malevolence.

“This way,” Irene invited, extending her hand in a beckoning motion.

The moment the Level 65 Magic Beast steadied itself, rage filled its eight eyes upon witnessing Irene’s challenging gesture, prompting it to charge forth without a second’s delay.

Skillfully, Irene guided the beast towards the left.

Consequently, the vast expanse divided into two distinct arenas of combat.

To the right stood Yaeger, facing off against a Level 50 Elite Giant Spider. On the left, Irene confronted a Level 65 Elite Giant Spider.

“Ah, so troublesome,” Irene sighed lightly, as a golden light flickered in her hand, materializing a shimmering golden sword.

Simultaneously, the human-faced spider advanced, its enormous front limbs sweeping forward like scythes.

Irene leaped gracefully, pirouetting mid-air. Effortlessly, she positioned herself above the spider and delivered a swift sword strike, causing green blood to splatter as a brilliant golden light illuminated the scene.

An eerie scream echoed immediately afterward.

As combat ensued on one front, the other remained eerily quiet.

With sword in hand, Yaeger faced forward, her posture perfect and exuding the intense focus of a master swordsman. The Level 50 spider remained still, fixing Yaeger with a menacing gaze through its eight somber eyes, as a threatening aura began to build.

Despite its overwhelming desire to dismember her, patience prevailed. The cause of this patience was Yaeger herself. An intuition told the beast that its adversary had grown stronger than their last encounter.

Only through battle could it ascertain the true extent of her strength.

A thunderous rumble erupted from the opposite direction at that instant.

Both Yaeger and the spider with the swollen head turned their attention, witnessing the Level 65 spider crash violently into the stone walls. The once sturdy walls crumbled, ensnaring the spider’s body within their broken fragments.

“Combat is such a bother,” Irene remarked with a hint of impatience nearby.

Hovering above her were thirty sword projections, varying in size but uniformly aglow with a resplendent golden hue.

“Hence, it’s in your best interest to perish swiftly.”

With a graceful wave of her hand, Irene sent all the swords of light piercing forward simultaneously. The sound of a sonic boom accompanied the creation of thirty fresh wounds across the spider’s abdomen, from which green blood gushed profusely.

The assault was far from finished. Irene conjured ten holy warhammers and hurled them indiscriminately, provoking incessant screeching from the Level 65 spider.

“Hehe, though unsightly, your cries are quite melodious,” Irene remarked, her smile widening into a grin of delight as her adversary wailed in agony.

It was evident Irene found great pleasure in this.

Yaeger thought, ‘Irene, weren’t you the one who claimed to despise combat?’

A twitch of Yaeger’s eyelids betrayed her surprise, followed by the realization that women’s words were often at odds with their true feelings.

Amid the larger spider’s agony, its companion couldn’t remain idle. With a piercing screech, the Level 50 spider pivoted, poised to come to its ally’s aid.

But Yaeger was quick to intercept, closing the distance in an instant and striking with her weapon, showing no mercy.

With a resounding whomp, a meter-long gash was cleaved into the spider’s body, unleashing torrents of green blood.

The spider emitted a sharp screech, reeling from the sudden attack; it was a mix of pain and rage. Swiftly, it redirected its focus solely on Yaeger and lunged at her.

“Perfect timing,” Yaeger murmured, unleashing her aura. A spectral fox coat enveloped her, its nine tails fluttering jubilantly as she prepared for the onslaught.

A fierce battle was about to break out!


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