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Chapter 536 – Tool Irene, Roll Out!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

They departed from the station, journeying towards the Canyon of the Dead. Numerous black pillars lined both sides of their path. Periodically, these pillars emitted psychic pulses that deterred Magic Beasts, rendering them reluctant to near the area.

Before long, Yaeger led Irene to the very site where she had previously ground Levels. It was a cave nestled within the canyon.

This time, without the need to look after Yunuen and Kastina, Yaeger effortlessly dominated all obstacles in her path, hastening to the cave’s depths.

“Hold up, you’re too fast!” Irene gasped, attempting to keep pace.

Thirty minutes on, within the corpse-littered cave heavy with the odor of blood, Yaeger discovered the initial material for reinforcement.

“The remaining materials needed for reinforcement lie deeper within, which is a bit troublesome.”

Surveying the myriad cave entrances encircling them, her expression turned grave.

“Huff… Huff…Huff…” Gasping for breath, Irene collapsed to the ground, “Why the rush? You’re not racing towards your demise, are you?”

“Seems your endurance could use some work,” remarked Yaeger, securing the reinforcing material and observing Irene.

“I’m a Saintess, not some courier. What would I need such stamina for?” retorted Irene with an eye roll.

“Yunuen, as a Priest, could fell a black dragon in a single kick. You hardly measure up to her.” Yaeger shook her head.

“I don’t believe you!” Disbelieving, Irene stood and pouted, “That sounds more like something you’d do!”

“Hehe.” Yaeger merely chuckled in response, offering no further explanation.

Given Yunuen’s present prowess, dispatching a Level 10 Swift Black Dragon with one kick would be trivial.

Nonetheless, matching Yaeger’s speed and venturing directly into this locale would be unfeasible for Yunuen. Irene alone managed to barely keep pace.

‘True to her title as Saintess, her recuperative powers and stamina are commendable. Should she possess significant strength as well, she’d be ideal.’

At her core, the Saintess bore resemblance to other Priests, where strength and stamina were secondary considerations.

Nonetheless, Irene’s foundational attributes significantly outshone those of any priest, marking her as an NPC of tremendous potential.

‘The more I consider it, the more enticing the idea of putting her on a leash becomes.’

Feeling Yaeger’s unsettling stare, Irene involuntarily shuddered.

“Evening approaches. We should delve further,” Yaeger said, turning to advance with her graceful steps.

Observing Yaeger’s elongated, elegant legs and then glancing down at her own, Irene was instantly awash with envy!

‘It’s simply unjust, this world’s unfairness!’

Beyond her stunning beauty, her physique was utterly impeccable and without blemish! Miffed, she harbored a sudden impulse to bite into Yaeger’s leg, aiming to mar its perfection.

‘I shall introduce a flaw artificially!’

As Irene lunged forward, Yaeger transformed into a blur, sprinting ahead into the cave.

“Ah!” Irene, missing her target, crashed to the ground, emitting a pained yet adorable cry.

“What’s happening?” At the sound of the scream, Yaeger returned to find Irene on the ground, her confusion immediate.

Could this Saintess be inherently clumsy? To put it another way, she seemed naturally absent-minded. For Yaeger, labeling someone as ‘airheaded’ merely suggested a propensity for clumsiness.

“This isn’t me! I merely tripped over a rock!” Irene swiftly countered, as though she could read Yaeger’s mind.

“Enough, we don’t have time for this,” Yaeger said as she approached, lifting Irene effortlessly and securing her by the waist.

“What… what are you doing?”

“This way, you’ll avoid further mishaps,” Yaeger remarked, then, disregarding Irene’s protests, she hastened into the cave on tiptoe.

Given her present strength, the network of caves before her posed no significant challenge.

The real challenge lay further within. The Magic Beasts dwelling deeper were markedly more formidable than those at the entrance. The essential reinforcing materials she sought were located centrally.

Consequently, Yaeger was compelled to forge ahead.

Venturing alone would have been time-consuming. Yet, with a Level 90 Saintess at her side, it was effortlessly manageable.

“Irene, deploy your rehabilitation abilities,” Yaeger proposed as they faced the swarm of high-level Magic Beasts.

Irene glanced at her, a mix of disbelief and dissatisfaction in her eyes. “Do you truly intend for me, a Saintess known for my gentleness and nobility, to engage in your battles?”

“Certainly not,” Yaeger reassured with a hint of irony. “Given your saintliness and nobility, demonstrate whether you can rehabilitate these Magic Beasts.”

As she spoke, Yaeger subtly showcased the ring on her hand.

Witnessing the gesture, a surge of despair gripped Irene. ‘This fiend! Have I truly allied myself with the villain? Sob sob sob!’

“But I am a Saintess!” Irene protested.

“And I, for all intents and purposes, am a fairy. Dispatch them swiftly; nightfall is upon us,” Yaeger countered, unfazed.

“How cruel!” Irene rolled her eyes in exasperation before resigning to engage in combat.

Suddenly, the system broadcast echoed:

Ding! Irene’s Favorability towards you has surged by 1,000 points.

Upon receiving the notification, a twitch crossed Yaeger’s eyelids. “Being mean also increases Favorability?”

However, her only answer was the anguished cries of the Magic Beasts. A dance of holy war hammers encircled Irene as she charged into the fray like a tempest, laying waste to all in her path.

To any onlooker, she embodied the very essence of a war goddess.

“Truly befitting a Level 90 Saintess. Her prowess is remarkable,” Yaeger observed, nodding in approval.

In this realm, stature often correlated with formidable power. For lacking in strength or influence spelled inevitable elimination.

As Irene valiantly combated, Yaeger wasn’t idle either. She unleashed [Berserk Thunder], summoning a deluge of lightning bolts. Together, they rapidly cleared the sprawling cave.

“I’ve amassed considerable experience, yet I find nowhere to utilize it as of now.”

Additionally, Yaeger acquired numerous materials. Having Irene the Saintess as the vanguard made clearing the caves a breeze. Within the span of less than an hour, Yaeger had secured two reinforcing materials.

“Sob sob sob, “I’m a Saintess, not a Warrior!” Irene voiced her grievances during their brief respite.

“My Yunuen exhibits a ferocity surpassing any warrior,” Yaeger remarked with a serene smile.

“But I am a Saintess; holy and noble, not one to take lives,” Irene balled her tiny fists and playfully punched Yaeger’s chest. The gesture was quintessentially playful.

‘Ah, such a nearly perfect sensation. Overwhelming!’

Yet, after several punches, Irene felt a jolt akin to an electric shock. A semblance of white smoke seemed to rise from her head as her cheeks flushed.

“Enough of that. Let’s proceed. The quicker we’re done, the sooner we can head back,” Yaeger gently grasped her hand, guiding it down.

“Oh, oh, let’s hasten our pace!” Irene averted her gaze, flailing her fists in an attempt to mask her unease.

“Let’s go,” Yaeger, undistracted, pivoted and trod across spider carcasses en route to the subsequent cave.

“Hold on, just a moment!” Irene quickly tagged along.

The cave suddenly tremored.

“Be on your guard, something big is coming!” With decisive haste, Yaeger drew her sword, assuming a vigilant stance.


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