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Chapter 535 – Both My Body And Soul Are About To Become Hers~

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2042 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1105 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Inside Taurus’ Mansion, located in Huadu.

“Understood, Dad, completely.” Taurus’ demeanor shifted from tension to relief following the call’s conclusion.

He had braced for a severe reprimand due to his mortifying ordeal. To his astonishment, the conversation ended with his father allocating two billion as investment funds. The whole scenario felt surreal!

Had his father undergone a change of heart? Yet, upon reflection, he understood this wasn’t the case. The Zhang Family faced widespread derision across Huadu and even throughout Cathay due to his public debasement. Hence, his father’s unexpected response.

Taurus was oblivious to any ulterior motives behind the decision, nor was he concerned. His sole fixation was on doggedly pursuing [Princess], aiming to strip her of all her levels until she pleaded for mercy.

This was the only way to vent all the resentment and anger in his heart! Furthermore, should the opportunity arise…

‘Imagine if I could locate her in the real world and coerce her into serving as my bed warmer.’ This audacious thought took root swiftly in his mind, blossoming into a fervent desire.

‘Despite her dreadful personality and dark-hearted nature, her allure is undeniable. How thrilling it would be to dominate her, no?’ With each passing thought, his yearning intensified.

He harbored an intense desire to apprehend her immediately for severe retribution.

“Roc City falls outside our sphere of influence; maneuvering there proves challenging.” Taurus, regaining composure, mused softly.

“Moreover, pinpointing her exact whereabouts is elusive. Unless we engage the support of Roc City’s affluent families… Hold on, we’re well-acquainted with the Lin Family, one of the Four Major Families. That’s worth exploring!”

By nature proactive, Taurus wasted no time in initiating his plan.

Within the game, their opulent Beast Carriage hastened along the road, nearing its intended destination.

“I simply can’t…” Irene collapsed weakly into the plush seat, her complexion ashen, voicing her exhaustion.

Following Irene’s considerable effort, the Holy Spirit Shard restored to half its luminosity, radiating a gentle holy glow.

“Yes, thank you for your hard work,” Yaeger affirmed, softly stroking her hair.

“I’m so weary, I could sleep for ages,” murmured Irene, her eyes shut, overwhelmed by fatigue.

“Rest if you must… Hold on, an idea to rejuvenate you just came to me,” Yaeger mused, a knowing smirk crossing her face. Yet, there was an undefinable menace to her grin.

Oblivious to this, Irene responded wearily, “Proceed as you wish…” Her exhaustion was so profound that even speaking felt laborious.

“Hehe, your wish is my command,” Yaeger responded with glee.

Having declared this, Yaeger conjured a verdant flame within her palm, softly pressing it against Irene’s abdomen. Instantaneously, a surge of life energy permeated her being, washing over her like ocean waves – a sensation of utter comfort.

It evoked the bliss of basking in a hot spring, bare and unburdened.

“Ugh~” Escaped Irene in a tender moan as color gradually returned to her pallid cheeks.

She became acutely aware of her sapped strength replenishing swiftly, revitalizing her once more.

“Such marvelous energy… Ugh~”

Furthermore, as the energy infusion persisted, it seemed to saturate both her physical form and spirit. The comfort was so profound, she felt as though she was ascending, eliciting from her sounds of deep contentment.

The sensation suggested that this energy might entirely transmute her being into a new form.

‘The Saintess’ prowess appears less extraordinary than anticipated. The revered holy power likely ties to her mental state.’

As Yaeger funneled life energy into Irene, she simultaneously probed for any gleanable insights. Her efforts yielded underwhelming outcomes.

‘Apparently, holy power is exclusive to the clergy. Might it stem from faith?’

Yet, divinity had forsaken this realm. This left Yaeger in a state of bemusement.

Minutes ticked away slowly. Irene’s complexion flushed, her face radiant with vitality. Lingering pleasure suffused her, rendering her gaze distant yet alluring.

“Feeling better?” Yaeger withdrew her hand, her tone neutral.

Unaware of the potential aftereffects, Yaeger inquired without concern.

Irene, still ensnared in a daze, murmured thoughtlessly, “Such ecstasy ~ Even my own touch can’t compare…”

Mid-sentence, Irene snapped to full awareness, blurting out in a fluster, “Nothing! I feel so invigorated I could take down a cow with a single punch!”

“Glad to hear that,” Yaeger observed her appearance and nodded, pleased.

“I… I’ll continue!” Perhaps apprehensive of further inquiries, Irene quickly straightened up to resume channeling holy energy into the shard.

Whether illusion or not, the process now seemed more fluid and less strenuous. Additionally, the response from the Holy Spirit Shard felt markedly more potent.

‘Such potency. It feels as though… No, my aura is indeed becoming purer!’

Realizing her enhanced condition, Irene was elated, nearly leaping in joy. Presently, her physique appeared thoroughly purified, devoid of any impurities.

Yaeger resettled into her seat and closed her eyes for a brief rest. Replenishing Irene’s energy had been surprisingly draining.

As the lavish Beast Carriage advanced, time seemed to accelerate. Eventually, they arrived at their intended destination.

“Completed!” Irene exclaimed with a burst of joy simultaneously.

Upon inspection, Yaeger observed the Holy Spirit Shard in Irene’s grip wasn’t fully recharged, but it radiated a soft holy aura and glow.

“Quicker than anticipated,” she remarked.

“Indeed, it’s a success!” Irene beamed towards her.

Although tiring, she was overjoyed. It felt like conquering a formidable challenge.

For Yaeger, Irene’s ability to expedite the recharging process was certainly advantageous.

Upon taking back the shard, Yaeger instinctively patted Irene’s head. Irene blushed, a thought striking her, prompting her to vigorously shake her head.

‘Why does this bring me joy? As a beleaguered Saintess subjected to threats and mistreatment, this pat hardly suffices as a reward!’

Her headshake, it seemed, was an expression of desiring more than just a pat. Misinterpreting the gesture, Yaeger withdrew her hand, thinking Irene disliked it.

‘Oh no! While a head pat isn’t quite satisfactory, it’s certainly better than nothing!’ Irene gazed up at Yaeger, blinking rapidly as though sending Morse code.

“Is something wrong with your eyes?” Yaeger inquired, puzzled.

“It’s nothing. Let’s just get off!” Irene retorted with a hint of irritation.

“What’s gotten into you? Is it that time of the month?”

“That’s not it!”

Yaeger simply chuckled, muttering, “Women.”

“You’re a woman yourself, aren’t you?” Irene shot back with an eye roll before swiftly moving ahead.

“I…” Faced with this, Yaeger found herself at a loss for words.

‘Now that I think about it, even with [Dream Transformation] dispelled, my in-game persona remains female. Perhaps it’s acceptable to identify as such…’ Contemplating this, she abruptly dismissed the thought with a shake of her head, ‘Absolutely not. I mustn’t subscribe to such notions!’


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