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Chapter 534 – Nenene, Minasan, Yasashii!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2062 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Munch, munch, munch!

In the [City of Chaos], two small figures sat upon a picnic blanket, fervently consuming a veritable mountain of fried chicken. Their eating manner suggested a hunger spanning ten lifetimes, a sight both remarkable and intense.

“Nom, nom!” Vera 17 munched on her fried chicken, casting a glance at Little Blue while uttering words muffled by her mouthful. Yaeger interpreted the garbled protest, “Hehehe, I may not match your skills, but my hunger surpasses yours!”

“Ugh, agh, um!” Offended, Little Blue fixed Vera 17 with a glare, accelerating her chewing in defiance.

“Consider this batch of fried chicken your daily ration. Once it’s gone, there will be no more,” Yaeger stated with calm authority.

Upon hearing this, their pace noticeably slowed as they began to savor their meal more carefully, particularly Vera 17, who harbored no desire to face hunger again come nighttime.

If she bothered [Princess] at that time, she would most definitely be beaten up.

“Master, would you like a piece?” With a hint of reluctance, she selected the tiniest piece of fried chicken and offered it.

Yaeger couldn’t hide her astonishment at the gesture. “I’ll pass. You two enjoy,” she responded. After a gentle pat on each of their heads, she retreated to her room, lay down, and re-entered the game.

A flash of white light filled the lavishly decorated carriage, with Yaeger sitting next to Irene, seamlessly as if she had never departed.

Irene was deeply concentrated, a subtle aura akin to that of the shard radiating from her. Yaeger discerned that Irene had derived some advantages from recharging the Holy Spirit Shard on this occasion.

Having instructed the driver to proceed, Yaeger commenced scrolling through the forums for the newest updates. The first item to capture her attention was the day’s trending post.

«On the verge of love and suffering, the heart-wrenching tale of brothers going against heaven!»

“Why does this sound so peculiar? Is this what appeals to the youth nowadays?” Yaeger mused with a frown upon reading the title.

Despite her hesitation, she proceeded to click on the post.

Indeed, a brief perusal revealed it as clickbait. The content chronicled the public humiliation of S.K.Y. and Taurus by her hand, complete with high-definition video footage.

“Over a hundred million views. It appears many international players have witnessed this.”

Unlike certain social media platforms that boast billions of views instantly, the game forums’ metrics were thoroughly accurate.

“It appears our Linhnan server has now captured the attention of players globally.”

Yaeger noted that any posts bearing her name attracted significantly more viewership.

“Alas, beauty is truly a curse,” she remarked, her lips twitching momentarily. ‘Remember, you’re a male! Beauty is not your concern!’

Shaking off the thought, she turned her attention to the top trending posts.

«The Cruel, Black-hearted Princess, A Disgrace!» The title made Yaeger’s eyelids twitch. ‘Is that really the appropriate term?’

Delving into the post, its contents labeled Yaeger as cowardly and vile for her supposed refusal to save Layna. The comment section was brimming with disparagement.

“The fortress prison must have suppressed all details. Players remain unaware that I’ve already freed Layna. Yet, once the truth emerges, their humiliation will be immense.” Yaeger offered an indifferent smile, unfazed by public perception.

After dismissing the post, her gaze drifted to another with a similar theme: «Unbelievable! Black-hearted Princess’s audacious act at KFC! Shocking!» Newly posted yet rapidly gaining traction, it already amassed millions of views.

“KFC…” With a slight squint, Yaeger’s curiosity piqued, prompted by a memory. She accessed the post, greeted by an urgent bulletin: “Urgent Update! Black-hearted Princess makes a real-world appearance once more!”

The location is *** KFC in Roc City!
Pictures as proof!
Black-hearted Princess.JPG
Look at the amount of food in her hands. There are so many bags.
I was present at the time and was lucky enough to hear her speak.
She actually said that this much food could only last her for a day!
Nenene! Do you guys believe it?
It’s enough to feed at least ten people, but it’s not even enough to feed her for a day!
What a horrifying appetite!
Black-hearted Princess is truly terrifying!
If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’ll never believe it!
How unbelievable!
From today onwards, I’m willing to call her the Mukbang Princess!
Minasan, this is something new to simp over!
Although she’s incredibly kowaii!
She’s also very kawaii!
So moe moe!

Upon concluding the post, Yaeger was momentarily speechless, her expression locked in disbelief. Breaking the silence, she mused, “Have I become so disconnected from society that English eludes me now?”

Glancing at the comment section, she noted the feedback:

[***]: No weebs allowed. Uninstall Saint Demon World!

[***]: Go away, weeb!

[***]: Nenene, minasan, chottomatte!

[***]: Ne my *ss!

[***]: :loudspeaker: Nenene!

[***]: My God, I thought an alien posted this!

[***]: Minasan, kowaii!

[***]: I think the comments are a little off-topic.

[***]: Black-hearted Princess appeared in Roc City again.

[**]: She has so many enemies, but she still dares to show herself. Is she not afraid of dying?

[***]: Huhuhu, you guys are out of the loop.

[***]: Please tell me.

[***]: There is a pervert among us.

[***]: The guy up top, tell us quickly.

[***]: Haiyaku!

[***]: Uninstall Saint Demon World, weeb!

[***]: Since you guys are so sincere, I’ll be magnanimous and tell you!

[***]: F*ck, I have anger issues. If you keep baiting us, I’ll find you in real life and break your legs!

[***]: Do you think this is a r*ddit post?

[***]: Minasan, please be yasashii. It would be bad if they got scared away~

[***]: What impatient little kids. Fine, I’ll get straight to the point.
I heard that [Princess] knows martial arts!

[***]: [Princess], so you still won’t admit that you know martial arts?

[****]: Hahahahaha! What a joke. Fine, I’ll be honest. I am an expert in [Eightfold Fist], [Ninepain Fist], and [Beauty Fist]. The Master of the Fist!

[***]: Me too. The charming swordsman with a soft face and a tough body. The lovable Master of the Blade!

[***]: Naturally, I’m here too. The wielder of dimensional magic and solar magic, Doctor Weird!

Suddenly, the comment section burst into animated conversation.

“I do know martial arts, actually.” Yaeger murmured, exiting the thread.

“Considering the publicity from that KFC photo, it seems I must avoid it henceforth. Luckily, with an abundance of KFCs, McDonald’s, and Burger Kings, food scarcity isn’t a concern. And if push comes to shove, there’s always canned food.”

The player revealing that KFC’s location indeed had a slight impact on her.

Regarding her newfound title, ‘Mukbang Princess,’ it barely fazed her. With a plethora of titles to her name, one more, unless disgraceful, hardly mattered.

Concurrently, in the real world, a specific KFC in Roc City was besieged by a crowd, making it almost unreachable. Echoes of “One Princess fried chicken, please!” “The Princess family bucket for me!” “Original Princess chicken nuggets here!” “And some Princess seaweed…” filled the air, leaving the staff bewildered.

‘When did our menu expand to include these Princess-themed items?’


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