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Chapter 490 – On That Day, We All Became Light

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2041 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1266 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The enigma of the game and the world itself was too complex for Yaeger to decipher, and she decided not to dwell on it any longer. Turning her attention to more immediate concerns, she resolved to focus on furnishing her new home.

To her delight, she found the signal on her phone to be exceptionally strong. “My country’s communication infrastructure is just excellent,” she mused with satisfaction, and began searching for the nearest furniture store. A home devoid of essentials like beds and drawers just wouldn’t do.

“Master, what is this?” Little Blue peered over with innocent curiosity.
“A cell phone,” Yaeger replied.
“Sell foam?”

“No, it’s pronounced ‘cell phone’,” she corrected gently, pinching Little Blue’s cheek affectionately before taking a moment to explain the concept of cell phones and the internet.

“I see. So it uses special electrical signals to transmit information,” Little Blue said, nodding in understanding. She then tapped the air, and to Yaeger’s astonishment, a virtual screen materialized, showing the search results from Yaeger’s phone.

“How did you do that?” Yaeger asked, visibly impressed.

“I’m not sure. It just happened,” Little Blue said, shrugging.

Yaeger couldn’t help but playfully spank her. “Ouch, Master, why did you spank me again?” Little Blue pouted.

“Because you deserve it,” Yaeger teased, asking her to explain further.


Tell me, how did you do it?” Yaeger pressed Little Blue for an explanation after her surprising display of manipulating digital information.

“It’s such a simple thing. I don’t even know how to explain it. I guess this is my talent,” Little Blue confessed, biting her lip modestly.

“So, you’re saying your talent allows you to gather information from surrounding radio signals?” Yaeger surmised, intrigued by the possibility.

“It’s more than that. I can easily change and even destroy information,” Little Blue claimed, puffing up her chest with a sense of pride.

“Is this for real?” Yaeger’s skepticism was evident.

“Master, how could you not believe me? Fine. I’ll show you!” Little Blue puffed her cheeks and set her hands in motion. Shortly after, Yaeger’s phone vibrated with a new message flaunting Little Blue’s prowess: “How’s that? Am I not awesome?”

Yaeger couldn’t hide her surprise. “It’s surprising that you’re actually capable of that,” she admitted.

“Hmph. This is a walk in the park for me!” Little Blue boasted, basking in her accomplishment.

Intrigued, Yaeger pondered aloud, “I see. Then, can you steal information using the internet?”

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“Heh, master, are you looking down on me? I can do all that just by snapping my fingers!” Little Blue replied, her arrogance growing.

“Very good. You will be in charge of intelligence in the future. Provide useful information to me every day,” Yaeger determined, seeing Little Blue’s natural aptitude for intelligence gathering—a task she had originally thought Vera 17 would fulfill. However, with Little Blue’s recent display of skill, Yaeger decided to transfer the responsibility to her instead.

Upon hearing Yaeger’s declaration of her new role, Little Blue’s eyes widened a little, and then she came to a stark realization. Her master was indeed planning to use her as a wage slave!

“I don’t want to!” Little Blue protested, her voice filled with dismay.

“You have to,” Yaeger insisted, her smile gentle but firm.

“Sob sob sob!” Little Blue began to cry, overwhelmed by the vastness of information she would have to sift through on the internet.

Despite not knowing the full extent of the world, Little Blue was aware of the enormous amount of information available online. The thought of having to parse through all that data was daunting to her. “I’ll hire an assistant for you in the future,” Yaeger promised, comforting Little Blue by gently stroking her hair that glowed with a soft blue hue.

“Really?” Little Blue’s demeanor brightened instantly.

“Of course. When did I ever lie to you?” Yaeger reassured her, pulling back her hand. “You’ll start with one or two assistants temporarily, but eventually, you’ll have as many as nineteen.”

“That’s fantastic!” Little Blue’s mood lifted entirely at the prospect of having assistants.

With the promise made, Yaeger resumed her search for furniture. She soon found the nearest store, only a few kilometers from the [City of Chaos]. “Little Blue, can you teleport me to this place?” she asked, showing her phone.

“This distance is fine,” Little Blue confirmed, peering at the screen.
“Can I teleport back and forth?” Yaeger questioned.
“No problem,” Little Blue responded.
“And can I teleport items from there back here?” Yaeger continued.
“Yes. But only if I can see those items beforehand,” Little Blue added.

“That’s easy. You can just hack into my phone and see it through my phone camera, right?” Yaeger said, thinking ahead.
“Master, you’re really smart,” Little Blue complimented, her voice playful.
“Do you want to be spanked again?” Yaeger teased.
“No. I’m just praising your sharp intellect!” Little Blue quickly clarified, her hands gesturing in the air.

“Fine. Teleport me to the store now. It would be best if you place me inside directly,” Yaeger said, pocketing her phone.

“Here it comes!” Little Blue said, and with that, a white light flashed, faint spatial energy began to spread, and Yaeger was teleported away.

Yaeger materialized in a pitch-black space, a darkness that would blind any ordinary person. But her night vision was sharp, allowing her to survey the interior of the furniture store with clarity. She was surrounded by various pieces of furniture, their price tags immediately catching her eye.

“Wow, this bed costs a hundred thousand? Is it made of gold? Wait, this set of furniture costs five hundred thousand?” she muttered in disbelief. Despite having sufficient funds, her frugality prevailed; she was not yet accustomed to spending so freely.

After perusing the store, Yaeger selected a set of well-made furniture offered at a reasonable price. “That’s it for now. I’ll buy nicer ones once I make more money,” she mumbled, organizing the furniture together. She completed the purchase through her WeChat wallet, a transaction right at the cashier, ensuring everything was above board.

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“Little Blue, bring this furniture back,” she commanded after the purchase.

“Right away!” The adorable avatar of Little Blue popped up on her phone’s screen, focusing on the furniture in front of her. Then, with a whir of spatial energy, both the furniture and Yaeger vanished from the store.

Reappearing in [City of Chaos], Little Blue and Yaeger set to work decorating their new space. In just fifteen minutes, they transformed it into a cozy, slightly feminine room.

“Master, where are you going next?” Little Blue inquired, already anticipating their next move.

“Can you teleport me to the place around Jade Flower Garden too?” Yaeger asked, her mind already on the next task.

“It’s a little far away. I can only teleport to that location if I bring the entire City of Chaos with us,” Little Blue clarified.

“Then forget it. Just send me to the closest place you can to Jade Flower Garden,” Yaeger decided.

“Of course,” Little Blue responded, and in an instant, Yaeger was teleported to a new location a few kilometers away.

“It’s really convenient,” Yaeger murmured to herself, quickly making her way toward Jade Flower Garden. In less than ten minutes, she was back at her original spot, now accompanied by a luggage bag and a girl bundled up snugly.

“You… Where are you taking me?” the girl, Vera 17, asked, a note of concern in her voice.

“My new home,” Yaeger replied, her tone neutral.

In the next moment, they both disappeared in a flash of light, whisked away to their next destination.


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