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Chapter 489 – You People Are In Great Trouble!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2143 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1317 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Gahahahaha~” The laughter of Jordan echoed through the solemn atmosphere of the Ye Family’s main lobby. His ordinary appearance was juxtaposed with the maniacal mirth that filled the room, where every other face was etched with gravity.

Jordan, recently returned by the Ability Management Department on a private flight, seemed unaffected by the seriousness that surrounded him. Donald Ye, observing his son’s lackluster expression, felt his anger rise, his fists cracking in barely contained rage. He was overtaken by a powerful desire to confront and eliminate the one they knew as [Princess].

“Hehehe, Huhuhuhahaha~” Yet, as Jordan continued to laugh, a carefree juxtaposition to the tension around him, it became apparent that he bore no mark of battle. This absence of injury was baffling considering he had dueled with a quasi-Grandmaster. The family doctor’s examination only deepened the mystery; Jordan was not only unharmed but seemed healthier than ever, albeit his sanity was in question.

“Patriarch, his condition is very strange, as if it’s been deliberately manipulated,” the family doctor commented. This observation unleashed a torrent of accusations. “It must be that [Princess]. She’s taunting our family!” someone shouted. The anger was palpable as another chimed in with vitriol, “This b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ is absolutely disgusting!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” the crowd agreed in unison.

“Patriarch, permit me to eliminate her!” a middle-aged man demanded, stepping forward with visible ire. He shared Jordan Ye’s status as a quasi-Grandmaster, yet his combat experience and strength were markedly superior.

“Stand down for now. I know what to do,” Donald Ye commanded, quelling the fervor with a gesture of his hand, as he wrestled with the anger within. The middle-aged man, recognizing the authority in Donald’s stance, stepped back, a wise concession in the face of the patriarch’s decision.

“Look at my son, does it look like he fought a quasi-Grandmaster?” Donald posed the question to the room. A collective shake of heads was his answer. “Obviously, there’s an expert backing her,” he continued, his voice steady despite the turmoil beneath. To him, it was clear that only a Grandmaster, or rather, an Intermediate Grandmaster, could defeat a quasi-Grandmaster without breaking a sweat.

Donald Ye’s disbelief was evident as he considered the absurd idea that [Princess], a recent quasi-Grandmaster, could have ascended to the Grandmaster level, let alone become an Intermediate Grandmaster. It seemed beyond the realm of possibility; if such advancement were so simple, the ranks of quasi-Grandmasters would not exist within their family.

“Could it be Ronald Tian?” a young man with a clean-shaven face inquired, introducing another possibility into the mix.

“The Tian Family wouldn’t involve themselves in personal feuds,” another dismissed, shaking their head.

“Not exactly,” a different voice interjected. “I heard people from the Dragon Family say that the child from Tian Family likes [Princess] a lot. It wouldn’t be strange if they helped her in secret, right?”

The middle-aged quasi-Grandmaster’s frown deepened at this. “She dares?” he said. “In that case, the Tian Family will face our wrath!”

“Calm down,” Donald interjected, pressing his hand downward in a placating gesture. “Ask Doctor Huang to come.” He chose to seek answers through healing rather than speculation.

Everyone understood and awaited the doctor in silence. Soon, Doctor Huang, an elderly man dressed in white, arrived. After being quickly briefed, he nodded in agreement, unfazed by the gravity of the situation. Of course, there was an unspoken understanding that his willingness was partly due to his previous failure to cure Joachim—now, curing Jordan was an opportunity to restore his reputation.

After a thorough examination, Doctor Huang confirmed, “Patriarch Ye, someone definitely did this to him. It’s also done by an expert.”

“Can you find a solution, miracle doctor?” Donald inquired, his voice steady.

Doctor Huang replied with an even tone, “The other party’s definitely an expert, but compared to me, they are still lacking. Don’t worry, once my acupuncture is complete, he’ll return to normal.”

Relieved, Donald expressed his gratitude and immediately directed for his son to be restrained. “Great, thank you, doctor!”

“Don’t worry, patriarch. I have practiced medicine all my life. I detest those who abuse the art of healing the most. I will certainly do my best,” Doctor Huang assured Donald with conviction. With that, he produced a set of silver needles and, channeling his energy, rapidly inserted them into Jordan’s body. In a breathtaking display of skill, over a hundred needles were placed in under three seconds.

The room observed in silent amazement as Jordan’s previously dull eyes sparked with a sudden glint of clarity, as if the cloud that shrouded his mind was momentarily lifted. The quick restoration of his sanity seemed to validate Doctor Huang’s esteemed title.

However, the moment of awe was abruptly shattered. A potent power surged within Jordan, and the room was engulfed by a blinding green light. The peaceful scene turned chaotic with a resounding bang as Doctor Huang, caught in the epicenter of the tumultuous energy, was flung against the wall, the impact forcing a mouthful of blood from him.

The intense green glow dissipated as swiftly as it had appeared, leaving behind a stark silence and a regressed Jordan, who now appeared even more mentally absent than before.

“Milk, milk, hungry. I want milk, milk!” Jordan’s behavior became erratic as he reached out to a male relative, tearing at his garments as if searching for nourishment where none could be found. This startling act left onlookers in a state of disbelief.

“Nonsense!” Donald erupted, his face turning ashen as he incapacitated Jordan with a swift intervention.

In the midst of the commotion, Doctor Huang, struggling to his feet, wore a look of utter disbelief. “Patriarch Ye…” he began, prompting Donald to express his concern. “Doctor Huang, are you alright?” he asked, his voice tinged with worry.

Observers noted the shift in address; the title ‘miracle doctor’ was notably absent. Reflecting on this, it seemed justified—reverence is often reserved for the infallible, and Doctor Huang, having faced setbacks, was now seen in a different light.

However, Doctor Huang appeared unaffected by the change in formalities. Catching his breath, he fixed Donald with a piercing gaze and exclaimed, “You people are in great trouble!” The urgency in his voice was clear, and it sent a wave of shock through the room.

“Why would you say that, Doctor Huang?” Donald questioned, his frown deepening with concern.

The answer came as a revelation that only deepened the mystery. “Fuxi’s Nine Needles. I sensed the long extinct technique of Fuxi’s Nine Needles within him!” Doctor Huang declared.

The mention of Fuxi’s Nine Needles sowed confusion among those gathered.

“Fuxi’s Nine Needles is a technique that has vanished from the known world, yet it survives and is passed down within [Kun Ruins]! As a youth, I was mentored in medicine by an authority on this technique—the emissary from [Kun Ruins] of that time knew Fuxi’s Nine Needles intimately. This art is known only to those within [Kun Ruins],” Doctor Huang revealed, his disclosure casting a hush over the room.

In the ensuing silence, a wave of dread washed over everyone. A stark realization crystallized in their minds: [Princess] must have originated from [Kun Ruins], and her status there was undoubtedly prominent.

After all, there was an expert protecting her. No wonder she was still alive despite being so reckless all the time! Who would dare to provoke her with such a background? These thoughts caused Donald to stumble backwards as a cold sweat broke out on his brow and his heart sank with dread.

Simultaneously, in a stark contrast to the tension-filled atmosphere of the Ye family, Yaeger and Little Blue were casually pacing around [City of Chaos]. “This doesn’t feel like home at all. I need to bring in some furniture,” the dazzling beauty mused aloud, completely oblivious to the fact that she was now being linked to such a powerful faction.


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