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Chapter 491 – Any Problem That Can Be Solved By Money Is Not A Problem

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2145 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1137 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In the Ye Family’s main hall in Yanjing, a heavy silence prevailed. The stillness was so profound that even the smallest movement seemed forbidden, creating an eerie atmosphere. Donald sat on the main seat with an outward calm, but a closer look revealed his forehead dotted with sweat and his limbs trembling subtly.

The atmosphere became tense. Everyone present was a member of the Ye Family, and after realizing the grave danger they were in, Doctor Huang had fled in haste. Donald’s mood turned turbulent, knowing the family had antagonized an influential person from [Kun Ruins]. This organization was known to some extent by the Four Major Families and some Hidden Clans, regarded as one of the three holy sites on Earth with an immense status in Cathay. Yet, their relations with Cathay were not amicable.

Indeed, those from [Kun Ruins] looked down upon outsiders; they would not venture outside unless necessary for training or gaining experience, as they found the aura of the outside world too polluted. This sentiment could be likened to a hygiene-conscious fish that could only thrive in clean spring water and would perish if placed in a polluted river—an overstatement, perhaps, but it emphasized their distaste for the world beyond their sanctuary.

Donald clenched his fists and exhaled deeply. The reason that organization was so feared was the incredible strength of its people; they were not to be offended. The Ye Family had hoped to send their finest members to train in [Kun Ruins], but now that they had offended an important figure, those hopes were dashed, and retribution seemed inevitable.

Fortunately, the powerhouses of [Kun Ruins] were restrained by certain rules from acting rashly in the outside world; otherwise, the Ye Family might have faced extinction.

“Patriarch, about this…” the middle-aged quasi-grandmaster began to speak in a somber tone.

He was cut off, however, by Donald, who interjected, “I’m still thinking of a remedy.” He knew the importance of not just letting go of their grudge against [Princess] from [Kun Ruins], but also the need to appease her.

The thought filled him with reluctance and worry; his son had been beaten and driven insane, and yet here he was, considering not only forgoing revenge but actually seeking to ingratiate himself with the perpetrator. The injustice of the situation was infuriating, but Donald saw no alternative; the family’s well-being hinged on making amends.

“If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention them,” Donald told the assembled family members after a moment’s reflection.

One suggested, “Patriarch, I think we should go to Roc City immediately and apologize to her, so we don’t incur her wrath directly.”

“No, I think that’s a bit inappropriate,” another family member objected. “She’s maintaining her anonymity in Roc City for a reason. If we apologize there, we might cause her trouble.”

“That’s right. I’ve heard that people from [Kun Ruins] who come to the outside world for training should not be unduly disturbed.”
“I never expected that our Ye Family would make an enemy of someone from there. Sigh…”
“Yes, that is truly unfortunate.”
“If Joachim had never gone to Roc City, none of this would have happened.”
“Shh!” was the hushed response as they continued discussing.

As the family spoke, Donald’s expression grew increasingly severe. The problem had indeed been precipitated by his son Joachim; if only he had remained obediently in the capital, the family would not be in such a predicament. Yet, as the patriarch, he would not accept open criticism.

“Enough! I asked for solutions, not finger-pointing,” Donald sharply rebuked them, and the hall fell silent. The family members seethed quietly; it was clear who had caused this disaster, but they were not permitted to voice their criticisms. Such was the tyranny they lived under.

“Little Jack, among the information you gathered, is there anything about the young lady’s preferences?” Donald asked the young man wearing glasses.

The shift in Donald’s demeanor did not go unnoticed; he typically referred to her with disdainful names, but now he had adopted a more respectful tone. ‘Wait, she calls herself Princess in the game. Maybe she’s also a royalty-like existence in [Kun Ruins], right?’ someone pondered. This line of thinking led many in the room to the same dire conclusion: the Ye Family had gravely offended someone of significant importance.

The atmosphere became thick with anxiety. The stakes were high; failing to resolve this issue could mean the downfall of the Ye Family. Amidst the growing tension, the young man with glasses responded, “Patriarch, I believe the young lady values money above all else.”

“Oh, seriously?” Donald perked up, sensing a potential solution. Problems solvable with money were not problems in his eyes.

“Yes. Her actions in the game suggest she is in desperate need of money,” the young man elaborated, handing a tablet to Donald. The patriarch reviewed the information, which painted the young lady as someone engaged in deceitful schemes—a scammer.

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“Good, good, good. If it’s money she wants, then it’s money she’ll get,” Donald Ye mumbled, his expression softening.

He was aware that those from [Kun Ruins] were discouraged from depending too much on external support while in the outside world. Additionally, each person had their unique training needs, necessitating different resources. It wasn’t inconceivable for [Princess] to prioritize money.

“Why don’t we offer a billion to gain the young lady’s forgiveness? What do you think?” he proposed.

At his words, there was a collective gasp. A billion was a considerable sum, even for the Ye Family, and the idea of parting with such an amount was daunting.

“Patriarch, I think it’s inappropriate,” the middle-aged quasi-grandmaster stood up and said.

“Tell me,” Donald responded, his voice steady.

“I believe someone as important as her, entering the world to train, shouldn’t be interfered with excessively. It could be detrimental. Her efforts to earn money might be a part of her training. Giving her too much could negatively impact her progress and potentially complicate matters further,” he explained.

“That’s right, please reconsider!” came the chorus from around the room.

After hearing their input, Donald frowned, pondering the situation. “Then, five hundred million,” he decided, and no one contested the amount. They knew that offering too little might displease the young lady, which could spell disaster for the Ye Family.

“Little Jack, inform the Tian Family’s youngster of our decision and send the money as well,” Donald instructed. With this plan set in motion, his anxiety lessened considerably, and he relaxed.

The sound of water flowing filled a washroom on the top floor of the Black Family’s building. A woman with black hair and an attractive, curvaceous figure was showering, her eyes closed in relaxation. Abruptly, her eyes snapped open, and she murmured to herself, “Weird. The world’s flow of spiritual power seems to be changing…”


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