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Chapter 486 – City Of Chaos Descends, The World Quakes!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2036 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1072 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Above the wilderness, the [City of Chaos]’s silver sphere glinted with a radiant sheen. In response, Little Blue swiftly approached the control station, her hand diving in and her eyes shining with determination.

“The position is locked. Dimensional defenses are undetermined. Execute a forceful [Dimensional Break]. [City of Chaos], move out!”

As she uttered the command, a shadowy aura wrapped around the [City of Chaos]. The space around it vibrated as though rocked by a silent quake. In a matter of moments, powerful spatial energy radiated outwards, devastating the wilderness below like a rampaging typhoon.

In Jade City, powerhouses like Lili sensed this surge and their countenances darkened, as though facing a formidable adversary. However, the potent spatial energy was fleeting, vanishing as swiftly as it came. The once intimidating [City of Chaos] also disappeared from the wilderness. Suddenly, a set of scarlet eyes shone in a pitch-dark dimension, followed by a playful voice that remarked, “I actually didn’t make a mistake this time.”

Back in the real world, over Roc City’s dilapidated building, space contorted ominously. An overwhelming aura surged, casting its shadow not only over the city but blanketing the entire globe.

“It’s arriving!” Yaeger exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. The sky seemed to wobble as if it would shatter, but this turbulence was short-lived. In a blinding flash, a colossal black entity emerged, causing the very earth to quake. The [City of Chaos] had made its grand entry into reality.

Elsewhere, in a dimension bathed in pure whiteness, a radiant figure, the epitome of elegance, awakened from her throne. “It’s ahead of schedule. But well done,” she murmured before lapsing back into her restful trance. Had Yaeger been present, she would’ve been dumbstruck. This captivating figure bore a striking resemblance to the one she encountered after breaking through the Limitless Fairyland. Recognizing her voice would’ve cemented the connection. Alas, Yaeger wasn’t around to witness this revelation.

The ripple effects of the [City of Chaos]’s arrival were mounting. Deep in a cryptic abyss within Cathay, nine massive bronze cauldrons began to quiver, seemingly reacting to the city’s entrance. The abyss convulsed with the force of a magnitude 12 earthquake. After what felt like an eternity, the violent shaking subsided, but the abyss was far from tranquil.

At its very depth, what appeared to be spring water began to gush forth. On closer inspection, this wasn’t water at all, but a luminescent liquid. The flow soon became a torrent, crashing upwards with explosive force. The solid ceiling of the abyss, which seemed unyielding, was torn asunder by this forceful surge.

The destruction didn’t stop there. The fountain’s momentum propelled it upwards, causing the ground above to splinter, resulting in a geyser that soared skyward. Only when it reached the cloud layer did its vigor wane. This glowing liquid then melded with the clouds and precipitated over the land below, resulting in a fleeting but magical rainfall. Astonishingly, the terrain touched by this rain was instantly rejuvenated, brimming with newfound life.

Deep beneath the Vatican, in a secluded chamber, a richly carved red coffin began to stir. As its lid creaked open, a hand, draped in pristine white cloth, reached out.

“Is it time?”

What followed was an unsettling sound reminiscent of grinding mechanical gears, and a chilling red aura began to emanate from it. From the Vatican as its epicenter, the nearby ocean began to take on a deep crimson hue, as though tainted by a sacred offering. Witnessing this, the devout dropped to their knees, their cries echoing fervently.

In the icy expanse of the Arctic Circle, the age-old frozen continent trembled violently, causing its covering icebergs to fracture and split.

Within a dilapidated temple in India stood a peculiar statue depicting three conjoined bodies. It boasted three heads, six arms, six legs, and bore a visage of sheer terror. Suddenly, the statue began to fissure, oozing an unsettling red liquid.

In the ocean’s depths, a colossal creature stirred, its luminescent eyes blinking open. Terrifyingly, its body was an amalgamation of countless enormous eyes.

On an island near Cathay, a contested territory, the deep recesses of a cave were suddenly aflutter with activity. Giant insects, roused from their slumber, began to crawl and fly around with intense energy. However, this fervent activity was abruptly stilled by a powerful wave of psychic energy. At the heart of this calming influence was a butterfly-like figure—rather, a stunning humanoid with butterfly wings and antennae.

“Resurrection?” The being’s melodic voice filled the cave.

In the absence of a reply, an enveloping silence once again took hold.

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In a region of Cathay rich with elemental energies, within the walls of a grand Taoist temple, an elderly man with a stately demeanor suddenly sprang from his futon, his eyes widening in astonishment.

“This aura… Can this really be happening?”

His exclamation resonated throughout the temple, dislodging dust from the wooden beams overhead.

“The world has shifted… It’s occurred ahead of time!”

“How could this be? My master’s most esteemed divination had foreseen this event three years from now!”

Atop a crumbling building in Roc City, the oppressive aura of the [City of Chaos] vanished within moments, taking Yaeger with it.

“Master!” Little Blue’s voice echoed with a mix of elation and wonder.

“Yes, you’ve performed admirably,” Yaeger responded, affectionately stroking the diminutive figure hovering beside her.

The [City of Chaos] had not truly vanished; it had merely rendered itself invisible to the naked eye.

“Hehe, thank you, Master. But something feels off about this world,” Little Blue mused.

Puzzled, Yaeger inquired, “What feels strange to you?”

Having grown up on Earth, Yaeger couldn’t discern any abnormalities.

“It’s hard to put into words. It just feels… odd,” Little Blue remarked with a grave tone.

Yaeger’s brow furrowed in contemplation. ‘This realm is home to Transcendents and Martial Artists who defy human limitations. To the average individual, such phenomena would indeed appear bizarre. Furthermore, my own reincarnation is equally perplexing.’

The deeper Yaeger delved into her thoughts, the broader her perspective grew.

‘Perhaps the very fabric of reality allows the game world to intertwine with the physical one. The mere fact that in-game abilities and objects manifest and function in this realm points to an underlying issue.’

Lost in thought, Yaeger cast a fleeting glance at the concealed [City of Chaos] and murmured to herself, “There’s certainly more to this world than meets the eye.”


(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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