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Chapter 485 – It’s Here, The Five-Star Residence!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2251 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1246 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The moon hung high in the sky. Atop the rooftop, Yaeger paused. After a deep dive of three hours into human anatomy, she had enriched her medical expertise considerably.

“Transcendents, Martial Artists, and regular humans share many similarities, but the energy within them differentiates them,” she observed, as a green life force emanated from her hand, then dissipated.

Lying nearby, an individual seemed to have lost all essence of life. Only on closer inspection would one recognize him as Jordan Ye. It was evident that he had been profoundly impacted, having been sacrificed in the name of scientific progression. Such selflessness was nothing short of admirable.

“Medical advancements often come at a price. For your contributions, I offer my gratitude on humanity’s behalf,” Yaeger acknowledged. Even though Jordan was initially an adversary, she held no grudge against him. This magnanimity was truly commendable.

She mused, “An expert might still be able to heal him. But first, I need to experiment further.” Without hesitation, she deployed her green needle, continuously jabbing into Jordan. A strange energy rapidly consumed him.

“Alright, someone should transport him back to the Ye Family.” Yaeger felt an obligation to see the matter through.

At the Ability Management Department, Mylene exited her game. As she prepared for bed, an unexpected call redirected her to a specific location. Upon arriving, the sight of her sister experimenting on a dazed individual took her by surprise.

“Sister, did he lose his sanity?” she queried.

“I believe he might’ve suffered a head injury,” Yaeger replied, nonchalantly pushing Jordan to the ground. She wasn’t ready to admit her medical exploits to even her sister.

“It might be kinder to end his misery than to return him to the Ye Family,” Mylene remarked sardonically.

“I aim to humiliate them,” Yaeger responded, a touch of coldness in her voice.

She had previously crippled Joachim Ye and now had ruined Jordan Ye, making her the sworn enemy of the Ye Family.

“Fine. I’ll arrange for him to be sent to the capital city.”

In just a few minutes, Mylene’s underlings escorted Jordan away. They then settled into a pleasant chat at KFC, relishing their time together. As the hour neared its end, Yaeger wrapped up the conversation, citing an errand, and left with some takeaway.

Upon her return to the Jade Flower Garden, she released Vera 17 and allowed her to eat. The warmth and taste of the fried chicken brought tears of joy to Vera 17’s eyes.

“This fried chicken is so delicious!”

It’s said that hunger is the best seasoning, and in that moment, Vera 17 felt a surge of happiness. However, the satisfaction was fleeting. After all, how fulfilling could one meal be? Despite this, she looked at Yaeger with gratitude in her eyes.

‘She must be a good person, right?’

If Yaeger had known that a mere fried chicken meal would earn her such favor from Vera 17, she’d undoubtedly be pleased. But the moment was short-lived as Yaeger restrained Vera 17 again and then lay down to delve into her game.

The gates of Jade City were closed, making exits a challenge. But the moment Yaeger approached and announced, “I’m going out,” they opened instantly. The guards, visibly relieved, watched as she departed.

She soon stood beneath the [City of Chaos]. Before she could speak, Little Blue teleported her inside. After a brief discussion about recent events, Little Blue’s excitement was palpable.

“Can the [City of Chaos] be made even more inconspicuous?”

Considering its current size, its presence in the real world would be unmistakable.

“Yes, this city is built with special materials. By relocating a portion to a sealed dimension, it can function as a mobile fortress. This would also reduce its size significantly and demand less energy for a [Dimensional Break],” explained Little Blue.

Reminded of its [Transformation] capability, Yaeger responded, “That works. Proceed.” Being conscious of her limited [Black Magic Crystals], she aimed to be frugal.

“I’ll begin preparations immediately!” Little Blue assured her.

“And how long will this take?” inquired Yaeger.

“Fifteen minutes,” came Little Blue’s exact response.

“Alright. I’ll initiate its summoning from the other side later,” Yaeger said, satisfied.

She had nearly finished all preparations. The only task left was to find the perfect location for the [City of Chaos] to descend into the real world. After stashing a few potions and asking Little Blue to transport her to the wilderness, Yaeger exited the game. She wanted to avoid any unexpected drops during her next login. Despite her vast survival skills, avoiding unnecessary risks was always the best approach.

In the deep silence of the night, a shadow, Yaeger, darted from the Jade Flower Garden, moving swiftly. She was scouting for the right location for the [City of Chaos]’s descent. Given the anticipated disturbance, she had three locations in mind: the scrapyard parking lot, the neighboring forest, and a dilapidated building. The first two were closer, leading her to them.

Upon arriving at the forest, memories of her time with Vera 17 came flooding back.

“By the way, once the [City of Chaos] has descended, I’ll have to bring Number 17 over here and study her. Until then, let’s assess the suitability of this place.” After running a circle around the forest, Yaeger nodded in agreement with herself. “It’s vast enough, but I have reservations about its future development prospects.”

After all, in a place like Roc City where land is at a premium, vacant plots like this would invariably be targeted for redevelopment.

Pulling out her phone, she conducted a quick search about the area. “What? Wetflower Corporation has an eye on this land?” Yaeger’s surprise was palpable. She then recalled that Wetflower Corporation had recently embarked on a major initiative: transforming Roc City into a premier international metropolis. Lately, Wetflower Corporation had been on a buying spree, acquiring large tracts of land not only in this province but also in others.

She sighed, “I fear this serene place might soon be overshadowed by looming skyscrapers.” With the impending construction in the scrapyard parking lot and its neighboring forest, the cacophony of construction noises would be inevitable. This location was clearly not the peaceful refuge she was seeking. “And if they develop it further, they’re likely to introduce aerial parking. Helicopters would then be a common sight, and the risk of one colliding with my city isn’t negligible.”

Feeling a sense of urgency, she dashed toward the dilapidated building. Time had left its mark on it, and it had remained untouched for decades. Probably, its fate wouldn’t change anytime soon. Standing on the topmost floor under the canopy of the starlit sky, she admired the view. “This place is expansive and lofty. More crucially, it doesn’t fall under any flight paths, ensuring no airplanes would inadvertently collide with it.”

Having done her online due diligence, Yaeger affirmed, “This spot seems perfect.” She then navigated her interface, focusing on the [War Fortress] and its unique ability, [Dimensional Break]. With a single command, an energy dashboard materialized before her.

She noted, “It boasts a total energy capacity of two hundred thousand. Activating [Dimensional Break] will consume ten thousand energy, which means it can facilitate at least ten inter-dimensional travels.” Her prior concerns about the [City of Chaos] being stranded in the real world, rendering it irreparable, were assuaged by this revelation.

With a resolute flick of her hand, Yaeger activated [Dimensional Break], beckoning, “Descend, my [City of Chaos]!”


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