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Chapter 487 – Since Master Is Defenseless, Why Don’t I…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2045 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1024 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

On the morning of April 10, within the [City of Chaos], “Master, have you become weaker?” Little Blue scrutinized Yaeger with her luminescent blue eyes, seemingly trying to scan her. Unbeknownst to both of them, the [City of Chaos] had set irreversible events in motion within this world, but recognizing it wouldn’t change anything.

“It’s hard to say for sure,” Yaeger responded, thinking of [Dream Transformation], her most concealed secret. Although she trusted Little Blue, she wasn’t ready to disclose it just yet.

“Oh, Master, how did you, and the others from your world, enter that realm? I’m genuinely intrigued!” Little Blue’s eyes still shimmered with curiosity. While in the underground labyrinth, she’d seen these outsiders who’d vanish in a burst of white light upon death. Her inherent curiosity about it was restrained by a particular force while she was in that world. Now, free from its influence, she eagerly sought answers.

“Game,” Yaeger explained simply.

“Game? What do you mean?”

“The world you previously inhabited is known as [Saint Demon World]. It’s a virtual reality game launched this year. So, in essence, it’s a game world,” Yaeger elaborated with a calm demeanor.

For a moment, Little Blue looked at her as though she were mad. Suddenly, her expression shifted to pain as she let out a sharp cry, touching the side of her head where Yeager had just struck her. “Master, why would you hit me?”

“No reason,” Yeager replied nonchalantly.

“Sob, meanie… No, you’re the best, master. I love you the most!” Seeing the hint of a smile and another raised fist, Little Blue hastily changed her tune.

But it was all for show. Yaeger hadn’t really hurt her; she just wanted to assert dominance. Changing the subject, Yaeger said, “I don’t know much about that world. If you have any insights, share them.”

Little Blue thought for a moment. “I lost many memories, so I’m unsure about the world’s specifics. But I’m certain it’s not a mere game world. It feels like a realm that exists somewhere between reality and the void. Perhaps a fusion of both.”

Those words resonated deep within Yeager, making her feel as if a sledgehammer had hit her heart. She tried connecting the dots, but the information was too scattered to form a clear picture.

Suddenly, she recalled something. “As long as those things are still there, I can find answers!” Before activating [City of Chaos] in the real world, she had prepared something.

“Master?” Little Blue’s voice held a hint of uncertainty as Yaeger declared with an air of determination, “It’s time to witness a miracle!” Without waiting for a response, Yaeger strode towards the castle.

At present, the [City of Chaos] had transformed. What once was a sprawling expanse now resembled a miniature floating island crowned with a black castle, noticeably reduced in size.

Heart racing with anticipation, Yaeger made her way to a particular room, the very one where she had once reprimanded Little Blue. Pushing open the jade door, she paused. Her face, which was previously lit with excitement, now darkened.

Following close behind, Little Blue peeked inside, only to find it devoid of any content. “Master?” she asked, sensing the shift in the atmosphere.

Yaeger shook herself from her stupor and turned to her, “Did you move the potions I stored here?”

Little Blue quickly replied, shaking her head, “No, master.”

“Are you sure?” An edge of desperation crept into Yaeger’s voice.

“Master,” Little Blue replied gravely, “I would never touch your possessions without your permission.”

Yaeger’s shoulders slumped. “Then, it’s as I feared. I’ve failed.”

“Master, what do you mean by failing?” Little Blue inquired with genuine confusion.

“Didn’t I store several potions here earlier?” Yaeger questioned.

“I witnessed it myself,” Little Blue confirmed, nodding.

“Yet those potions didn’t transition to this realm alongside the [City of Chaos],” Yaeger explained.

Understanding dawned on Little Blue. “I see. Isn’t that peculiar?”

“Yes, it’s unsettling,” Yaeger admitted. Little Blue pondered, her lips pinched in thought, “Might they have turned to dust during the [Dimensional Break]?”

Surprised, Yaeger queried, “Is that even a possibility?”

Little Blue hesitated, “It happens now and then, though not consistently. I’m unsure of the exact cause. Perhaps if my memories were intact, I could give a more definitive answer.”

Deciding to investigate further, Yaeger remarked, “Enough guessing. I need to see for myself.” She leaned back, extracting a terminal device from her pocket, and soon was immersed in the digital realm.

Witnessing the soft, white glow emanating from Yaeger, Little Blue’s curiosity piqued. “Master?” She called out, hoping for a response.


“Master, have you fallen asleep?”

Moments stretched without any reply, leaving Little Blue in contemplation. An impish grin appeared on her face, “It seems I’ve an opportunity for some mischief. Perhaps I could draw on her face while she’s vulnerable?”

Although tempted, Little Blue restrained herself. While her understanding of Yaeger was limited, she was certain of one thing: Yaeger’s vindictive nature. The memories of her recent punishment by Yaeger were still fresh, casting a long shadow over her actions.

‘She dared to discipline me, even with my endearing looks. What a fiend she is!’

The memory of being bound and chastised in that very spot made her shiver, draining the color from her face.

Within the virtual realm, Yaeger materialized in a vast wilderness. As she oriented herself, a group of patrolling soldiers spotted her. Their initial shock quickly morphed into horror, prompting them to flee in terror.

“Why are there soldiers patrolling at this hour?” A puzzled frown settled on Yaeger’s face. But upon witnessing the landscape’s devastation, akin to the aftermath of a catastrophic tornado, realization dawned on her.

“This dimensional shift of the [City of Chaos] wreaked havoc.”

With a rueful smile, Yaeger harnessed her powers, releasing a multitude of ethereal threads in every direction. Not long after, something caught her attention. Swiftly, she moved to the spot and discovered shattered fragments scattered on the ground. She gingerly picked up a sizable piece, and upon noticing a distinctive red marking, her heart raced.

“This is the signature I placed on the potions…”


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