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Chapter 484 – Have To Move Again

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2068 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1012 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After bringing Jordan to the rooftop, Yaeger unfurled her aura, manifesting a massive sphere that isolated them from the outside world. She then removed the cloth gagging him.

“You… What are you doing to me?” Jordan immediately shouted, panic overtaking him.

He couldn’t comprehend why a Grandmaster who could effortlessly kill him had kept him alive. The unknown intentions sent shivers down his spine. He was certain it wasn’t because she feared retribution from the Ye Family.

His heart pounded erratically, filled with fear and dread. Moreover, this place seemed soundproof; there was no way to call for help.

“Hehe, what do I want to do? Something interesting, naturally. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” Yaeger said, her smile not reaching her eyes. She left unspoken her real sentiment: ‘Aside from killing you, I’ll do everything else~’

“You… Don’t mess around. If you dare to touch me, the Ye Family will never forgive you!” Jordan countered, but the dazzling smile he saw on her face filled him with a frigid chill rather than allure.

“Mm-hmm. Got it. Now, let’s play doctor. I’ll give you an injection~” Yaeger’s right hand slowly ascended, revealing a green needle between her index and middle fingers.

“No, no, don’t do it!” Jordan screamed, his face twisted in horror.

“Where’s all your bravado now? How can such an adult be afraid of needles?” Yaeger taunted, crouching down before him with a smile that, in his eyes, was more venomous than any snake.

“Don’t…” Jordan began, his expression pale, his lips quivering. He was interrupted when the green needle plunged into his skin, freezing him as if time had stopped.

“Ah, stabbing it here can temporarily immobilize you. It’s somewhat similar to striking meridian points,” Yaeger mused, pulling out the needle before striking him again with it.

“Ahhhhhh!” Jordan let out a bone-chilling scream, feeling as if his body were being consumed by a swarm of ants. It was agonizing, as if his nerves were being shredded.

“Woah, is it really that painful? How surprising,” Yaeger remarked, seemingly unfazed.

In her own eyes, she wasn’t wholly good nor entirely evil; she was a chaotic being with principles.

“Wait, I don’t think I can be considered evil at all,” she mused to herself. “I live and let live. In fact, I’m actually a kind person.”

Hearing her words, Jordan nearly passed out from a combination of extreme pain and incredulity. If he could have fainted, it would have been a relief. However, the ceaseless tide of pain kept his mind agonizingly alert. Just as he felt he would break, Yaeger withdrew the green needle. His screams subsided into heavy breaths, his body drenched in cold sweat, his eyes unfocused.

‘Terrifying! That was a horrific experience—like death by a thousand cuts,’ he thought.

“I’m asking you a question. How did you find me?” Yaeger interjected, her tone turning serious. She suspected that although Vera 17 had played a role, there had to be another reason for Jordan pinpointing her location.

Caught between defiance and the fear of further torment, Jordan hesitated. His indecision was broken when Yaeger mercilessly stabbed him with the green needle once more.

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“Ahhhhhhh!” he screamed.

A few seconds later, she pulled the needle out and asked again, her voice tinged with impatience, “Who told you?”

“I… I’ll tell you. The administrator of [Assassin’s Alliance] sold me the information. There’s a map of this place,” Jordan finally divulged, his voice quivering with dread. ‘What a demon! No, she’s the demon among demons,’ he thought to himself.

“The administrator of [Assassin’s Alliance], you mean Vera? That little cutie?” Yaeger’s tone revealed no surprise. She had suspected as much; only Vera could have tracked her with such precision. She had sought confirmation from Jordan, and now she had it.

“That little creature selling my information is a bit troublesome,” Yaeger admitted, her brows furrowed with concern. If Vera had done it once, she would likely do it again, making her whereabouts increasingly vulnerable.

By then, the whole world would know she resided in Jade Flower Garden. “My doorbell would be practically obliterated,” Yaeger muttered to herself, clearly irritated.

‘Nangong Lin already knows I rented this place. If she finds out Yae-hime lives here too, she might jump to undesirable conclusions.’ Her chief concern was the potential exposure of her true identity. Though the information wouldn’t necessarily reveal that Yaeger and Yae-hime were one and the same, it would suggest some sort of association between them.

‘I’m afraid Nangong Lin would pester me to no end.’ Indeed, her male persona would face relentless annoyance. ‘Not to mention Rakshasa and my sister,’ she thought, feeling a burgeoning headache.

“Why don’t we move tonight?” Yaeger suddenly pondered, recalling the five-star residence known as [City of Chaos]. Matters had reached a point where reflection was a luxury she couldn’t afford. Her primary concern was her real life. If she couldn’t game freely, her rise to prominence would be severely hindered.

“Next time someone like Lisa Black shows up, I’ll really be in trouble,” she noted. While an average Grandmaster wouldn’t faze her, individuals on the level of Lisa Black nearly transcended the realm of Grandmasters and posed a real threat.

At the mention of Lisa, Jordan’s pupils constricted in alarm. ‘Just how mighty is this woman? Or perhaps, how uninformed is she?’ Lisa Black was, after all, the most potent force in Cathay.

“By the way, does your family have anyone as strong as Lisa?” Yaeger inquired, her tone tinged with a mockery that felt like a slap to his face. However, he dared not retort, for fear of another excruciating encounter with her needle.

“No, no,” he replied meekly.

“Your family really is trash,” Yaeger declared, obliterating what remained of his pride.

“You don’t understand our family’s strength!” Jordan burst out, but regretted it almost instantly.

Because, just as swiftly, “Ahhhhh!” he screamed. Yaeger’s needle had found its mark again.

“The night is still young. Let’s get to know each other better, shall we?” she proposed, flashing a captivating smile in the moonlight.


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