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Chapter 458 – Facing Absolute Desperation!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2109 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1136 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Hahahaha! You have nowhere else to run!” Vera 17 proclaimed, crossing her arms and laughing wildly, her eyes fixed on Yaeger with delight.

Kapeer, Gordon, and Desmond, however, were on high alert. They suspected traps but found that they were overly cautious. No one was here but them!

‘What is she thinking?’ Kapeer wondered, disbelief in his eyes.
‘Does she believe she can take us all on alone?’ Desmond pondered, his brow furrowed.
‘How conceited!’ thought Gordon, his fists clenched with irritation.

“Huhuhu, you have no escape now. Embrace your end!” Vera 17’s excitement grew as she continued, “Before you meet your doom, let me introduce your executioners!”

She gestured to Kapeer, “Here’s India’s Master Kapeer!” Then to Gordon, “Britain’s bloody butler, Gordon!” And lastly, at Desmond, “From Korea, Desmond Song! You killed his junior, Jin Junmin!”

“Like you, they too are all AA-ranked experts!” Vera 17 declared, lifting her head to gaze at Yaeger, searching for a sign of fear or desperation. Regrettably, all she found was Yaeger’s unflinching, indifferent face, with a trace of contempt gleaming in her beautiful eyes.

Vera 17 was furious, and so were Kapeer, Gordon, and Desmond. Within an instant, the entire rooftop seemed to suffocate under the weight of their anger. This naive woman was more than infuriating; they wanted to kill her, and they wanted it to be brutal and cruel. At that moment, all of them shared the same murderous thought.


Kapeer’s gray aura surged and shaped into a ghostly projection with nine heads and six arms. Gordon took a step forward, squaring his fists in front of his chest, his muscles trembling as a red light shimmered in his left eye. Desmond roared to the sky, his aura running wild, muscles expanding in rapid fury.

Vera 17 quickly retreated. Since she was not a fighter, she could only watch. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a robotic bee and hastily activated it with her phone. The next moment, the tiny drone zipped away to record the impending carnage from a safe distance.

“I’m afraid you all don’t know… Forget it, just die,” Yaeger spoke with unnerving calmness. Since they were already there, she felt obliged to offer some sort of hospitality.

“You’re all talk!” Desmond spat, stepping out and flashing instantly in front of Yaeger. He spun quickly, aiming a kick straight at her neck. He chose her neck over her head, fearing that if her head exploded, the Small Sword Group might make things difficult for them. It might delay their reward.

Kapeer and Gordon were shocked to see Desmond act so quickly. The man from Korea was much stronger than they’d anticipated. Among AA-ranked experts, he was likely one of the most formidable.

‘A hidden expert!’ they realized, looking at each other in helpless frustration. They’d agreed on dividing the money fairly, but the one who killed her would earn more. Now, Desmond would obviously claim that prize. They knew he’d use full force from the outset, killing her without a chance.

Vera 17’s cruel smirk grew wider. Finally, she was about to witness the death of this infuriating person. It would surely be painful and miserable.

‘The bounty is mine!’ Desmond thought, joyous and elated. Earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than two days felt incredible.

“So weak. Even a fly could take a nap on your legs.” These words were followed by a disharmonious voice that shattered everyone’s fantasies.

Just as Desmond’s foot was about to strike Yaeger, countless tentacles emerged, lashing him brutally. He was struck a hundred times in a mere instant.


The terrifying sound of bones snapping resonated in the air. Right after, everyone witnessed the expert from Korea, Desmond, becoming instantly soaked in blood as all his bones shattered.


Finally, he crashed into the rooftop’s stairwell wall and slid down. Vera 17, Kapeer, and Gordon were stunned, their minds going blank.

When they came to their senses, chills ran down their spines. As Desmond lay still, their hearts nearly leaped out of their chests upon a second look. They realized that Desmond was slowly petrifying under the morning sun. He was dead!

In a single strike, [Princess] consigned the AA-ranked powerhouse, Desmond Song, to oblivion! At that moment, everyone present felt as if the grim reaper himself was in their midst. The shock was profound, leaving them utterly stunned!

They now understood that [Princess] wasn’t AA-ranked but an incredibly powerful S-ranked entity. Three AA-ranked and a B-ranked had tried to kill an S-ranked. They were clearly fools… No, they were simply misinformed!

No one had anticipated that [Princess], who was recently classified as AA-ranked, had already advanced to the rank of S. The revelation was nothing short of astonishing! It was beyond belief, and anyone hearing of it would find it inconceivable.

Were S-ranked experts as plentiful as grasshoppers in the summer? This was a status that the majority of top AA-ranked experts could never attain!

Vera 17 was suddenly overcome by an intense headache, feeling as though she were trapped in a nightmare. This stunning person was indeed, just like her host body, at the S-rank level. A chill ran through her. Her heart seemed to freeze in terror.

Despair settled in. A feeling of utter hopelessness enveloped everyone. Then, they recalled the flicker of disdain they had seen in her eyes earlier. It became apparent that she had been unfazed from the very beginning!

‘Escape!’ This absurd thought began to slowly creep into their minds. Even though they realized that fleeing from an opponent far more powerful was a fool’s errand, human survival instincts took over, compelling them to take unimaginable actions.

Kapeer reacted as if he were in a burning building, immediately sprinting and leaping out. Was he attempting to plummet to his death? No, it wasn’t a suicidal jump. As an AA-ranked expert, he knew that he wouldn’t die even if he leaped from a 100-floor building. He’d only be gravely injured at worst.

‘I have special protective abilities. Even if I jump down from here, I won’t be hurt much! I have a chance… A chance to escape!’

As Vera 17 and Gordon watched Kapeer leap off the building, they were shocked. They never anticipated such a decisive move. But it was clear they both realized this was their only chance at survival. Kapeer had just shown them how to dodge death.

However, that was not to be.

Sword energy flashed, and Kapeer was bisected in mid-air. Immediately afterward, Gordon was ensnared by a semi-transparent fox tail. The desperate screams and sounds of bones snapping were instantly heard. Within two seconds, he was dead.

“Sorry for the wait, little cutie.” After eliminating Kapeer and Gordon, Yaeger gazed at the trembling Vera 17 and flashed a dazzling smile.


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