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Chapter 459 – A Lab Rat That Could Only Screech

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2132 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1103 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“You… Stay away!” Yaeger’s advance prompted an instant, hysterical scream from Vera 17, her face blanching in terror. Yet, even in her panic, her fingers flew across the phone. ‘I must get this information out!’ she thought desperately.

Death was terrifying, but failing to send the news of Yaeger being S-ranked to her original body meant she would die permanently next time! “You’re actually pulling the same trick again in front of me. Looks like your clones can’t transmit memories and information in real time. Do you think you can fool me twice, like some kind of idiot?” Yaeger taunted.

With a swift movement of her tentacles, Yaeger halted Vera 17’s actions and turned her phone to dust. ‘Damn, I was too slow. This stupid phone is too slow!’ Vera 17 cursed inwardly. However, there was still hope. Unnoticed, a tiny robotic bee was making its escape.

“You are really tricky,” Yaeger smirked, and with a casual flick of her knife, the robotic bee was cleaved in two.

Vera 17’s pupils contracted, and her heart seemed to stop. Desperation overwhelmed her mind. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for now,” Yaeger assured her, her words doing nothing to comfort the terrified Vera. “You… What do you want to do to me?”

“I was looking for an experiment su… No, a medical partner. Congratulations. You are the only eligible candidate!” Yaeger’s hands came together in a hard clap, her smile bright, but to Vera 17, it sent chills down her spine.

A demon! She was a demon in human skin! The idea of being her so-called medical partner only conjured thoughts of human experimentation. “You… Just kill me!” she cried, preferring death over endless torture.

“How can that be? Only one out of four survived. I can’t just go home empty-handed, can I? Besides, your physical body is very special. It’s perfect for my research,” Yaeger responded, her smile as dazzling as the rising sun, but her words only made Vera 17’s fear grow.

‘Committing suicide… That doesn’t seem to work. What can I do now?’ she wondered, terror mounting.

“Before that, I’ll have to inspect you in detail. Let’s see if you are hiding anything.” Suddenly, Yaeger’s five semitransparent tentacles stretched out, seizing Vera 17’s limbs. Then, she transformed some of her external aura into dozens of writhing tentacles. “I must carefully check all places. Yes, all places.” As she spoke, the tentacles lunged at Vera 17 like living creatures.

“No!” Vera 17’s terrified scream was cut short, and in an instant, the rooftops were filled with various grunts and moans.

As the sun began to rise, the ring of a phone echoed in the Ability Management Department’s apartment. Mylene, who had been stretching just as she was about to fall asleep, was jolted awake by the sound. After watching a live broadcast all night, she was utterly spent, too tired even to lift her arm.

“Who’s calling me so early in the morning…” Mylene’s complaint died on her lips as she glanced at the phone’s screen. Recognizing the caller, she picked up the phone with surprising energy. “Sister! Good morning! Have you had breakfast? Let’s eat together!”

Her voice was tinged with excitement, as though she’d downed several energy drinks. “Ah… Dilapidated building, and take care of some dead fishes? Oh, sure, next time then.” After ending the call, Mylene pouted. “Oh, sister.” She had hoped Yaeger was inviting her out, but instead, she only wanted her to handle some corpses. Disappointment settled over her. “Come to think of it, she took care of the Hitmen almost instantly. She’s so awesome,” she mused, admiration breaking through her dismay.

In Jade Flower Garden, Yaeger tossed her phone onto the bed, already back home with her cargo. Glancing down, she looked at Vera 17, who was tied up like a worm, her eyes vacant.

“I’m taking a break. Be a good girl.” Yaeger quickly changed into her pajamas and laid down, her mental state in shambles after a night in the underground maze. Rest was essential to recover.

As Yaeger settled to rest, Vera 17’s eyes flickered with awareness. ‘Where is this place? Why am I here… That’s right, that Demon captured me, and then…’ Horrible memories flooded her mind, tears welling in her eyes. ‘How dare you make me suffer such humiliation. I will never spare you!’ Her heart seethed with spite.

Regrettably, Vera 17 was in no position to defend herself, let alone exact revenge.

‘Escape. While she’s asleep, I must find a way out!’ she thought, turning her small head to assess her surroundings. ‘Oh no, the door is locked, and the windows are too high. Escape seems impossible!’

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Adding to her despair, her captor had proven a master at binding. Her strength was utterly neutralized. If not for these expertly crafted restraints, her status as a B-ranked Transcendent might have allowed her to break free, despite her lack of combat abilities. But as it was, escape seemed an unattainable dream.

‘Damned monster!’ Desperation mounting, she wriggled around the room, exhaustion setting in after only one circuit. Though she longed to scream for help, a cloth gag silenced her cries. ‘What to do, what to do, what to do?’

When her monstrous captor awoke, Vera 17 knew she would be subjected to horrors beyond description. Memories of the extreme humiliation she suffered on the rooftops filled her with a mixture of anger, fear, and regret. Why had she ever challenged such a terrifying opponent? The answer was simple: Money! Despite already possessing wealth akin to an oil baron, she had been overcome by greed. The more she dwelled on it, the more her anger turned inward, a self-directed fury for her own avarice.

Meanwhile, in America’s Dorado Server, Mira, bolstered by a substantial influx of investment funding, swiftly grew in influence throughout Jade City. Through a combination of gifts and political contributions, she forged connections with numerous government officials, amassing significant power. The [Wings of Freedom] Guild expanded at a breakneck pace, soon threatening to outstrip all other major American Guilds.

However, Mira’s primary focus remained the underground maze. She had just paid a small fortune in gold coins to visit the Royal Palace’s garden, believing it well worth the cost if it led to unlocking the maze and the immense profits that would follow.

Yet, her expectations were shattered.

“Where is the rockery? Where is that giant black rockery?” she demanded, staring at the empty space where the black rockery should have been. A feeling of rage welled up within her, as though she were on the brink of explosion.


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