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Chapter 457 – These Killers Seem To Have Gotten A Heatstroke, Why Don’t I…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2013 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1133 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Some time ago, outside Jade Flower Garden, a black luxury car approached slowly and stopped beside a road. Four people disembarked, each distinct in appearance and attire.

The first was a cute and petite individual with flowing silver hair, known as Vera 17.

The second was a bald man with a pale expression, wearing monk robes that revealed his gaunt chest. He was called Kapeer.

The third was a middle-aged man with gray hair, elegantly dressed in a black tuxedo and white gloves. His name was Gordon.

Finally, the last person was tall and robust, with narrow eyes and white Taoist robes. He was Desmond Song.

Together, these four were on a mission, and the intensity of their purpose was palpable.

“I feel, I feel it. There is a powerful presence hidden in this residential area!” Kapeer, his face sickly and bald head shining, stared ahead. Weird runes swam in his eyes like a school of fish, creating an incredibly eerie sight. “Very strong chakra. At least A rank!”

“Chakra?” Vera tilted her head in confusion.

“The so-called chakra refers to a person’s energy, as taught in India’s Yogi System. You can say that it’s similar to Internal Strength in this country,” Kapeer explained.

“A Rank? Could there be a mistake? Isn’t [Princess] AA-ranked?” Gordon, dressed as a housekeeper, asked in confusion.

“That’s right. She is a Pinnacle Master. In international terms, she would be AA-ranked.” Desmond Song frowned and thought to himself, ‘This weird monk doesn’t seem reliable.’

As everyone looked on in confusion, Kapeer smirked. “You really don’t know anything. All the powerful Martial Artists in this country would retract their auras when they aren’t using it. They don’t expose it. The person inside still has such a powerful chakra despite not exposing her aura. This means she’s an expert. According to Vera’s predictions and my ability to detect chakra, I can confidently say that the person who is hiding in this place is our target, [Princess]!” Kapeer spoke decisively.

Everyone wasn’t exactly convinced. But since he seemed very confident, they refrained from questioning him.

“Let’s go inside. I think it’s most likely her,” Vera 17 said, breaking the silence.

“I’ve locked onto her chakra. Follow me, everyone!” Kapeer joined his palms together and walked out, with the others close behind.

Jade Flower Garden’s security guard instantly stepped out of his booth after seeing the group of people in weird costumes. However, before he could say anything, Kapeer looked over. Runes in his eyes spun quickly and shot out a weird ray of light. Immediately after, the security guard seemed cursed, standing still with a vacant gaze.

“You don’t see anything, you don’t know anything,” Kapeer intoned.

“I don’t see anything, I don’t know anything.” The guard echoed, returning to his booth like a zombie.

‘This baldy actually knows hypnosis. I need to be careful of him,’ Vera 17 thought, her eyes widening.

In truth, she was just being paranoid. Kapeer’s hypnosis wouldn’t be effective if the target resisted fiercely, especially against commands that contradicted the victim’s core beliefs.

They entered Jade Flower Garden without a hitch. Although they encountered patrolling guards, Kapeer handled all of them easily. His hypnosis was very effective towards people with weak mentality, like security guards or others who worked in shifts.

Kapeer practically led everyone to Yaeger’s home without breaking a sweat. The anticipation in his voice was clear as he declared, “I feel it, I feel it… She’s right there!”

Suddenly, Kapeer’s eyes widened, and he pointed his incredibly rough finger at the top floor. Everyone’s gaze followed the direction of his finger, landing on a female figure visible on the rooftops.

At that exact moment, the first ray of sunlight broke through the horizon, casting an incredibly dazzling glow that bathed her body. The sight was almost ethereal.

“It’s her! It’s her! It is her!” Vera 17 cried out in excitement. Finally, she had found this elusive target, this annoying bug.

Desmond, Gordon, and Kapeer couldn’t help but share her excitement. They had easily found the golden goose worth 100 million dollars, and their joy was entirely justified.

Above, the expression on Yaeger’s face was anything but joyful. A chilling killing intent emanated from her body, seemingly freezing the surrounding air.

Despite knowing that the Hitmen would eventually come for her, she hadn’t expected them to find her so quickly.

‘As expected, it is you, little gremlin!’ Yaeger thought, recognizing a familiar figure among them. It was Vera’s seventeenth [Doppelgänger]. Without this creature’s guidance, the other three would have struggled to locate her.

‘I must lead them away,’ Yaeger strategized.

With her current strength, she knew she could end the fight quickly. Yet, she didn’t want to kill them here and now. There were two reasons: the trouble of disposing of their corpses, and the risk of exposing herself to Nangong, making it difficult to keep her identity separate from Yae-hime. Both outcomes would be troublesome.

‘Where should I lead them to…’ Yaeger pondered, her mind quickly landing on two places: the scrapyard and a dilapidated building.

‘The scrapyard, where I wreaked havoc last time, is likely under guard now, so it’s not a suitable option. As for the dilapidated building, Mylene mentioned that the Department had stationed guards there for a while after I killed Mitch. They kept a strict watch for some time, but it’s probably abandoned by now. That place seems like the best choice. Let’s head there!’

Deciding on the latter, she beckoned to the people below in a clear act of provocation.

“Woah! You actually dare to provoke me?” Vera 17 pouted and swung her fists in anger.

But within an instant, Yaeger had disappeared from the rooftops.

“Go after her!” Kapeer shouted, leading the charge as he sprinted away.

Desmond and Gordon were quick to follow. Kapeer had already locked onto Yaeger’s aura, and all they had to do was track it.

“Wait for me!” The short-legged Vera struggled to keep up. “I’m so angry! Rollerblades, activate!” She tapped quickly on her phone.

The next moment, Vera 17 suddenly grew taller as rollerblades emerged beneath her shoes. “Auto navigation mode, activate!” she commanded, and the rollerblades spun to life.

Vera 17 rapidly caught up with the others, flashing forward on the deserted streets. Since it was so early in the day, few people were about, and Yaeger had taken care to choose hidden paths so Kapeer and his companions remained unnoticed.

A few minutes passed, and then Yaeger found herself in a familiar location, atop the tallest building in a rundown area.

“The wind seems unusually loud today,” she mused, running her fingers through her hair, mussed by the morning breeze.

But her calm was abruptly shattered when four figures appeared, each one radiating a murderous aura!


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